You haven’t seen the last of Megaupload!

Newsflash! A New Zeland court has ruled that the U.S Government as well as F.B.I are legally obliged to disclose all evidence they posess againts Kim Dotcom and other employees of Megaupload. The prosecution also hopes for extraditing the alleged copyright infringers back to New Zeland, however it still may prove to be difficult as the U.S objects to this decision. Disclosure of those documents will allow the defense to create a proper line of defense for Dotcom and his associates, and this does tip the wages onto their side.

Moreover, the New Zeland side of this conflict is not exactly certain whether the charges againts Dotcom and Megaupload employees are actually valid from a legal stand-point. In the verdict we can read that the cornerstone of all other charges, including racketting and fraud is actually based upon the alleged copyright infringement.


“There is a complex factual matrix and justiciable issues are complicated by the fact that the United States is attempting to utilize concepts from the civil copyright context as a basis for the application of criminal copyright liability which necessitates a consideration of principles such as the dual use of technology or what they described as significant non-infringing use” (…) “The existence of criminal copyright charges is a keystone to providing the unlawful conduct element of the racketeering, money laundering and wire fraud charges.”

The U.S was given 21 days to comply and transfer all documentation.


Edited by Costello, Today, 04:28 AM.