[Update]ColdBoot Competition – The Winner Is

Nice way to slander my name. I guess it wouldnt be the first time though. I want to know why because I hang out in gotbrew IRC that all of a sudden I am a bad guy. I tried to be the nice guy here, hell I even respected you, but for you to make a fabrication about certain people wanting you gone is crap. Nobody ever said the you should leave hax. It is what it is friend……..

No point getting mad about it. I am satisfied with knowing that I did not ever once say you should have your status or even your membership removed. If it makes you feel better by slandering our names to take care of your own bipolar issues, then so be it. I dont care if this gets me banned, it is the internet.

Oh one more thing There seems to be an apparent difference between us. I will talk **** for everyone to see, not just in a private moderator section. Honestly the only thing I can say bad about you is, you really need to come up with better insults. Reading “fag” and “retard” 100s of times per day gets old, and it makes you look like a child.