Team Xecuter Teases The Fusion

Now I’m not talking about this Fusion nor the Ford Fusion. I’m talking about the Tem Xecuter Fusion, dammit!

The Fusion is the team’s project which will conjure up a custom kernel for jtagged and RGH’d Xboxes. When paired up with a dashboard, the Fusion will disable all of Microsoft’s protections, add trainers (cheat code) and provide a fully customizable interface.

In the screenshot of an early build of an app dubbed “FusionSetup”, you can see several of the announced features already provisioned for. On top of that, there’s that Trinity in the drop down menu. In other words, there’s support for the Slims as well. See so for yourself:

Team Xecuter is definitely hitting some old notes, in terms of their X2 and X3 modchip products. It’s pretty sweet to see something similar going for the Xbox 360. I wonder what’s in those System Link Mode and System Encryption menus.

Source: Team Xecuter