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[UPDATE] Hybrid manager 1.02 by BILLGATES

New update is available for Hybrid manager on BREWOLOGY: *** The cover in JPG format from multiMAN must be copied to “/dev_hdd0/game/HYBRIDMAN/covers” Changelog version 1.02:+ Updated language files: English and Spanish Changelog version 1.01:+ Added option to switch from the Japanese Standard buttons (button behavior “CIRCLE”) mode + Added option to disable the screen “Welcome or Splash Screen”(these 2 new options are in the menu to change the GUI) + Correction minute details in the user interface BIG_COVERS_FX + The “FTP Server” is not pre-configured to start after installation.(in previous versions the installer HYBRID autoiniciaba the FTP server, this could lead to nuisance warnings if RED was not (good) set) Changelog Version 1.0:- Changed name to HYBRID Manager and title id to HYBRIDMAN- Added MAMBA support for CFW 4.65 Grab it here: BREWOLOGY 1.02 MD5: BFD0DF6C661813A34836CA0BD257B888 1.01 MD5: 9E2B4993976EAE3FDB3E4AFD6622ED1D

consoledemon[UPDATE] Hybrid manager 1.02 by BILLGATES

[Release] PS4 Debug DEX PS4UPDATE-TestKit-GEN3-1_760_001.PUP

For your eyes only… I have all the files Testkit:!DsVDGCjD!nz3Soh7d7vMhV1VQ54jvL2j4XLr1Tb2i4msyT2laitc Devkit:!GoUjwBhZ!OQTRqb…FlB_dC9–AD9ec Controller update:!PwVlFbwB!WRi5TN…Ix_K7ZlHQ_BYjg System Update File (devkit – GEN3)-1.750.061Controller FW Update Tool for JDX-1000X User’s Guide (PDF) [En]- PS4UPDATE-testkit-GEN3-P01712206-1_760_001

consoledemon[Release] PS4 Debug DEX PS4UPDATE-TestKit-GEN3-1_760_001.PUP
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[Release] Iris Manager v2.93

Iris Manager is a port of Hermes Manager based on PSLIGHT, Tiny3D, PS3Soundlib and OpenPS3FTP and can be used on CFW 3.41 CFW 3.55, CFW 3.55 DEX, CFW 4.21 CFW 4.21 DEX, CFW 4.30 CFW 4.30 DEX, CFW 4.31 CFW 4.40 CFW 4.41 CFW 4.46 CFW 4.46 DEX, CFW 4.50, DEX 4.50 CFW, CFW 4.53, 4.55 CFW Changelog v2.93 – Updated the ISO tools ( to raise the cap version 4.50 to CFW 4.60 patchps3iso – At the request of Lustar (GameTDB) has introduced a new system to update the covers (covers) and now Iris Manager changes the User Agent to “IrisManager – v2.93″ on that server.

consoledemon[Release] Iris Manager v2.93
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[UPDATED] XMB Modifier 2.1 by xXx The Darkprogrammer xXx

If you guys (and girls) have CFW and like tinkering with your PS3 to get the maximum amount of customization, then you are going to love this! Hey Guys Here’s an update to my XMB Modifier v2.0 Now Supports All Languages ======================================== V2.0 ================ Added Language SelectorDid a bit of Code CleanupShould Run A lot Smoother ============================== Enjoy Guys ====Change Log========== V2.10 ======Sorted 4.46 compiler error ===== V2.00 ====== Added Language SelectorDid a bit of Code CleanupShould Run A lot Smoother===== V1.00 ======Public ReleaseAdded Firmware SelectorAdded Ability to add Custom RcoFiles For Editing==== V0.02A====Fixed Windows Xp Color ErrorThanks StarMelter,sandungas and KTD==== V0.02 ====Added HomeAdded Compiler==== v0.01 ====Beta TestersAdded Startscreen ChangerAdded Category Name Changer This is an update to the previously released 1.0 which you can read up on : HERE Or you can Download updated V2.1

consoledemon[UPDATED] XMB Modifier 2.1 by xXx The Darkprogrammer xXx

First Resident Evil Revelations 2 screenshots

Capcom released the first screenshots and art for its upcoming zombie-themed game Resident  Evil Revelations 2. They also announced  that the game will be released episodically, somewhat like Telltale Games’ popular Walking Dead series.Episodes will sell for $6 each, or you can buy the “Complete Season” for $25. But you don’t need to worry about this right now, just take a look at the screenshots.

consoledemonFirst Resident Evil Revelations 2 screenshots
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Flappy Birds Family v0.4 Released

We don’t see many PS3 created-homebrew games, but here is on most of you have probably heard of at some point. Sandroron has updated his Flappy Birds clone to include various new birds, enemies, graphics and more. He promises multiplayer support soon.

consoledemonFlappy Birds Family v0.4 Released