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[Editorial] Dial H for Horror, when senses fail in gaming:

Horror genre is and always will be an uncharted terrority. Probably the most exploited one lately and the one who lures gamers to explore even more their own weakness.20 years ago, horror games were simple polygons and the plot was not so easy to understand without that game manual. But what about now?, having such graphical displays of violence/murder/rape.

consoledemon[Editorial] Dial H for Horror, when senses fail in gaming:

The GTAV Moaning And Hate Begins

No I’m not talking about the failings of the dual disc 360 version of the game, or the PSN version, I’m talking about the people in suits, government officials and the like. The first complain comes from a local council official, David Paterson from a Scottish town called Hawick, who’s name is used as a district in GTAV, here is …

consoledemonThe GTAV Moaning And Hate Begins
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The sour truth:

The truth is what everyone seeks, to expect to someone to come clean. But sometimes (or most of the time) telling the true can be sour, against a beautiful lie

consoledemonThe sour truth: