PS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tools v1.02 Released

bitsbubba has released an update to his Cinavia Protection tools. The latest releases adds 4.53-4.65 compatibility. PS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tool (V1.02) Added 4.53-4.65 compatibilityRemoved unnecessary files for faster install (and smaller pkg)Renamed to PS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tool (tool instead installer as it Removes/Restores Cinavia) [Download via PSXScene]

consoledemonPS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tools v1.02 Released
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Cobra ODE Firmware / Bypass 455 / GenPS3iso Updates Released

Lots of update for Cobra ODE users this week as they hit v2.2. Along with the updates they announce Cobra DMC which allows bypassing of OFW on older PS3  models. We are happy to release the 2.2 update for all Cobra versions including the 5.1B and 5.3A PCB revisions V5.x boards, we have increased USB read speeds by 40%* and further improved the success rate of swapping discs for the bypass

consoledemonCobra ODE Firmware / Bypass 455 / GenPS3iso Updates Released

Universal Media Server v4.0.2 Released

Latest version of UMS is out bringing a wealth of bug fixes in this release. UMS is splitting into 9 different versions, 3 for each OS supporting Java 6/7/8. To quote: About: v4.0.2 & Future ReleasesJava 6, 7 and 8 supported: As of version 4.0.2, we are releasing 9 different official versions – 3 for each operating system

consoledemonUniversal Media Server v4.0.2 Released
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[Release] Rebug Unofficial Updater v4.53 (rebuild):

The developer bitsbubba reported a new update for the homebrew application Rebug Unofficial Updater, integrating what seems like the same version of the last Rebug Custom Firmware leaked from the team. This version includes the spoof firmware 4.60, the patch for remote play, the call removes app_home / PS3_GAME and the plugin Webman Mod in the latest version.

consoledemon[Release] Rebug Unofficial Updater v4.53 (rebuild):

[Release] PSNStuff v3.00 | open source | last update

This is the last update. Server will be shutdown within the next weeks.The tool will be released with sourcecode. Changelog- removed the whole encryption (the db is only packed with gzip)- removed rap button timeout For future use I would recommend someone puts in an edit button, and writes a small windows service to share the db via p2p.

consoledemon[Release] PSNStuff v3.00 | open source | last update

‘Playstation Now Beta’ open to public on PS4, introduces PS3 games, no final release date yet

For those who didn’t get the chance to be part of Sony’s exclusive video game streaming service, ‘PlayStation Now,’ the Beta is now open for all, although currently limited to PS4 and PS3 games, as players await its final release date. Now entering Open Beta status, PlayStation Now is a new video game streaming service designed to deliver all the freshest downloadable gaming content over the web and straight to owners of PlayStation devices such as PS4. For now, the service is exclusive for PS4 consoles while PS3 games are also possible to play, as long as you own a PS4.

consoledemon‘Playstation Now Beta’ open to public on PS4, introduces PS3 games, no final release date yet