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Xbox One weekly Japan sales hit new all-time low

Microsoft managed to sell just 100 Xbox One consoles in Japan between 8th and 14th June. That figure is an all-time low for the console, which has struggled to find any foothold in the country since it launched there in September 2014.

consoledemonXbox One weekly Japan sales hit new all-time low
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ZombiU Takes Another Shuffle Closer to Xbox One

The Australian Ratings Board leaks out info that Zombi by Ubisoft been approved for Xbox One release Wii U exclusive ZombiU was rumoured to be in production for the PS4 prior to E3 2015, but Ubisoft’s press conference failed to kick out confirmation. But now, a listing for Zombi has appeared for XB1

consoledemonZombiU Takes Another Shuffle Closer to Xbox One

E3: Forza 6 Trailer Announces September 15th Date

And lowers a car onto stage During Microsoft�s E3 conference, a new Forza 6, was heralded by lowering a car from the ceiling. I�m not kidding, they literally lowered a blue Ford GT onto the stage, before Henry Ford III himself. One of the big highlights of today’s Microsoft E3 press conference, is when they decided to announce the release date for Forza 6 by lowering an actual blue Ford GT car onto the stage in front of Mr

consoledemonE3: Forza 6 Trailer Announces September 15th Date
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E3: Xbox Game Preview Program

Similar to ‘Early-Access’ on Valve’s Steam service now Microsoft is offering ‘early-access’ to games The Long Dark, Hinterland’s community-informed survival experience, will be available for purchase and download on the Xbox One’s new Game Preview as soon as the program launches at 5:30PM PST today. Earlier today during Microsoft’s E3 press conference they announced a new program for Xbox One owners, that they will be able to enroll in something that is similar to Steam’s Early Access system, and Microsoft is calling it ‘Xbox Game Preview’, and basically games that are very early in development you will be able to access a free trial on it, purchase it if you like it, and play it right away, even if it is jammed packed with bugs and glitches, and of course give feedback to the developers and as you watch the game develop into a full complete working version, be able to play it at every stage of updating, even if it might take a year or more to be fully ready for actual retail sale, so why wait until 2016 or 2017 to play a new game, when you can do it right now, tonight infact! And already one developer has jumped into the new Xbox Game Preview program, and announced that their new game in development ‘The Long Dark’ will be available tonight when the program launches on Xbox Store, and those Xbox One players who purchase The Long Dark via Game Preview will obtain Season One of the Story mode for free when it finally launches later this year

consoledemonE3: Xbox Game Preview Program
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.@Nintendo Its About Time You #EndRegionLocking – #NintendoRegionFree

If you are a gamer, you know that the three big console sellers are Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, Nintendo have been selling consoles a lot, lot longer than the other two and you would think that they would be the leaders in such things as region free gaming, but no they aren’t, they haven’t managed to grasp or understand that it is a hugely important part of gaming, for many reasons.

consoledemon.@Nintendo Its About Time You #EndRegionLocking – #NintendoRegionFree

[Rumour] ZombiU No Longer Exclusive ?

ZombiU was one of the release titles for the Wii U, it didn’t do particularly great, despite being an awesome fun game, one of its key features is the use of the Wii U control pad. Rumours seem to suggest that it may be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One, though i can see it only working perfectly on the PS4 if they combine the PS Vita, on the Xbox One using a tablet would be cumbersome and i do not think it could really work without touchscreen: Source Visit The Forum To Discuss The Story: [Rumour] ZombiU No Longer Exclusive ?

consoledemon[Rumour] ZombiU No Longer Exclusive ?