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Wii U Update Version 5.5.1 Released

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Seriously, do i really need to write an article for this bullshit stability improvement firmware ? Here have a GIF >.< Source Leave A Comment Below Or Visit The Forum To Discuss The Story: Wii U Update Version 5.5.1 Released The post Wii U Update Version 5.5.1 Released appeared first on WiiUHaX.

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GTA: New Adversary Mode �Every Bullet Counts�

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Now Available to Play in GTA Online for PS4/XB1/PC RockStar Games is very pleased to announce that they have added a brand-new addition to the GTA Online Adversary Modes for your PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Consoles, plus also of course PC Gaming Rigs. Bella this morning dropped by our MaxConsole News HQ Desk, and left us this wonderful note that they have been busy updating the very popular Grand Theft Auto Online universe and have recently added a new special mode called ‘Every Bullet Counts’, and below is all the amazing details of this new high-paced action mode, along with a couple of screenshots to get you to try it out, and best of all it is available starting right now on your new generation of consoles the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, along with the even more popular PC. Quote: Hi all, Today, we are pleased to announce we have a brand-new addition to the GTA Online Adversary Modes for PS4, Xbox One and PC

New Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival Trailer

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I was hoping for a proper Animal Crossing game for the Wii U, but that doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon, however we can play an Animal Crossing board game on our Wii U’s very soon, here is the latest trailer: Visit The Forum To Discuss The Story: New Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival Trailer The post New Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival Trailer appeared first on WiiUHaX.

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[Released] Cemu v1.0.2 – Wii U

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Cemu v1.0.2 View File Exzap has updated his Wii U Emulator to version 1.0.2, here are the changes: Quote *Improved accuracy of shader emulation (again). *Improved the emulation of color and depth buffers. *Implemented support for: Vertex shader textures, depth samplers and instanced rendering

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[Released] Fruit’Y v1.00

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Fruit’Y v1.00 View File Oibaf has ported Retroguru’s Homebrew game to the Wii and Gamecube, here is a quote from the source: Fruit’Y – Playing with edibles is heavily inspired by the Kaiko classic Gem’X, which has been seen on computers such as the Commodore Amiga 500, Commodore 64 and Atari ST.

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Competition – Win Super Mario Maker For Wii U

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I usually do competitions catered towards PlayStation owners, after all this is ‘PlayStationHaX’, but on this rare occurrence and because this small section of the forum is for WiiUHaX i am giving away a really popular Wii U game: All you have to do to enter the competition, is make a comment in this thread, stating what your favourite Mario game is, that’s it, very simple NOTES 1.) This is for Wii U’s with North American(USA) accounts ONLY.

MGS5 Special Edition PS4 Has Small Typo

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Your MGS5 PS4 is now worth ‘thousands’ of dollars! There�s a typo stamped onto the MGS5 special edition PS4, but manufacturing errors seem to add value these days, so don�t despair if yours is one of them. Time for your spelling bee contest winner takes all

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Xbox One Elite Announced – Arrives on Nov. 3rd

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New $499 Xbox One Elite bundle includes 1TB SSHD drive, Elite controller A new Xbox One Elite, featuring the high-end remake of the controller and an 1TB SSHD harddrive, goes on sale this November for $499, Microsoft announced this morning. Want to be an Elite Gamer, go Xbox, and buy the new Elite package, and its only $499 and boot-up time is 20 percent faster, not to mention it includes that super-duper swappable controller that sells for $149 on its own, sadly to go Elite means you have you shop at GameStop or online via Microsoft Store, as other places currently will NOT be carrying the new Elite SKU on their store shelves. Quote: The console will only be available at GameStop and the Microsoft Store in November, starting on Nov.