PluginX: Multifunctional XMB Mods APP

The developer Exofreak in collaboration with Evilnat/Nathan_r32_69 worked together for the realization of a project called PluginX,  a sort of collection of works done by Exofreak  that facilitate the installation. This new application allows us to install various plugins , such as gameboots and mod XMB on our Playstation 3, all this is done through a convenient graphical interface.

Exofreak and Nathan_r32_69(aka Evilnat) have worked on a new release together called pluginX. This features some of the exofreaks previous releases in a simple to use app that will make installation and use of these much easier and it doesn’t even require a reboot of the PS3 when switching. Checkout all the details below.

This new app named PluginX allows you to install various plugins, gameboots and XMB mods into your ps3, with the help of a simple ui app.


Custom Gameboots: Replace or add a gameboot to your ps3 with 16 different gameboots.

Facebook Plugin: The friends category plugin which integrated facebook into your xmb menu.

Internet TV: TV channels plugin which installs over 30 free for all popular web tv apps including bbc itv, youtube, abc video, all into the xmb for ease of access. All the apps you Sony’s incorporated adobe flash plugin for fast access.

Stealth xmb: Removes (*Install Package Files and app_home) option to make the ps3 look like an ofw system. They can be applied back with the same app.

Coldboot installer: This will install any coldboot present in the base of your usb drive.

This app simultaneously installs all the afore mentioned plugins, in a simple fashion. So you can change your gameboot, add internet tv, and apply the facebook all without ever rebooting the ps3!

Game Data

Dont load the in game xmb while running the app or you will have to hard reset. You can quit via the start button.
While in the app, every option requires a dual button press to apply, for safety reasons.
The Game Data is disguised as the data of Prototype 2, to minutely reduce ban risk for online users.

The app was compiled and packaged by the popular developer Nathan_r32_69. He made this app wit an amazing and simple interface for everyone to understand. Thank Nathan, cause he is awesome!

The plugins were created by me (Ahmed Khail aka exofreak) and released individually on the network.
I also formated the app and recompiled it for a few options.

Made by Nathan_r32_69 and exofreak