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XB1 is about to become movie pirates� best friend

Microsoft continues to outpace Sony with another huge Xbox One update Microsoft announced a huge new update to the Xbox One on Tuesday and it included a full-scale video player capable of supporting just about any kind of file you can think of including, MKV containers! At Gamescom, Sony only teased that new ‘user interface’ is coming this fall with their PS4 updates, but Microsoft turned up the heat by announcing their Xbox One is getting a ton of more ‘features’ in series of updates thru-out the rest of year. With the big one that they going to allow you to basically throw at it any media file you can think of, in their dream of making Xbox One the ‘all-in-one’ thingie attached your big screen living room TV, to compete against the battle of small little streaming xmbc-type boxes that people have now wired up to their connected household to watch all those ‘pirated’ movies, tv shows you always deny you have until you figure out that your new friends that you invited over to house are cool like you are, and not going slap you down with lawsuit for watching ‘Expendables 3′

consoledemonXB1 is about to become movie pirates� best friend

PS4 Update 2.00

As part of their big Gamescom 2014 unveil, Sony has introduced their latest upcoming feature and their latest online-inclusive gaming push, for the PS4 called “Share Play.”  Users will be granted access to Share Play via the PS4 System Update 2.00. Share Play isn’t the only new feature that user will receive in the new update.

consoledemonPS4 Update 2.00

The PSP-E1000

Announced a couple days back at Gamescom 2011 was the PSP-E1000 — a budget, UMD-equipped handheld for the PAL folk only — with a suggested retail price of €99.99. The PSP-E1000 not only looks different (cheaper) it lacks WiFi and stereo speakers (mono only). So really there isn’t anything special about it … other than she’s light on the wallet

consoledemonThe PSP-E1000