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Blood Bowl 2: The Star Players Shine On The Pitch

With each trailer, I get a little more excited for Blood Bowl 2 as the Star players are very brutal!

Blood Bowl 2, the sequel to the video game adaptation of Games Workshop’s famous board game that combines American football with the fantasy world of Warhammer, today releases a new video for Gamescom

Gamescom is wrapping up now, and what better why to end it, by showcasing a very brutal trailer that makes you want to see Blood!


For Gamescom, Blood Bowl 2, the sequel to the video game adaptation of Games Workshop’s famous board game that combines American football with the fantasy world of Warhammer, today releases a new video, with the true stars of Blood Bowl stealing the spotlight!

The Star Players are the Superstars of Blood Bowl: skilled veteran players who became true living legends thanks to their prowess in matches. Their mere presence on the pitch makes the fans and spectators go utterly wild, while casting fear into the heart of their opponents!

Star Players are incredibly talented, owning to decades of intense Blood Bowl matches. They boast exceptional stats, higher than that of regular players, along with extraordinary skills usually not available to normal players. This deadly combination of stats and skills make them a force to be reckoned with on the pitch, whether they focus on tricks (agility, secret weapons, or special skills such has hypnotic gaze or throwing a teammate with the ball), or sheer strength to beat the opponent team.

Matching their skillset, their hiring fee is also exceptionally high, and they will only ever join your team for a single match. However, if you can spare the Gold to afford hiring one (or even two!) of them, they will be worth the hiring cost, as they might very well turn the tide of the match, all by themselves.

Blood Bowl 2 is currently available for pre-order, with, as a bonus, one of two additional races (the Wood Elves or the Lizardmen). Players who pre-order the game on Steam will also receive access to the Multiplayer Beta of the game, which will start a few weeks before release. Click here for more info.

Blood Bowl 2 will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 22.

So what you think of this cross-over between football and Warhammer, does it work for you?

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Sony is buying more third-party exclusives for PS4

Says Xbox Boss, as they now focus more on first-party content for their Xbox One console instead

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said that market share has nothing to do with the third-party exclusive we are seeing on PlayStation 4 console, it’s all about the money, as Sony is willing to dish it out.

Gamescom is rolling along just fine, and also rolling along is the outright console war between the two rivals, with the Xbox boss taking a stab this week at Sony for dishing out money for silly third-party exclusives, this comes after the earlier news this week that Microsoft is now going to focus its efforts on first-party games instead.


Speaking to GameSpot about third-party exclusives on PS4, Spencer said: "So, they don’t "gobble" the deals up. They buy them. You know, I read the same things you do, and I know some people think it’s somehow less expensive to sign third-party exclusives if you have a bigger market-share. I can tell you, it has nothing to do with market share."

He added: "When you go in to do a deal, with a third party, that third party has its own view of the global market and the value of it. And they should, they should think about their assets and how valuable they are, just like anyone would when they are selling their goods."

For Spencer the focus is on building a must-have library of exclusive first-party titles for the Xbox One.

"So we’re making a conscious decision to focus on our first-party games," he explained. "It doesn’t make it harder or easier, it’s just a decision. I do think that building up first-party exclusives is creatively more difficult than signing a deal, just by the nature of what it is."

That might sound like a bit of dig at Sony, but Spencer assures that he’s a big fan of some of Sony’s first-party teams.

"I’ll point out too that Sony has some great first-party franchises. I’m a big fan of Uncharted, I thought that looked great at E3. I really admire the team at Naughty Dog, the team at Polyphony," he said.

So is our group of loyal fanboys here on MaxConsole, ready to attack Phil for his words or defend him, do you think he is right, do you think Sony is doing the right move, or do you think Microsoft has the right plan of action instead, it is full on console war this week!

NEWS SOURCE: Sony is buying third-party exclusives for PS4, says Xbox boss (via) VideoGamer

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XB1 is about to become movie pirates� best friend

Microsoft continues to outpace Sony with another huge Xbox One update

Microsoft announced a huge new update to the Xbox One on Tuesday and it included a full-scale video player capable of supporting just about any kind of file you can think of including, MKV containers!

At Gamescom, Sony only teased that new ‘user interface’ is coming this fall with their PS4 updates, but Microsoft turned up the heat by announcing their Xbox One is getting a ton of more ‘features’ in series of updates thru-out the rest of year.

With the big one that they going to allow you to basically throw at it any media file you can think of, in their dream of making Xbox One the ‘all-in-one’ thingie attached your big screen living room TV, to compete against the battle of small little streaming xmbc-type boxes that people have now wired up to their connected household to watch all those ‘pirated’ movies, tv shows you always deny you have until you figure out that your new friends that you invited over to house are cool like you are, and not going slap you down with lawsuit for watching ‘Expendables 3’.


Gamescom only just began, but Microsoft has already made a splash with a couple of huge Xbox One bundles, some exclusive game announcements and a software update that Xbox One (and PS4) owners have been waiting for since the consoles launched last fall. Major Nelson took to the Xbox Wire shortly before the media briefing kicked off to announce that a full-scale media player would finally be coming to the Xbox One.

The media player will be capable of playing just about any file you can throw at it, including .avi, .jpg, .gif, .mov, .mp3, .mpeg, .wma and .wmv.

Other additions to the console include a new "Friends" section, Snap Center and threaded messages with the full conversation history. Microsoft is also planning to release a digital TV tuner for the Xbox One in Europe, and those with the TV tuner will be the first to gain the ability to stream live TV on their SmartGlass devices. Xbox One owners will also be able to boot straight to TV and those with OneGuide will see a new mini guide at the bottom of the screen.

Those that have been invited to the Xbox One early access Preview program will get a chance to toy with all the new features later this month. The rest of us will have to wait until September for what looks to be one of the biggest updates yet for the Xbox One.

Well, Microsoft had to do something as there is no good ‘games’ coming out until the next Holiday 2015 year, so you will need to do something with your new XB1 console this holiday season, even if it is just watching ‘pirated’ shit. — Welcome to the Dark Side! :)

NEWS SOURCE #1: The Xbox One is about to become movie pirates� best friend (via) BGR
NEWS SOURCE #2: Microsoft continues to outpace Sony with another huge Xbox One update (via) BGR

PS4 Update 2.00

As part of their big Gamescom 2014 unveil, Sony has introduced their latest upcoming feature and their latest online-inclusive gaming push, for the PS4 called “Share Play.”  Users will be granted access to Share Play via the PS4 System Update 2.00.

Share Play isn’t the only new feature that user will receive in the new update. Sony has also finally announced that YouTube support will be integrated into the PS4 and will also be able to be launched with the share button.

A big feature of Share Play, is that fact that users will be able to virtually pass the controller back and forth with their friends online as well as play co-op, without those friends even needing to own the game.

Sony is pushing this idea of a “virtual couch” that is intended to make users all over the globe feel like they are in the same room.  Share play will enable local co-op games to be automactically playable online, which will include games that have already been released like ‘Child of Light‘ and ‘Towerfall Ascension.’  The feature comes with Sony’s promise of “real time” and will, of course, require PSN to work.

Here is the quote, regarding the update, from Sony’s Blog:

Since we first unveiled PlayStation 4 and its deep social capabilities, including the SHARE button, we’ve seen an outpouring of excitement from gamers. The PS Nation has rallied around a culture focused on sharing epic gaming moments through Live From PlayStation, interactive streaming, SHAREfactory, What’s New and Photo Mode in exclusive PS4 games like Infamous Second Son and The Last of Us Remastered. Let’s go a step further together. Let’s go from sitting back and watching friends play to actually jumping into games remotely and sharing great experiences together in real time. Today at the PlayStation press conference at Gamescom, we will deliver on yet another promise from the PS4 announcement and introduce Share Play, coming to PlayStation 4 later this fall.

The best way to think about Share Play is like a “virtual couch”. PlayStation 4 will create an online local co-op experience by allowing you to invite a friend to join your game—even when they don’t own a copy of it. With this first-of-its-kind feature, you’ll be able to play games with a friend just as if you were together in the same room. Let’s say that with games… you’ll be able to invite your friend online to play against the Miami Heat for the championship as the San Antonio Spurs in NBA2K, tackle the challenging Towerfall Ascension Quest Mode together, or aide, heal, and protect you as Igniculus in Child of Light’s local co-op mode.

With Share Play, you can even jump into a game to assist a friend. For example, if there is part of a game that you can’t quite finish, you can invite a friend to take over your controls. Like handing over the controller to a friend on your couch, your screen will be shared as your friend gets through the part of the game that has been giving you trouble—can’t get past that part in The Last of Us: Remastered when you’re hanging upside down? Get a little help.

Share Play will be coming to PS4 as part of the upcoming system software update v2.00, scheduled for release this fall. The update will also add highly requested broadcast and video share features, including both uploading you game play footage and dedicated app support for YouTube, which we mentioned on stage at E3. Finally, What’s New will get enhanced real-time activity through friend-of-friend suggestions, allowing instant access to friends’ and recently played games’ broadcasts, and a real name search function will also be added. More features to come when v2.00 is made available this fall, and we will have more to announce in the coming months..

We always want to hear your feedback and look forward to what you are most excited to experience together first Share Play when the feature comes to PS4 this fall. What will you co-op first with Share Play?

Many users were expecting more features from this announcement, but Sony has revealed little and are teasing that more features are to come.

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The PSP-E1000

Announced a couple days back at Gamescom 2011 was the PSP-E1000 — a budget, UMD-equipped handheld for the PAL folk only — with a suggested retail price of €99.99.

The PSP-E1000 not only looks different (cheaper) it lacks WiFi and stereo speakers (mono only). So really there isn’t anything special about it … other than she’s light on the wallet.

The real question is: Is it hackable?

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New PSP E-1000 Handheld announced at Gamescom 2011

Not to be confused with the upcoming PS Vita, today SCEE’s *James Gallagher* has announced news at Gamescom of a new PSP E-1000 handheld console.

PlayStation Vita release date to be announced at Gamescom?

Are we going to hear about a set date for the official launch of the PlayStation Vita at Gamescom this week?