c4eva Begins Work On Slim Hitachi Drives

consoledemon XBOX

The DVD drive hacking and iXtreme firmware extraordinaire is back on the daily grind. c4eva has announced that he has started work on the Hitachi DLN10N 0500/0502 drives found in Slim Xboxes. After being put aside time and time again to focus on their Slim Liteon counterparts, the Hitachis have retaken the spotlight.

EarthShaker DS v20120526

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Ant512 has released version 20120526 of EarthshakerDS, the homebrew adaptation of the classic Boulderdash style Sinclair ZX Spectrum game. This continuation of his GBAtemp Homebrew Bounty entry marks the completion of the project, so be sure to check out this final edition and give the finished game some play-time on your DS. QUOTE: Change Log (05/26/12) EarthShaker is now complete


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Duyumania is a puzzle platformer game by Cuesta that started off as a homebrew project, and evolved into what was meant to be a DSiWare title. After several submissions the game remained unpublished, so he’s decided to release the finished version for all to enjoy freely. The game is very polished and could definitely hold its own compared to commercial titles of its genre.