ColdBootHaX redNAND And HomeBrew On Wii U

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Smealum has posted a video showing the progress he and his fellow developers/hackers have progressed on the Wii U:   Here is a quote from the videos description: Quote this is a video showing some of the progress we’ve been making on the wii u hacking front. this is not just my work, as it would not have been possible without the contributions of plutoo, naehrwert, yellows8 and derrek.basically just shows some of the possibilities that come with having early high-privilege code execution capabilities; we’re able to redirect NAND accesses to SD card and run all kinds of unsigned homebrew programs. this is currently just a proof of concept, and just a week ago i was unbricking my wii u because i’d fucked up the setup.

[Released] Cemu v1.1.0 – Wii U

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Exzap has updated Cemu, here is a quote of the changes: v1.1.0 | 2015-11-19 New future-proof GPU7 shader assembly to GLSL decompiler (work-in-progress) Fixed a few bugs in color and depth buffer emulation. Added more system functions, leading to higher compatibility. Added hacky support for DRC rotation

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[Released] Fruit’Y v1.00

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Fruit’Y v1.00 View File Oibaf has ported Retroguru’s Homebrew game to the Wii and Gamecube, here is a quote from the source: Fruit’Y – Playing with edibles is heavily inspired by the Kaiko classic Gem’X, which has been seen on computers such as the Commodore Amiga 500, Commodore 64 and Atari ST.

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PlayStation�First Games Debut at PAX

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Sony will attend PAX Australia from October 30th to November 1st at the Melbourne Convention Centre. PlayStation�First, Academy of Interactive Entertainment and game studio Nnooo to train next wave of Indies with new academic development partnership. Sony is really hitting the gaming conference circuit this week, with the Paris Game Week and also for the first time the PAX show down-under in the land of Kangroo’s and throwing shrimps on the BBQ.

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3DS Developer Palantine Leaks Wii U SDK

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GBATemp member and 3DS developer Palantine has leaked the latest Wii U Cafe SDK, as it contains copyright material i will not be posting link or information on where to get it, you should already know. Source via private communication. Visit The Forum To Discuss The Story: 3DS Developer Palantine Leaks Wii U SDK The post 3DS Developer Palantine Leaks Wii U SDK appeared first on WiiUHaX.

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Cortana won�t arrive on the Xbox One until 2016

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Windows 10 update is still coming in November on Xbox One, but some major ‘apps’ are not until 2016. Microsoft�s Cortana app won�t be making the jump to the Xbox One until 2016, according to the company�s Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson). Well good news, Windows 10 is still coming to your Xbox One later on this holiday season, the bad news is some major apps will be missing, first Edge was delayed until 2016, now Cortana also will not be talking to you or helping you out with you daily life until later on in 2016 also.