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[Editorial] ODDE, kill confirmed?: Signal the sirens, rally the troops.

Today (or yesterday) Sony said yet again: “Hey guys, we know about your ODE device” with a new optional update 4.65.Though is not mandatory, probably is just an omen of what’s to come. A little background story: ODE devices appeared out of the blue, 3 companies, 3 similar products of different quality but with a common goal.Fill those demanding consumers libido, handed in silver plate with a nice price tag on it: Also, letting those to play online without being spotted so easy.With a huge plus that this device works with “Unhackeables” models = 3K and 4K series. The ones who made this possible, just created a new *breed* of consumers

consoledemon[Editorial] ODDE, kill confirmed?: Signal the sirens, rally the troops.
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Cobra ODE Firmware / Bypass 455 / GenPS3iso Updates Released

Lots of update for Cobra ODE users this week as they hit v2.2. Along with the updates they announce Cobra DMC which allows bypassing of OFW on older PS3  models. We are happy to release the 2.2 update for all Cobra versions including the 5.1B and 5.3A PCB revisions V5.x boards, we have increased USB read speeds by 40%* and further improved the success rate of swapping discs for the bypass

consoledemonCobra ODE Firmware / Bypass 455 / GenPS3iso Updates Released
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[Release] XMB Modifier V1.0 By: xXx The Darkprogramer xXx

Hello PS3 Scene today i’m releasing my new ps3 tool XMB modifierFeatures*Edit Start Screen Warning*Edit Category Names Firmware Support (CEX Support/Rebug needs to run as Custom )4.464.504.554.60Custom ====Change Log===== ===== V1.00 ======Public ReleaseAdded Firmware SelectorAdded Ability to add Custom RcoFiles For Editing==== V0.02A====Fixed Windows Xp Color ErrorThanks StarMelter,sandungas and KTD==== V0.02 ====Added HomeAdded Compiler==== v0.01 ====Beta TestersAdded Startscreen ChangerAdded Category Name Changer Download and Original Post

consoledemon[Release] XMB Modifier V1.0 By: xXx The Darkprogramer xXx

Retron5 Retro Console Preorders at Amazon

Here we see reproduced the Retron 3 , the only console of its kind that allows you to play all the titles cartridge consoles NES , SuperNes , Genesis , Super Famicom and Megadrive. The new version will include support for the cartridges of the Gameboy , Gameboy Color andGameboy Advance, its name was originally set up as Retron 4,  but given the chance to put an extra slot in the house more  Hyperkin has decided to add support for …

consoledemonRetron5 Retro Console Preorders at Amazon
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The Weekly Temp 36: More-Than-One-Parter

Terminator02, iFish, and Urza discuss those happenings that happened last week and it turns into a surprise two-parter. Topics: Blackberry 10 Nook spins off, Microsoft invests Apple blocking apps with Dropbox (not really) Samsung Mobile Unpacked (Galaxy S III) Black Ops 2 Elder Scrolls MMO Rockband for iOS falsely canceled Rumor: Xbox subscription New 3DS Color: Midnight Purple Email us at: TheWeeklyTemp(AT)gmail(DOT)com Music by: Matduke Subscribe to the Tempcast: iTunes Zune Miro Stitcher RSS feed Email Like us on Facebook! If you would like to be a guest on The Weekly Temp, TempTalk, or Tempcast Live! you need to email a recording of yourself to ‘gbatempcast(AT)gmail(DOT)com’. You can record yourself using Vocaroo , Audacity , the Windows default sound recorder , or whatever you prefer

consoledemonThe Weekly Temp 36: More-Than-One-Parter