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Introducing the XBook ONE

First off let me start by saying NO that is not a typo and NO this is not a knock off. Its an Xbox One laptop case mod. Known laptop mod maker Ed Zarick has managed to shy away from making 360 laptops by making an Xbox One laptop, and he’ll make you one….

consoledemonIntroducing the XBook ONE
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PRX+Mamba Loader v1.01

   This tool can be used to load webMAN with PS3 ISO support on non-Cobra CFW. The tool is based on IRISMAN. It simply loads the CFW payloads & patches, installs the mamba payload in memory and starts the VSH PRX loader with webMAN-MOD.

consoledemonPRX+Mamba Loader v1.01
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PSVITA System Software 3.18 out Now

Once again Sony releases another useless update for the PSVita. As of August 7th 2014, update 3.18 is ready to download. I only found out because I woke up this morning to a notification that my Vita had already downloaded 3.18 and wants to install it

consoledemonPSVITA System Software 3.18 out Now

Universal Media Server v4.0.2 Released

Latest version of UMS is out bringing a wealth of bug fixes in this release. UMS is splitting into 9 different versions, 3 for each OS supporting Java 6/7/8. To quote: About: v4.0.2 & Future ReleasesJava 6, 7 and 8 supported: As of version 4.0.2, we are releasing 9 different official versions – 3 for each operating system

consoledemonUniversal Media Server v4.0.2 Released
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Minecraft PS3 – Taking a Step Back?:

I think this is the perfect example why a game which has so many features and was a PC exclusive, never should be ported to consoles.Though PS3 users will love this game, performance issues and many other things will continue to happen due to running this with 2007 hardware console.Even the most simplistic experience could turn into a something different when is constantly struggling to keep up with PC version, while trying at the same time not to lost what made this game unique. In this article, many of Minecraft gameplay key points are discussed and compared to the PC version.Specially crafting among many other things.

consoledemonMinecraft PS3 – Taking a Step Back?: