PSNpatch v4.65.05 Released

The latest PSNpatch update has just been released, in this update labeled as v4.65.05 developer KW has added support for the recently released HABIB COBRA 4.65 CFW. As well as making some improvements to the plugin used in Cobra CFW’s.

Changelog v4.65.05
#Added support for habib cobra 4.65 (stealth extensions including readiness for future firmware version      spoofing);
#Fixed psnpatch plugin to correctly display the new IDPS (when spoofed);
#Optimized psnpatch cobra plugin creation for 4.65 compatibility;
#Reviewed support for rebug cobra 4.53 (only the needed functions are enabled as rebug cobra already has  many things included. no stealth extensions for rebug (*));

(*) using the same kind of approach done by other spoofing tools for rebug. stealth extensions can only be made for rebug if KW gets his hands on rebug’s stage2 source code

Thanks to @kokotonix for the news tip