Xbox One Elite Announced – Arrives on Nov. 3rd

New $499 Xbox One Elite bundle includes 1TB SSHD drive, Elite controller

A new Xbox One Elite, featuring the high-end remake of the controller and an 1TB SSHD harddrive, goes on sale this November for $499, Microsoft announced this morning.

Want to be an Elite Gamer, go Xbox, and buy the new Elite package, and its only $499 and boot-up time is 20 percent faster, not to mention it includes that super-duper swappable controller that sells for $149 on its own, sadly to go Elite means you have you shop at GameStop or online via Microsoft Store, as other places currently will NOT be carrying the new Elite SKU on their store shelves.


The console will only be available at GameStop and the Microsoft Store in November, starting on Nov. 3, according to the press release.

Because this console will include a Solid State Hybrid Drive, which stores frequently-accessed files on a solid state partition, Microsoft is saying that players will be able to boot up their console from energy-saving mode 20 percent faster.

The press release doesn’t say what the size is of the SSD partition, but we’ve reached out to Microsoft for clarification and will update this story when they respond.

The Elite controller included with the console was first shown off during E3 earlier this year. It features swappable parts as is due out this October for $149.99.

So there you go, instead of Microsoft with their slow sales, releasing a cheaper, slimmer, Xbox One, they decided to increase sales, so go for the hard-core Elite Gamer, and release a bigger, stronger, faster, more costly Xbox One this holiday season, but will their idea work, and make them the King of the Hill this season, with better, bigger, sales then the current leader the Sony PlayStation 4.

NEWS SOURCE: New $499 Xbox One Elite bundle includes 1TB SSHD drive, Elite controller (via) PolyGon