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TRANSFORMERS: Devastation – New GamePlay Trailer

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Expected to launch later this year for PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 3 / Xbox One / Xbox 360 and PC Yesterday, at the Comic-Con International: San Diego, Activision and developer PlatinumGames, released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming third-person action-brawler, TRANSFORMERS: Devastation. Those attending Comic-Con this weekend, were in for a treat yesterday, when they were the first to see actual gameplay footage for the new up-coming Transformers game that brings back to style the original ’80s look with all its cel-shaded glory of the old cartoon era

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Xbox One Fan busted for Roofie-ing his Girlfriend

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Drugs used on her not to get SEX but instead to be able to play more video games on his XBOX console How far would you go to get some extra time to play on your Xbox One? One 23-year-old German man was nailed with an 500 Euros fine, for drugging his girlfriend to avoid interruptions to his gaming. Sadly, young men normally use ‘data rape drugs’ to get easy sex from women, but in this horrible case, it was so he could get rid of his girlfriend and instead have some quiet intercourse time with his other love in his life, playing video games on his Xbox One console.

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Nintendo, Activision bring hybrid amiibos to Skylanders

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Skylanders SuperChargers starter pack for Wii U, which includes the Donkey Kong Skylander / amiibo. The emergent ‘toys to life’ subgenre of video games in which plastic toys in the real world are brought to life within a game, is a crowded and competitive field, and now even new limited partnerships Activision been in the ‘toys to life’ world for a while now, turning the Skylanders into a three billion dollar empire for them, and Nintendo is a newcomer to the field with their amiboo’s, but they been rapidly selling well, so its surprising to see the two team up for a little bit. Quote: Nintendo caused a stir this week when they announced that they are co-operating with Activision to bring two iconic Nintendo characters to the upcoming Skylanders SuperChargers