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Xbox One Elite Announced – Arrives on Nov. 3rd

New $499 Xbox One Elite bundle includes 1TB SSHD drive, Elite controller

A new Xbox One Elite, featuring the high-end remake of the controller and an 1TB SSHD harddrive, goes on sale this November for $499, Microsoft announced this morning.

Want to be an Elite Gamer, go Xbox, and buy the new Elite package, and its only $499 and boot-up time is 20 percent faster, not to mention it includes that super-duper swappable controller that sells for $149 on its own, sadly to go Elite means you have you shop at GameStop or online via Microsoft Store, as other places currently will NOT be carrying the new Elite SKU on their store shelves.


The console will only be available at GameStop and the Microsoft Store in November, starting on Nov. 3, according to the press release.

Because this console will include a Solid State Hybrid Drive, which stores frequently-accessed files on a solid state partition, Microsoft is saying that players will be able to boot up their console from energy-saving mode 20 percent faster.

The press release doesn’t say what the size is of the SSD partition, but we’ve reached out to Microsoft for clarification and will update this story when they respond.

The Elite controller included with the console was first shown off during E3 earlier this year. It features swappable parts as is due out this October for $149.99.

So there you go, instead of Microsoft with their slow sales, releasing a cheaper, slimmer, Xbox One, they decided to increase sales, so go for the hard-core Elite Gamer, and release a bigger, stronger, faster, more costly Xbox One this holiday season, but will their idea work, and make them the King of the Hill this season, with better, bigger, sales then the current leader the Sony PlayStation 4.

NEWS SOURCE: New $499 Xbox One Elite bundle includes 1TB SSHD drive, Elite controller (via) PolyGon

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Mortal Kombat X for Xbox 360 / PS3 Cancelled

Warner Bros. is ‘very sorry’ for not being able to launch the last-generation edition.

Mortal Kombat X won’t be coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced that the last-generation versions of the fighting game are cancelled.

For those that waiting to enjoy the latest MKX on their last generation, they are in for big letdown, as the developers have decided that the old boxes are just piles of useless crap, and even tho they had a ton of pre-orders, everyone is getting a full refund instead of a game to enjoy, ending the months of delays and rumors that game was in trouble, and having issues and so it seems it really was.


"After months of development, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has come to the regrettable conclusion that we cannot release Mortal Kombat X for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360," it said in a statement. "Please know our teams worked diligently to meet the quality standards set by the current-gen versions of the game. We were not able to get the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions to the quality expected of a Mortal Kombat game and are very sorry for not being able to deliver the products as originally planned."

So with this sad piece of news, do you think it will now cause a new wave of first time buyers of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles?

NEWS SOURCE: Mortal Kombat X for Xbox 360 / PS3 Cancelled (via) GameSpot

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Man arrested after stuffing PS4 down his pants!

A PlayStation 4 isn’t small and it isn’t light. Not even for the allegedly light-fingered.

So is it possible to shove a PS4 down your trousers? Allegedly, Yes, at least for this stupid robber that tried to get away with the perfect shoplifting crime, but ended up getting caught in the act.

Crime stories on Maxconsole involving ‘gaming’ or ‘gamers’ are very popular, but this one is bound to make you laugh a bit, because this man decided to impress his kids or girl back home by stuffing a PS4 down his pants and trying to walk out the store without paying for it, and well it seems to be caught, not sure if it was because of the weird looks he got or the fact he added too much bulk to his newly formed manhood by throwing in a few controllers and games to complete the package in what must had been very large pants!


We need to talk trousers.

Specifically, we need to talk what sort of trousers you could get a PlayStation 4 inside.

I’m not playing with you. I’m relaying allegations against Christopher Caldwell, 36, of West Palm Beach, Florida.

As local crime reporter Will Greenlee says on his blog that Caldwell was arrested at Walmart in Port St. Lucie after allegedly shoving a PlayStation 4 down his pants and trying to make off with it.

Some of you will be familiar with the dimensions of one of these fine machines. The PlayStation 4 is 2.09" x 10.83" x 12.01." The box measures 19" x 13" x 4." It weighs around 6 pounds. With the greatest will and moxie, that’s quite some box to slip down most people’s pants.

But Greenlee insists Caldwell allegedly wasn’t satisfied with just the PlayStation. He says in the affidavit records: "Christopher then began concealing the accessories into his pants as well."

He allegedly failed to pay for his haul and may now pay with his liberty. He was arrested for grand felony theft.

But back to the trousers.

Do you really believe he went MC Hammer, all baggy and shiny? Might he have merely donned some low slung and loose-fitting jeans? Might he simply have lost weight or have a pair of pants gifted to him that were far too large?

The Port St. Lucie Police report declares him to be wearing "a white shirt, blue jeans and a green fisherman hat." It adds that Caldwell allegedly removed the PlayStation from the box before inserting it into his trousers.

So now we know you can ‘allegedly’ fit a PS4 down your pants, but what about the larger size Xbox One, is it big enough to prevent ‘shoplifting’ maybe Microsoft can use that as ‘feature’ in way to generate more sales, like in ‘you can’t leave your home, with an Xbox one’, they could run commercials showing ‘criminals’ getting away of stealing an PlayStation, but when trying to rob your Xbox One that always get caught, making it the ‘safer’ system to buy as an investment without raising your home insurance costs!

NEWS SOURCE: Man arrested after allegedly stuffing PlayStation in his pants (via) CNET

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SIERRA Launches Futurlab’s Velocity 2X on Xbox One

Acclaimed Arcade Shooter Arrives With New Daily Challenges and All DLC From its Original Release

Today Sierra� launched Velocity� 2X, the award-winning arcade shooter from independent developer FuturLab, on Xbox One and Windows PC. This release contains more then the earlier PlayStation releases.

So if you enjoyed this game on the PlayStation, then you now be able to enjoy it all over again as this new released has been greatly updated for its launch on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC’s, just take a look over the following PR and you will see what I mean.


Today Sierra launched Velocity� 2X, the award-winning arcade shooter from independent developer FuturLab, on Xbox One and Windows PC. These new and electrifying editions of the game feature ranked daily challenge levels plus all of the bonus content contained in the "Critical Urgency" and "Dual Core" DLC from its original release on PlayStation� systems.

A light-speed action game with responsive controls, Velocity 2X flows energetically between two trigger-testing genres: a top-down vertical shooter and a side-scrolling platformer. Whether dashing through enemy strongholds in the nimble Quarp Jet or on foot, players can unleash a barrage of attacks and teleport precisely through danger in the blink of an eye, rewarding gutsy moves and quick reflexes. Competitive leaderboards rank player performance by speed, completion percentage, and overall score to support dedicated speedrunners across each of the more than 50 stages in the game.

Set in the distant future, Velocity 2X stars Lt. Kai Tana, an ace fighter pilot who must use her raw firepower, wits, and agility to battle hostile aliens and free her fellow prisoners. The adventure bursts off the screen with bold art design inspired by the classics of 80s sci-fi, as well as a variety of colourful worlds, immense boss battles, dazzling visual effects, and a pulsing techno soundtrack.Velocity 2X is now available as a digital title on Xbox One through the Xbox Games Store and Windows PC via Steam for $19.99. It is rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and Up) by the ESRB. For more information, please visit, and follow FuturLab on Facebook and Twitter.

About Sierra

Developer-led and player-focused, Sierra publishes highly curated titles that embody best-in-class efforts from indie developers. From providing development funding and deep first-party relations to marketing and retail distribution, Sierra caters to the individual needs of each indie studio. Sierra will primarily publish on digital distribution platforms including Xbox Live, PlayStation�Network and Steam for PC. For more information, please visit

About FuturLab

FuturLab is an award-winning game studio that develops and publishes critically acclaimed titles that are hugely satisfying to play. Priding itself on developing the most engaging ideas, FuturLab always seeks to elicit three levels of response from its target audience:

  1. Ooh, cool!
  2. Ahh, I see!
  3. Damn, that’s really clever actually…

This means a high level of accessibility, an engaging level of depth, and most importantly an elegant way of delivering an experience, so that it has a lasting impact on its audience.

So have you tried out FuturLab’s new game yet, and if so do you agree with their 3 levels of fun they are offering us gamers?

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Nintendo and Hasbro Join Forces for Splatoon Fans

Fans of the TRANSFORMERS series, will now be able to Take Sides, in new Ink-Filled Splatoon battles!

Are you team AUTOBOT or team DECEPTICON? Nintendo and Hasbro are joining forces to help you defend your robot allegiances in the Splatoon game for the Wii U console.

What SIDE are YOU on? — Personally, I would pick the evil version of the transformers, as they seem to win very often in the battles!


Splatoon features themed events called Splatfests that let players pick a preference, such as AUTOBOTS or DECEPTICONS, and then compete against the opposing side in online battles. A Splatfest celebration lasts for 24 hours, during which players head into battle and try to rack up Turf War wins for their side. While the Splatfest is ongoing, in-game characters get to wear a special T-shirt that shows which TRANSFORMERS team has their allegiance. The ink that each team shoots will also be customized to match the color scheme of the chosen side.

Once a Splatfest ends, the side with the most points will be awarded the most Super Sea Snails, items that will allow them to upgrade their gear in the game. The TRANSFORMERS-themed Splatfest event is scheduled to run starting at 9 p.m. PT on Aug. 28 through 9 p.m. PT on Aug. 29 and is open to all Wii U owners who have Splatoon and an Internet connection.

Splatoon, which is exclusive to Wii U, represents Nintendo’s take on the action-shooter genre. Characters called Inklings can transform into squids as they attempt to cover the play area with their team’s colorful ink and splat opponents. Using an array of inventive weapons, players cover the playing surface with as much of their team’s colorful ink as possible before time runs out. On Aug. 5, a free software update in Splatoon brought a large amount of new content to the game, including two new matchmaking modes, new weapon types, an increase to the game’s level cap and more than 40 pieces of new gear.

For more information about Splatoon, visit or on Tumblr at

The big question I have when do you think we will see some TRANSFORMERS Amiibo’s released for the game?

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Sony to Sell Darth Vader-Themed PlayStation 4

Launching on November 17th, various Star Wars bundles and special Vader ‘console’

Sony Corp. unveiled a Darth Vader-shaped version of its PlayStation 4 game console designed to capitalize on the release of the latest ‘Star Wars’ film later the year.

All the Star Wars fans that are also PlayStation lovers were cheering yesterday when it was announced that a Vader PS4 was coming.


The Darth Vader console will go on sale Nov. 17, the same day as the Star Wars Battlefront video game from Electronic Arts Inc.

Walt Disney Co., which acquired the rights to "Star Wars" in 2012, is releasing its first installment of the franchise, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," on Dec. 18. The company is also planning on a massive merchandising push tied to the new film.

The PlayStation announcement was made on Sunday, the last day of the biennial D23 Expo, a conference for Disney fans in Anaheim, California. PlayStation 4 was the top-selling game console in July, according to NPD.

So even if you own a PS4 already, would you buy a Vader version of it?

NEWS SOURCE: Sony to Sell Darth Vader-Themed PlayStation 4 (via) BloomBerg

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Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 – Soundtrack Revealed


Today, Activision has announced the complete list of songs that will be on the Tony Hawk�s� Pro Skater� 5 soundtrack, featuring selections from many top artists, please see below for all the details.

Tony Hawk is coming back, and just around the corner with its release scheduled for October 2nd, so what better way to get into the mood while you wait to do some high-flying tricks, jumps, turns, and backflips, by listening to some of best artists out there for skateboarding background music, and today the developers have posted up the full soundtrack listing they have picked out for THPS5.


Today Activision Publishing, Inc. announced the complete list of songs that will be on the Tony Hawk’s� Pro SkaterTM 5 soundtrack, featuring selections from Ratatat, Yogi & Skrillex, Death From Above 1979, and many more.

The full Tony Hawk’s� Pro Skater 5 track list include the songs below (the band or label’s official link to each song included, where available):

"Stars and Stripes"


Black Pistol Fire
"Hipster Shakes"


Cloud Nothings
"I’m Not Part of Me"

Cold Cave
"A Little Death to Laugh"

Connie Price and the Keystones
"International Hustler"…Qtyz4p6uAp0DdD

Crass Mammoth
"All 149"

Deaf Poets
"Degenerate Mind"

"Keep On Knocking"

Death From Above 1979

Deer Mother
"When The Wolves Come Out"…olves-come-out

"Mini Brute"

Fake P

Family Force 5
"Raised By Wolves"…xvCl50eKSj6sG4

Four Year Strong
"Go Down In History"

"Moment To Myself"

Hundred Visions
"Our Ritual"

Hungry Hands

Icon For Hire
"Cynics and Critics"…5SCVYVVeoGgsrx

Killer Be Killed
"Wings of Feather and Wax"

New Politics
"Everywhere I Go"

Plague Vendor
"Black Sap Scriptures"

"Cream on Chrome"

"Skate Rock"

Royal Blood
"Little Monster"

State Champs

"Shelter Song"

The Orwells
"Who Needs You"

The Schitzophonics
"Rat Trap"

The Sheds
"Bad Things are Bad"

Yogi & Skrillex

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 reignites the classic style and gameplay of the Pro Skater series with new levels and seamless online multiplayer. Unlock new content, level up and take on rivals in head-to-head, high-score battles by jumping instantly in and out of online shred sessions that support up 20 skaters at the same time. Players can also create their own skateparks to share online with the community.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 is scheduled to launch on October 2nd for the PlayStation�4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One. The game is also planned for release without online play on Xbox 360 and the PlayStation�3 computer entertainment system in November, exclusively at GAME in the UK.

For the latest updates from the series, join the community on Facebook at and on Twitter and Instagram at @tonyhawkgames.

So what you think about the ‘soundtrack’ listing, would it be your choice of music for skateboarding or not?

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Xbox One Gets Acclaimed Super Mega Baseball Today

Called Extra Innings, this new XB1 version is expanded on their original PS3 and PS4 game releases.

As Major League Baseball’s real-world pennant race gets more exciting, independent developer Metalhead Software on Friday released the Xbox One version of its acclaimed Super Mega Baseball.

If you been waiting to play baseball on your Xbox One, you are in luck as the Super Mega Baseball is moving over from PS4 to the XB1 via the self-publishing interface called ID@XBOX and the developers have throw in some extra exclusive content that will not be available to baseball fans on their earlier PS4 version for a whole month.


Called Extra Innings, the game comes to Xbox One by way of Microsoft’s ID@Xbox self-publishing program. The game includes additional content not found in the original PlayStation game, including more stadiums, as well as "enhanced gameplay and improved baseball simulation."

These new features and content will also be made available in the previously released PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 versions of Super Mega Baseball through a free patch and DLC in September.

Extra Innings costs $20 on Xbox One, but Xbox Live Gold members can save 15 percent (knocking it down to $17) if they buy it within the next 10 days. This limited-time discount will also be available when the game comes to PC on August 21.

"Super Mega Baseball to us is a celebration of baseball and its culture, and I think we’ve also done the sport justice from a simulation perspective," Metalhead cofounder Scott Drader said in a statement.

Super Mega Baseball is not a licensed game, so don’t expect to see your favorite Major League Baseball players or stadiums in the game. If that’s a deal-breaker, you can play MLB 15: The Show on PlayStation consoles or RBI Baseball 15 on Xbox and PC.

Super Mega Baseball lets you play against the CPU or with up to four friends via local co-p. The game boasts a strong score of 85 on GameSpot sister site Metacritic.

Have you tried out their baseball game yet on PS4, and are you looking forward to it on your XB1, or would you instead just go outside and play catch with your son instead of sitting on the sofa enjoying some high-paced-action-baseball indoors on your big screen TV.

NEWS SOURCE: Xbox One Gets Acclaimed Super Mega Baseball Today (via) GameSpot

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Dying Light: The Following Reveal Trailer

Price and Season Pass Offer Detailed

The reveal trailer for Dying Light: The Following is here! Don’t you all just want to take a drive in the Harran countryside? The local population seems positively charming.

For the Zombie killing fans out there, the big expansion for Dying Light is coming someday, and to get you into the killing mood, here is a new trailer, along with the fact that ‘season pass’ holders will get it all for FREE, others sadly will need to fork over $14.99 for it.


After a successful showing at Gamescom 2015, Techland has released the reveal trailer for Dying Light: The Following – a story-based expansion set in a massive new area that’s as big as the original maps from Dying Light combined. Dying Light: The Following will see Kyle Crane travel to a hazardous outback ruled by mysterious and fanatical cultists whose beliefs have unnerving connections with the zombie outbreak.

To get close to the cult and unravel their secrets, players will need to earn the trust of the locals. Through various missions and tasks, players will be able to choose their own path for infiltrating the inner circles of the cultists. In order to succeed in this harsh countryside, players will also gain access to fully customizable and upgradable dirt buggies. With its own unique skill tree, players will be able to traverse the vast expanse of the Harran countryside in what is their deadliest weapon yet.

"Gamescom 2015 was our first chance to let people play Dying Light: The Following so I was a bit nervous – admits producer Tymon Smektała. But so many positive reactions really showed me we made the right decision to work on this expansion. With its new map and far-reaching gameplay additions, it feels like we’ve hit the sweet spot for what players are expecting from us."

While a release date is still to be determined, Techland has confirmed that Dying Light: The Following will be priced at $14.99, while all Season Pass holders will receive the expansion completely free.

So there you go, are you ready to kill more zombies then you can handle, all is left for us to know is when the expansion is coming!

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Will Use PS4 For eSports

The company is adding a variety of features for competitions

The teams at developer Treyarch & publisher Activision are confirming that they will be using the PS4, as the primary platform for the competitions they will organize for the upcoming CoD: Black Ops 3

The developers behind the next Call of Duty have confirmed finally after weeks of rumors, that even the eSports is switching over the usage of PlayStation 4 consoles once Black Ops 3 is released this Holiday Season, so it is more then just switch of exclusive content.


The entire eSports setup for the shooter is shifting to the Sony device, which might pose both opportunities and some problems for the series.

The fact that the PlayStation 4 is leading in terms of sales might mean that a higher number of players will become interested in the competitive multiplayer of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and will try their hand at tournaments.

On the other hand, some pro players and the various involved organizations will have to become accustomed to the new platform, after using the Xbox One since it was launched and the Xbox 360 before that.

The switch to the PlayStation 4 for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 eSports is clearly linked to the fact that gamers will be able to get all the downloadable content associated with the shooter first on Sony devices.

Neither the ESL nor the MLG have yet announced their plans for the future of the shooter, but details will probably arrive around launch date.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has improvements designed specifically for eSports

The new Arena experience will allow gamers to tweak their character and play style as they play through ranked matches.

Gamers will also be able to use an entirely new Specialist Draft system in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, and a new feature called Bans and Protects will allow teams to create a more level playing field by eliminating some of the elements of the shooter an enemy can use.

The entire system seems inspired by MOBA titles and will probably prove controversial with long-term fans.

Finally, Treyarch is also introducing a range of new options for the CODCaster system, making it easier for spectators to follow a match.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will be out on the PC, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One on November 6 and gamers can also play on older home consoles, although some of the core features might not be present.

Well like I stated before, I just hope PSN+ can handle it, as its going to be bad enough for the normal PS4 gamers, adding in eSports to the load might just be the iceberg that sinks the Titantic forever, just look at the problems SF4 and SFV had on PS4.

NEWS SOURCE: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Will Use PS4 For eSports (via) SoftPedia