Titanfall�s Xbox Exclusivity was Necessary

But it Limited the Market says Zampella – But that all changes with Titanfall 2 coming out on both platforms this time around!

Titanfall was one of the biggest games of last year, garnering millions of sales, high critical praise, and launching a new franchise. PS4 fans will get a chance to see what all the fuss is about TF2.

Recently the developers behind the very successful Titanfall, explain why they had to be exclusive to Xbox One, even tho sadly it ended up limiting their market alot, since the PlayStation 4 sold more hardware units then the Xbox One did, which made them very sad.


In a series of tweets, Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella goes a little bit into why the decision to make Titanfall an Xbox exclusive game was so important. It all started when one gamer expressed some frustration to Zampella, tweeting "titanwhat ? lets hope its more sucessful than the first one, great move with Xbox by the way". Zampella responded "You seem hurt, is it just the xbox thing?"

After a bit of prodding, the upset gamer clarified, saying "no, it’s a greedy developer thing, far too many of them around, it’s tough when business decisions go wrong…I just don’t understand why a developer would limit their market, unless they have to, doesn’t make sense to me."

Zampella admitted to the fact that the Xbox exclusivity deal did limit their market, but that he and the team felt it was necessary in order for them to be able to finish the game. "I felt we needed to do it. We were a small team starting from scratch. Not greed, it limited our market. +chance to finish." The discussion ended with Zampella promising that the future would be much more inclusive, with Titanfall 2 heading to other platforms beyond Xbox. "That will be fixed. We want as many as possible to play our games!"

So there you go, a little bit of truth out of them, anyhow not to worry TF2 will be coming out sometime next year for all to enjoy.

NEWS SOURCE: Titanfall�s Xbox Exclusivity was Necessary but it Limited the Market says Zampella (via) Titanfall