Titanfall�s Xbox Exclusivity was Necessary

But it Limited the Market says Zampella – But that all changes with Titanfall 2 coming out on both platforms this time around!

Titanfall was one of the biggest games of last year, garnering millions of sales, high critical praise, and launching a new franchise. PS4 fans will get a chance to see what all the fuss is about TF2.

Recently the developers behind the very successful Titanfall, explain why they had to be exclusive to Xbox One, even tho sadly it ended up limiting their market alot, since the PlayStation 4 sold more hardware units then the Xbox One did, which made them very sad.


In a series of tweets, Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella goes a little bit into why the decision to make Titanfall an Xbox exclusive game was so important. It all started when one gamer expressed some frustration to Zampella, tweeting "titanwhat ? lets hope its more sucessful than the first one, great move with Xbox by the way". Zampella responded "You seem hurt, is it just the xbox thing?"

After a bit of prodding, the upset gamer clarified, saying "no, it’s a greedy developer thing, far too many of them around, it’s tough when business decisions go wrong…I just don’t understand why a developer would limit their market, unless they have to, doesn’t make sense to me."

Zampella admitted to the fact that the Xbox exclusivity deal did limit their market, but that he and the team felt it was necessary in order for them to be able to finish the game. "I felt we needed to do it. We were a small team starting from scratch. Not greed, it limited our market. +chance to finish." The discussion ended with Zampella promising that the future would be much more inclusive, with Titanfall 2 heading to other platforms beyond Xbox. "That will be fixed. We want as many as possible to play our games!"

So there you go, a little bit of truth out of them, anyhow not to worry TF2 will be coming out sometime next year for all to enjoy.

NEWS SOURCE: Titanfall�s Xbox Exclusivity was Necessary but it Limited the Market says Zampella (via) Titanfall

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Crackdown 3 confirms Cloud makes XB1 more powerful

The infinite power of the cloud, this time for real!

The Power of ‘The Cloud’ Does anyone remember that refrain? It was something that Microsoft used excessively back during the reveal of the XB1, to the point of satire and parody, but not any more now!

We have hear many stories since day one about the power of the cloud with the Xbox One and everyone from analysts to media to fanboys claimed it was all a joke, but now the Crackdown 3 developers claim all the jokes aside, the Cloud is indeed REAL and it WORKS and for sure 100% makes the Xbox One the most powerful console ever built in the whole wide world and history of video gaming!


Back when Microsoft had to justify not only the console’s relative weakness compared to the PS4, but also its then planned always online connectivity, Microsoft had to fall back on the mythical cloud, and all the benefits that it would provide to games on the Xbox One, via the extra processing power that it could theoretically support and provide.

The original vision for the Xbox One is long gone at this point, as is all the rhetoric about the cloud, but one upcoming game, at least, is still going to rely on the cloud to enhance the experience that it can deliver. Crackdown 3 will use the cloud in the multiplayer mode, to provide players with a fully destructible city. This kind of performance, Crackdown 3 producer Dave Jones claims, is possible because of the cloud, which does in fact make the Xbox One an effectively more powerful console for as long as the system has access to it- the most powerful console ever, as a matter of fact.

Of course, this is all theoretical and temporary, and advantages provided to the system transient. Still, it is something intriguing, and the first time that Microsoft has seemingly walked the talk, as far as its cloud rhetoric is concerned. Whether or not Crackdown 3 will indeed benefit from the cloud in ways that we are being promised is something that remains to be seen.

But will it work this time around, will the magical rain fall out of the Cloud and land on your Xbox One and turn it into this powerful beast that will conquer all your gaming problems forever, and give you the ultimate experience ever of your video gaming life!

NEWS SOURCE: Crackdown 3 Devs Confirm Cloud Makes Xbox One More Powerful (via) GamingBolt

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Massive August Update Brings a Boatload of New Content to Splatoon

On Aug. 5, a free software update in the Splatoon game for the Wii U console makes it even more fun!

The massive new update brings a large amount of new content to the game, including two new matchmaking modes, new weapon types, an increase to the game’s level cap and more than 40 pieces of new gear.

Nintendo is updating their ink blasting game with ton more features and content, and unlike the other two gaming companies out there, they decided to release these packs for FREE, that is right DLC that costs you nothing but the time it takes to download this massive update on your Nintendo Network, which by the way downloads a hell lot faster then PSN does, even when there is lots of users online.


On Aug. 5, a free software update in the Splatoon game for the Wii U console brings a large amount of new content to the game, including two new matchmaking modes, new weapon types, an increase to the game’s level cap and more than 40 pieces of new gear. Players will now be able to create a winning strategy and fight to be the best and most battle-tested squid squad around.

The new update introduces Squad Battle and Private Battle matchmaking options. In Squad Battle, players can participate in Ranked Battle rule sets with friends, rather than being teamed up with other players through a random selection. After a player creates a squad, friends can be recruited to form a team of two to four Inklings. Friends will always play together on the same team and battle against other squads at random.

In Private Battle, friends can splat it up in private, customizable matches. Two to eight friends can battle together by selecting their favorite map, mode and weapons. The number of participants ranges from 1v1 to 4v4, but teams don’t have to be even: If the host chooses, he or she can select a 1v4, 1v2, or any other combination of players.

With this robust new update also comes an increased level cap in both Regular Battle and Ranked Battle modes. After downloading the software update, players will be able to reach level 50 (raised from level 20) and rank S and S+ (both higher than A+).

While Inklings around the world are enjoying and mastering the current arsenal of weapons in Splatoon, two new weapon types will be available with the update, adding a new layer of strategy to the game. The bucket-like Slosher weapons hurl ink straight ahead at an impressive range. By adjusting the angle, these new weapons can be used to splat opponents who are up high or even on the other side of a wall. With the Gatling-style Splatling, players can charge blasts of all-powerful ink. A maximum charge unleashes the full potential of this particular weapon type. In addition to the new weapons, more than 40 pieces of gear, including everything from a leather jacket to a sushi-chef costume, are coming to the various in-game shops in Splatoon.

Despite its size and scope, this massive August update is not the end of the splat-acular free content coming to Splatoon. Following this update, more content will continually roll out through the rest of the summer and fall, including the Rainmaker Ranked Battle mode, additional maps and new weapons. More details about these additions will be revealed in the future.

For more information about Splatoon, visit

So what you think of big ‘N’ giving all this added enjoyment and fun for free, instead of charging us a nice ‘season pass’ for it!

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Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 – First GamePlay Trailer

Today Activision Publishing, Inc. has shared a new gameplay trailer for Tony Hawk�s� Pro Skater� 5.

Backed with punk band Plague Vendor�s track Black Sap Scriptures the video shows skateboarding pros and hidden characters classic trick combos in brand new levels and tons of skaters ripping together.

Finally, we get to see some gameplay action for the new Tony Hawk we been waiting it seems forever for.

Also noted in this PR release, is that those picking up the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are warned there is no ONLINE.

If you wish to get into some heavy-duty multi-player action with your network buddies, you will need an Xbox One or PlayStation 4.


Today Activision Publishing, Inc. has shared a new gameplay trailer for Tony Hawk’s� Pro Skater 5. Backed with punk band Plague Vendor’s track "Black Sap Scriptures", the video shows skateboarding pros and hidden characters, classic trick combos in brand new levels and tons of skaters ripping together. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 is expected to arrive in Europe on 2nd October, 2015 for PlayStation�4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 rekindles the signature style of classic Pro Skater games in a brand-new set of levels with the same renowned focus on daring objectives and fine-tuned controls – including manuals and reverts – for endless sessions and high-scoring tricks. Expansive, seamless online multiplayer means you can quickly jump into the action with up to 20 friends and challengers at one time.

Pretty much everything you could do in single player in past THPS games, you can now do online with friends in THPS5, like missions, unlocking new content and levelling up… or if your skills are on point, go head-to-head against all takers in competitive matches. Adding to the online insanity, you can create your own skate parks then share them with the community. If your creation is good enough, you might find the Birdman himself in there nailing 900’s!

Shredders, take note: the online features are exclusive to the PlayStation�4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

For the Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation�3 computer entertainment system versions, confirmation of exact release dates will follow, but are anticipated to release prior to the end of the year. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation�3 versions will not have online play.

Join the community on Facebook at and on Twitter and Instagram at @tonyhawkgames.

So what you think of the new Tony Hawk game, personally I think TH is too old, kids today would not really understand him, and sales will flop like it did with TH4, that really the game developers should have picked a new lead skateboarder like Shane O’Neill to get today’s generation into the game, and have more sales, unless they think grandpa’s are buying and playing on XB1 and PS4.

Destiny Expansion II: House Of Wolves Launch Trailer

Less then 48 hours to go, so here’s a brand-new launch trailer to celebrate ‘Destiny Expansion II’.

Expand your Destiny adventure with House of Wolves. Only the bravest Guardians will hunt down the rising Fallen threat and lay claim to the mysterious treasures of The Reef.

The world of Destiny is going to get a whole lot better in less than two days, and to help you prepare for the huge expansion, here is the latest brand-new launch trailer thanks to the developers over at Bungie studios and their publishing arm ‘Activision’ we going to be ready to be treated to one of most hyped up DLC packs ever to be released on our video gaming consoles very soon in the next 48 hours.


Expand your Destiny adventure with House of Wolves. Only the bravest Guardians will hunt down the rising Fallen threat and lay claim to the mysterious treasures of The Reef.


  • New Weapons, Armour, and Gear
  • Boost Your Guardian’s Power
  • Upgrade Your Existing Legendary Weapons and Armour
  • New Multiplayer Event – Trials of Osiris
  • New Cooperative Strike – The Shadow Thief
  • Three New Multiplayer Maps
  • New Story Missions
  • New Cooperative Arena – Prison of Elders

To celebrate the upcoming Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves, which releases on Tuesday, 19th May, Bungie and Activision have released a brand new launch trailer which you can watch below.

The community can interact directly with the developers at, and @Bungie on Twitter. For game information, visit and follow the official Destiny social channels at and @DestinyTheGame on Twitter.

So what you think, are you going to be one of 20 million players joining back into the world of Destiny now that it is expanding?

reActPSN has been updated to version 3.20+,support future CFW

thx for sharing

hey kid [MENTION=133671]STLcardsWS[/MENTION] …can u atleast post the correct source nxt time on that lame site of urs?

Download: reActPSN v3.20 .rar
Mirrors: Link

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Sony announces Playstation Vue

Sony finally anounced its long expected its web-based TV for the Playstation Familly (making Playstation TV a concurrent of of other Apple TV-like devices).

It promises a “personalized, searchable approach to watching live and on-demand television” and will begin with 75 channels, being a subscription-based service which pricing is yet to be disclosed.

Sony plans to extend the service in terms of partners and devices, eventually going beyond Playstation and maybe Sony familly of hardware.

Beta starts this month in New York for selected users and will be extended in the USA in the first quarter of 2015.


Deank Releases New multiMAN v04.65.01 CEX

deank is back from his hiatus. And he’s updated his backup manager to v04.65.01. This is designed to work with 4.65 CFW’s.

Visit Brewology to grab the links!

Changelog 04.65.01 (20141108)

  •  Added support for 4.65CFW (CEX)

Md5 = 6484CD41BE93A102C149A33A056E2EC0


Webkit Exploit Confirmed to Work on PS4 Firmware 1.76! has released news that a webkit exploit has been confirmed working on the PS4.  This is big news. Enjoy!

Two developers,  nas and proxima, have gotten a hold of the PSVita Webkit exploit and have it working with PS4 firmware 1.76. Proxima has stated that even though the exploit is one in the same, it was actually developed in a separate tandem and not based off of the exploit.

They have released a proof of concept code, with several examples provided that includes a module dumper and a tool that is used to create an advanced ROP code. Outside of these devs, there are not any confirmed reports of results from the proof of concept, but Wololo vouches for them and they are reported to be trustworthy as well as the POC is said to have solid looking code. Reports will be posted as they come in.

As per usual, this will not be of much benefit to the average end user, except to confirm if their PS4 can be exploited.  This release is more important for devs, who would like to further explore the PS4 and tinker around with the tools. The release is the first of it’s kind for the PS4 and will be greatly appreciated by the community,  as any exploit can eventually lead to a full hack.

Sony has reportedly patched the Vita exploit and has already announced new firmware 2.oo to be released next week for the PS4, so it may be wise to put off updating, as nobody likes to protect exploits and software vulnerabilities like Sony.

If you wish to test this and report, the following url’s have been provided

Download of files and sources have been posted by the developers.

Join the discussion at the original source: nas on /talk


[Released] EID Root Key Dumper v1.0 for CFW 4.21, 4.46 and 4.53

he can because i also asked harryoke to test in rebug and the keys match.
also, i already told you you don’t need all the symbols to make it work, but i can say it again. and of course it doesn’t work on DEX because the kernel changes a lot.

and i can tell you again, that your pkg does not work if i use cobra 4.21 rex, but those i have made work fine with 4.21 cobra. and i have made them for either cex or dex kernel and both work fine on my end. i can only guess, that cobra needs more symbols.

anyways, sorry for confusion, cause i have got now my confirmation. i only have thought it is not working at all on 4.21, cause you have not mentioned any tests that were done