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Pok�mon Super Mystery Dungeon Launching Winter 2015

Latest Chapter in the Pok�mon Mystery Dungeon Series Coming to Nintendo 3DS The Pok�mon Company International and Nintendo announced today the upcoming release of the Pok�mon Super Mystery Dungeon game for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Get Ready, Get Set, Throw your trained Pokemon into the arena, as the latest Pokemon is set to explode onto your 3DS screen come Winter 2015, giving you something to do while stuck indoors during the cold wintery months. Quote: The Pok�mon Company International and Nintendo announced today the upcoming release of the Pok�mon Super Mystery Dungeon game for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, the latest installment of the Pok�mon Mystery Dungeon series that has sold more than 13 million units worldwide.

consoledemonPok�mon Super Mystery Dungeon Launching Winter 2015
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E3 2015 – Nintendo Press Conference – Date/Time

Game Title: E3 2015 – Nintendo Press Conference Release Date: 16 Jun 2015 (Single Day Event) Nintendo have had a rocky road since they released the Wii U, this is mostly their fault, due to their inability to adapt and give their customers exactly what the want, such as region free gaming and more compatibility between systems, so perhaps Nintendo will us this or they will stand their ground and do as they think is best, times below: Los Angeles (U.S.A.

consoledemonE3 2015 – Nintendo Press Conference – Date/Time
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[Released] WiiUxtractor v1.3

mixelpixx has released a GUI for DiscU, here is a quote from the release thread: This is a GUI for DiscU 2.1b Handles Ckey creation Handles Gamekey creation Allows for you to execute DOS command line if need be.

consoledemon[Released] WiiUxtractor v1.3
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Nintendo’s New Project Codename NX

Nintendo held a press conference in Japan today, where they talked about the future of the company, the spoke about a new service they would be bringing which would cover their devices and other mobile devices, they also spoke of new hardware, codenamed ‘NX‘: Here is a quote from the press conference, thanks to Eurogamer: UPDATE: Here’s Iwata’s quote on the NX, translated officially by Nintendo: As proof that Nintendo maintains strong enthusiasm for the dedicated game system business, let me confirm that Nintendo is currently developing a dedicated game platform with a brand-new concept under the development codename “NX“.

consoledemonNintendo’s New Project Codename NX
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eShop Games From Nintendo For 2015

Here are the games that are supposed to be released this year for the Wii U and 3DS on the eShop: Wii U * 6180 the moon, Turtle Cream – Q2 2015 * Adventures of Pip, Tic Toc Studios – May 2015 * Affordable Space Adventures, KnapNok Games – 9th April 2015 * Antipole DX, Saturnine Games – Q3 2015 * Art Academy, Nintendo – 2015 * Back to Bed, Bedtime Digital Games – May 2015 * Badland: Game of the Year Edition, Frogmind – Q2 2015 * Beatbuddy, Threaks – Q2 2015 * Chromophore: The Two Brothers Director’s Cut, Ackk Studios – August 2015 * Don’t Starve: Giant Edition, Klei Entertainment – Spring 2015 * Dot Arcade, James Montagna – March 2015 * Elliot Quest, PlayEveryWare – March 2015 * forma.8, Mixed Bag – Q3 2015 * Hex Heroes, Prismatic Games – Q3 2015 * Life of Pixel, Super Icon – Q2 2015 * Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars, Nintendo – 5th March 2015 * Mutant Mudds Super Challenge, Renegade Kid – Q2 2015 * Never Alone, Upper One Games – June 2015 * Nihilumbra, BeautiFun Games – Spring 2015 * Ninja Pizza Girl, Disparity Games – June 2015 * NOVA-111, Curve Digital – Summer 2015 * Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Young Horses – Summer 2015 * OlliOlli, Curve Digital – 5th March 2015 * Race the Sun, Flippfly – Q2 2015 * Runbow, 13AM Games – Q3 2015 * Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut, WayForward – Q3 2015 * Shutshimi, Choice Provisions – Q2 2015 * Slain!, Digerati Distribution – Q3 2015 * Space Hulk, Hoplite Research – 2nd May 2015 * Starwhal, Breakfall – Q2 2015 * Swords & Soldiers II, Ronimo Games – May 2015 * The Swindle, Curve Digital – Summer 2015 * Toto Temple Deluxe, Juicy Beast Studio – Q2 2015 * Trine Enchanted Edition, Frozenbyte – 12th March 2015 * Ultratron, Curve Digital – May 2015 * Windup Knight 2, Robot Invader/Unity Games – April 2015 * Woah Dave!, Choice Provisions – Q2 2015 Nintendo 3DS * Antipole DX, Saturnine Games – Q3 2015 * BOXBOY!, HAL Laboratory – Spring 2015 * Cube Creator 3D, Big John Games – Q2 2015 * Dementium: The Ward, Renegade Kid – Q2 2015 * DOOORS, Pumo – Spring 2015 * Lionel City Builder 3D: Rise of the Rails, Big John Games – Q2 2015 * Mario vs.

consoledemoneShop Games From Nintendo For 2015

IDA Pro Wii U Loader

A member of GBATemp called aerosoul94 has released IDA Pro Wii U Loader, here is a quote from the source: I didn’t like the way IDA’s default ELF loader was handling Wii U ELF’s and how it didn’t handle RPL’s and RPX’s (not that I expected it to), so I decided to just create my own. Features: – Compressed section handling – Creates extern segment for imported functions – Symbol table loading – Adds imports and exports These are pretty basic features but do make analyzing a lot easier than it would be with the default ELF loader. How to use: – Copy wiiu.ldw into your IDA/loaders directory – You can now load an RPL/RPX into IDA Source Visit The Forum To Discuss The Story: IDA Pro Wii U Loader The post IDA Pro Wii U Loader appeared first on WiiUHaX.

consoledemonIDA Pro Wii U Loader
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Nintendo US Digital Deals

Ubisoft in North America are holding a sale on its popular Wii U and 3DS titles, the list is below: Wii U Titles: Your Shape®: Fitness Evolved 2013 Rabbids® Land ESPN Sports Connection Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth The Smurfs 2 Cloudberry Kingdom Rayman Legends Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag ZombiU™ Assassin’s Creed III Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist Child of Light Just Dance 2015 Watch_Dogs 3DS Titles: Petz Fantasy™ 3D Rabbids® Travel in Time 3D RAYMAN® 3D RAYMAN® ORIGINS Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Shadow Wars Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell® 3D Poptropica Forgotten Islands Petz Beach Petz Countryside Tetris Ultimate Source Via Visit The Forum To Discuss The Story: Nintendo US Digital Deals The post Nintendo US Digital Deals appeared first on WiiUHaX.

consoledemonNintendo US Digital Deals

[Released] NUS Downloader Wii U

zhuowei has released a modified version of NUS Downloader for Wii U, here is a small quote from the source: Modified NUS Downloader ( for downloading Wii U updates. Source/Download Visit The Forum To Discuss The Story: [Released] NUS Downloader WiiU The post [Released] NUS Downloader Wii U appeared first on WiiUHaX.

consoledemon[Released] NUS Downloader Wii U
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PS3 still used for science!

It’s not new to hear about PS3 consoles to be bought in mass (back in 2010 the US Air force did so for example) and being used in parallel computing, but it has been a while. In the late Spring, Doctor Gaurav Khanna of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth gathered almost 200  units for his research, to find and study gravitational waves. Playstation 3 were chosen not only by their relative inexpensive hardware, as the processor architecture.

consoledemonPS3 still used for science!