[Released] NUS Downloader Wii U

zhuowei has released a modified version of NUS Downloader for Wii U, here is a small quote from the source: Modified NUS Downloader (http://code.google.com/p/nusdownloader/) for downloading Wii U updates. Source/Download Visit The Forum To Discuss The Story: [Released] NUS Downloader WiiU The post [Released] NUS Downloader Wii U appeared first on WiiUHaX.

consoledemon[Released] NUS Downloader Wii U
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PS3 still used for science!

It’s not new to hear about PS3 consoles to be bought in mass (back in 2010 the US Air force did so for example) and being used in parallel computing, but it has been a while. In the late Spring, Doctor Gaurav Khanna of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth gathered almost 200  units for his research, to find and study gravitational waves. Playstation 3 were chosen not only by their relative inexpensive hardware, as the processor architecture.

consoledemonPS3 still used for science!
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Megaman Half Price Birthday Sale

To celebrate Megamans 27th birthday, Nintendo are holding a sale on the US eShop, here are the list of games on sale: 3DS eShop Mega Man 2 (Game Boy) – $1.49 (was $2.99) Mega Man 3 (Game Boy) – $1.49 (was $2.99) Mega Man 4 (Game Boy) – $1.49 (was $2.99) Wii U eShop Mega Man 5 (NES) – $2.49 (was $4.99) Mega Man 6 (NES) – $2.49 (was $4.99) Mega Man 7 (SNES) – $3.99 (was $7.99) Source Visit The Forum To Discuss The Story: Megaman Half Price Birthday Sale The post Megaman Half Price Birthday Sale appeared first on WiiUHaX.

consoledemonMegaman Half Price Birthday Sale
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Nintendo Network Premium Ends This Month

If you bought a Premium Wii U, you were given access to ‘Nintendo Network Premium’. This gave you back a percentage of the cash you spent on the eShop, this was done via a points system, where 500 points gave you £5/$5: This service ends at the end of this month, on the 31st of December 2014 and if you haven’t yet registered for it and have bought several digital titles, then you better hurry up and do so, as you may have several a few codes to pick up

consoledemonNintendo Network Premium Ends This Month
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iPlayer Coming Soon To Wii U

The Wii U has been out for two years and Nintendo still has not managed to bring Nintendo TV to the console in UK or Europe, if you click on the icon, you are greeted with a message saying the service is not yet available. However people in the UK may be able to get the BBC’s iPlayer service early next year, whilst not quite the same as Nintendo TV, it will give people access to BBC TV services.

consoledemoniPlayer Coming Soon To Wii U

Wii U – The Legend of Zelda – Gameplay First Look from The Game Awards

Nintendo showed some awesome footage of the new Zelda game which is coming next year: Thanks Zecoxao Visit The Forum To Discuss The Story: Wii U – The Legend of Zelda – Gameplay First Look from The Game Awards The post Wii U – The Legend of Zelda – Gameplay First Look from The Game Awards appeared first on WiiUHaX.

consoledemonWii U – The Legend of Zelda – Gameplay First Look from The Game Awards
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[Update]PSNpatch v4.66.22 Released

The latest PSNpatch v4.66.22 has been released.Read the full changelog below. NOTE:To update psnpatch plugin, stealth extensions or version spoofing, install & run psnpatch homebrew once and follow on-screen instructions; Changelog[4.66.22] 6/12/2014*Added new Stealth Extensions for future Rebug 4.65.2 with Cobra 7.03;*PSNPatch plugin updated;*Disabled semi-permanent OFW mode – it is not properly compatible with some newer homebrews;*Readme.txt and FAQ.txt updated; Source and Full Thread @PS3HaxDownload v4.66.02 You can also Donate and Help KW to buy his PS4 through this PayPAl link

consoledemon[Update]PSNpatch v4.66.22 Released
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Wii U Bricking Error Code

When it comes to consoles having error codes and problems that cause bricking, i more used to hearing them about the PS3, this is possibly the first time i have heard one about the Wii U, from my recollection, the only time a Nintendo console has had a bricking problem, is when someone hacks it and does something wrong. Which is why i find it weird reading news about an error code which renders the Wii U completely unusable. Originally it was reported that owners of Super Smash Bros have been experiencing error code 160-0103, this error leads to memory corruption annd this led many to believe that Super Smash Bros was to blame, but a posting on Reddit proved otherwise , here is a list of game from there, which cause this error: Scribblenauts has caused this.

consoledemonWii U Bricking Error Code