[Release] XMBMODMAN vRev1C

brunolee released a new version of his webMAN/webMAN mod enabling tool. This version features the aditions: Package Manager XMB (3) * ★ Install Package Files (TRADITIONAL MODE)* ★ Package Manager (REBUG MODE)* Manager Plus (XMBM+ MODE)* When choosing betwen different modes besides changing the folder to install PKGs on the XMB also:* Remove ★ /app_home/PS3_GAME/ from XMB* Adds “My Games” to XMB* Sort Alphabetically (A-Z and Z-A) Games, Homebrews on XMB* XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) v0.0.22.013 as “PKG Bubble” for XMBM+ Mode COBRA CFWs Enable XMB InGame ScreenShot Feature (2)* webMAN (1), (2)* webMAN 1.30* webMAN 1.30.29 MOD* New ícons Priority Selectors XMB (3) + ON, OFF for multiMAN/mmCM and IRISMAN as “PKG Bubble” Coldboots (3) + COBRA+ PS3 (default)+ REBUG+ REBUG COBRA Gameboots (3) + Classic+ COBRA+ NONE (default)+ REBUG Waves (3) + Electric Blue Purple+ Electric Green Yellow+ Gold+ Kamo+ NO WAVEs+ PS3 (default)+ PSP+ Rainbow+ Smoke+ Vertic+ Zebra Supported CFWs: (1) REBUG REX COBRA 7.0.1(2) ROGERO, HABIB COBRA 7.0.0(3) ALL CFWs 4.21, 4.30, 4.41, 4.46, 4.50, 4.53, 4.55, 4.60, 4.65 [Download] and source

consoledemon[Release] XMBMODMAN vRev1C

[Release] Solar v4.2 resigned

A new resigned version of Condorstrike’s screensaver, Solar, has been released by franzes80, although Condorstike patched it in the past to work on any CFW. Seemed to have improved compatibility with DARKNET Cobra 4.65 CFW. [Download] Source 1, source 2

consoledemon[Release] Solar v4.2 resigned

Sony announces to shut down Playstation Home by March 21st, 2015

  After the announcement of closure in Asia, the virtual 3D social gaming platform developed by Sony Computer for Playstation 3, released in 2008, is also announced to close down in the rest of the world. Content will cease to be released in November 12th of this year and the service will stop at March 21st, 2015. Until then, Sony promises to give free content to users.

consoledemonSony announces to shut down Playstation Home by March 21st, 2015

[Release] webMAN-MOD 1.30.29 Multi 19

New version of M@tsumoto and aldostools’s mod of DeanK’s webMAN 1.30 released. This version features the following aditions: – Fixed regression from 1.30.28 scanning split isos (.iso.0) along with the aditions of 1.30.26 – 28, released from September 16th to 18th: Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.28 Multi 19 (2014-9-18):- Added support to mount PS2 Classics(.BIN.ENC files must be copied to /PS2ISO. It could work from /ISO on FAT32but it has to copy the file to hdd0 each time a game is mounted.Copy the cover with the same of the .BIN.ENC + .png in the same folder)- Added optional display of PS2 Classic Launcher (Placeholder) on PS2 Group like PSP Launcher- Added support for symbolic link copy from hdd0 to hdd0(This also improves the speed of FTP’s copy/paste commands)- Added new messages for PS2 Classics for 19 language files- Optimized a bit the speed of scanned content- Bug fix scanning games on /video folder- Fixed messages enabling/disabling Cobra Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.27 Multi 19 (2014-9-18):- Fixed regression loading games from /video folder (thanks to m@tsumot0)- Added habib’s patches for booting speedup on 4.60 & 4.65 (thanks to m@tsumot0)- Added support to swap ps2emu (ps2_emu.self.swap, ps2_gxemu.self.swap & ps2_netemu.self.swap) on 4.65 Habib Cobra- Added option to enable In-Game Screenshot using R2+O (code by Mysis.

consoledemon[Release] webMAN-MOD 1.30.29 Multi 19
Image QnaNwFQ.png

HABIB COBRA 4.65 V1.02 Released

Update 2: Changelog:1.fixed ntfs iso bugs2.semi-bc and bc support added for ps2iso3.fixed semi-bc and bc models controller synch prob partially by using old emus4.updated toolbox for bc and semi-bc users to swap their emus5.removed dirty patch which was to improve games compatibility(causes some backup managers problem for ntfs iso Special Features: 1. Added new patches for ode drm2. Added a patch to speed up game disc/backup launch FEATURES: 1

consoledemonHABIB COBRA 4.65 V1.02 Released
Image A5QLCSK.png

Showtime v4.7.187

Showtime Media Player receives another major update Changelog 4.7.187* hls: Try harder to find a stream that’s playable (contains both video and audio)* htsp: Don’t clear channel Number if absend from message* htsp: Also sort tag listing based on channelNumber* htsp: Delete trailing whitespaces* htsp: Sort channels in datamodel based on channelNumber* ps3: Filter out Access-Unit-Delimiters in h264 stream when playing HTSP. Tvheadend places those incorrectly and this causes the ps3 h264 cell decoder to barf* ps3: Fix interlaced h264 playback* Fix broken annexb parser in h264_parser* hls: If all streams gets tagged as audio_only, wipe out that flag* hls: Fix crash introduced by last commit* hls: Handle streams where sequence counter is unsynchronized between variants* Submodule ext/libav 69f5191..dac5d34: AAC: Handle sample rate changes mid-stream* httpcontrol: Check that remain != NULL in hc_open_parameterize()* httpcontrol: Check that remain != NULL in hc_open_parameterize()* Add plugin/open url that form json from request arguments and pass it into plugin* drop accidentally committed enable of debug* tracker: Better error handling in HTTP tracker code* htsbuf: Don’t take address of variable that does out-of-scope* bittorrent: Drop debug from HTTP tracker requests* bittorrent: More stats on stats page* bittorrent: Clean up torrent refcounting a bit* linux: Add a stackdump() helper* bittorrent: Add support for HTTP trackers* asyncio: Add HTTP client* httpclient: Add HTTP_TAG_ARGINT64() and HTTP_TAG_ARGBIN()* bittorrent: Don’t crash on 0 size bencoded data* task: Fix missing dequeue of task* httpclient: Add async mode* task: Fix callback signature (now returns void)* bittorrent: Split out UDP specific parts of tracker to a file of its own* http: Break apart http_req() monster in preparation for async http client* bittorrent: Fix problem with tracker announcements when multiple torrents where active* bittorrent: Fix some reference leaks that caused torrents not to be flushed out when browsing them* ps3: Display available harddrive size in sysinfo overlay* fs: Fix broken call to fap_fsinfo()* blobcache: Use fa_fsinfo() to get avail space on systemThis deprecates arch_cache_avail_bytes() which was broken on ps3* A slight workaround to fix problems with throbber when searching:The root cause is the ‘origin’ link in pages that gets incorrectlyrelinked when a page is closed

consoledemonShowtime v4.7.187
Image tzavjbv.png

PRX+Mamba Loader v1.01

   This tool can be used to load webMAN with PS3 ISO support on non-Cobra CFW. The tool is based on IRISMAN. It simply loads the CFW payloads & patches, installs the mamba payload in memory and starts the VSH PRX loader with webMAN-MOD.

consoledemonPRX+Mamba Loader v1.01
Image Hg3kXuU.png

GameSonic Manager v3.13

Orion has released the latest version of GameSonic Manager adding Mamba payload support for CFW 4.31 CEX DEX and 4.21 to 4.53 Added payload mamba for CFW 4.31 CEX DEX and 4:21 to 4:53.

consoledemonGameSonic Manager v3.13