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RUMOR: Xbox 360 to be discontinued Worldwide

Not to be announced at E3, but internal memo to be send out to Microsoft partners, after the E3 show A partner has been informed by their distributor that the Xbox 360 is going to be discontinued Worldwide. Microsoft aims to boost Xbox One sales and force developers to focus on it’s current platform. It seems the Xbox 360 days are over, various sources are claiming that Microsoft is sending out memo’s to their partners that the 360 is now being discontinued worldwide, and the idea is to force game developers to focus on the Xbox One platform and to of course increase Xbox One console sales, as the public knows that will be the only system being supported from now on by Microsoft

consoledemonRUMOR: Xbox 360 to be discontinued Worldwide
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Nintendo Seizes ‘Pirated’ Cookies to Protect Fans

No more crunching down a ‘Super Mario Cookie’, during a break from gaming on your Nintendo consoles! Nintendo has seized a large quantity of copyright infringing cookies featuring popular game characters, fearing that these could cause health issues for gaming fans, the cookies were produced in China Pirates are bad for gaming companies, producing ‘hacks for consoles, and burning games, or making counterfeit cartridges, it can really eat into the profits for the gaming companies and upset the publishers and developers from producing newer video games for them. But when Pirates start baking ‘cookies’ in a factory featuring famous Nintendo characters from video games, that is totally crossing the grey line, and big ‘N’ was very quick to send in the ground troops to shut-down the ‘bakery’ in China due to health concerns for their many Nintendo fans, that might be crunching down on various different Mario or Zelda cookies while gaming on their 3DS or Wii U.

consoledemonNintendo Seizes ‘Pirated’ Cookies to Protect Fans

[Rumour] ZombiU No Longer Exclusive ?

ZombiU was one of the release titles for the Wii U, it didn’t do particularly great, despite being an awesome fun game, one of its key features is the use of the Wii U control pad. Rumours seem to suggest that it may be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One, though i can see it only working perfectly on the PS4 if they combine the PS Vita, on the Xbox One using a tablet would be cumbersome and i do not think it could really work without touchscreen: Source Visit The Forum To Discuss The Story: [Rumour] ZombiU No Longer Exclusive ?

consoledemon[Rumour] ZombiU No Longer Exclusive ?
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The Bozak Horde Dying Light DLC Available Now

It’s all going down in the Harran Stadium–and yes, there are more infected in there than you can count! In it, you’ll meet the not-entirely-sane Bozak, whose idea of fun is to strap a bomb to your ankle and force you into increasingly difficult challenges

consoledemonThe Bozak Horde Dying Light DLC Available Now

XB1 Witcher 3 Patch Will Lock Frame Rate at 30fps

The patch should arrive soon An upcoming patch for the Xbox One edition of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will lock the game at 30fps. That’s according to CD Projekt Red community lead Marcin Momot, who recently Tweeted about the patch When Witcher 3: Wild Hunt landed on Xbox One last week, there was already day 1 update, but there was still many issues left, and one of them was how horrible the graphics were doing, and now the developer has tweeted that they plan to fix the issue by locking the frame-rate down to only 30fps so that graphics are overall stable and the game plays more fluid without issues

consoledemonXB1 Witcher 3 Patch Will Lock Frame Rate at 30fps