PS4, PS3, & PS Vita New Releases: February 2nd – 8th, 2014 – Outlast

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Not only is Outlast a scary game that’s worth playing on its own when it releases this week, but it will also be given away for free to PlayStation Plus members during the month of February in North America and Europe, making it a no-brainer download. Joining Outlast in the new releases this week is the recently announced PlayStation Vita 2000 for the UK,Dustforce *All games …

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PSN Stuff Homebrew App – We Want You!

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The guys behind the PSN Stuff application are looking for help with their application, here their post in full: PSN Stuff Homebrew – Coders searchedWhat is PSN Stuff? For those who doesn´t know what it is…It´s an PC Application to download nearly all different kinds of PSN content What we are searching for? We are searching for a Homebrew Developer …

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PS3 Game Updater v0.91

consoledemon DS, PS3

The creator of PS3 ISO Tools how now released a new PC app for PS3 known as PS3 Game Updater Tool. It is basically a small tool to create and manage PS3 game updates. PS3 GAME UPDATER V0.9 by Rudi Rastelli Credits: @TeamSOS for ‘Allunpkg’ @DeLiGht for ‘psn_package_npdrm’ @ aldostools for ‘game-database’ Feature-List: Obtain PS3 game update(s) by simply selecting …