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Batman: Arkham Knight – Xbox One Problems

Seems that only the PlayStation 4 version is mostly OK. Batman Arkham Knight didn�t have the smoothest of launches when the much awaited game released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One earlier this week. We reported earlier this week on how bad the PC version of Batman was, it was so unstable they even had to stop selling it for a while, until the issues get patched up, as the issue out refunds to those that can’t wait for that to happen.

consoledemonBatman: Arkham Knight – Xbox One Problems
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Nintendo Highlights New DLC for the week of 06/25

This week�s ‘Nintendo Download’ includes the following featured content, all detailed below for you! Now it’s easier than ever to make your home an art studio as you learn to paint and draw, or sharpen your current skills in Art Academy: Home Studio

consoledemonNintendo Highlights New DLC for the week of 06/25
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Rise of the Tomb Raider Targeting 1080p/30fps

Availability on Other Platforms Cannot be Discussed ‘Yet’ Rise of the Tomb Raider will take full advantage of the Xbox One hardware to deliver a stunning experience, but only at a flicking slow 30 frames per second. And still no word if/when a PS4 comes out

consoledemonRise of the Tomb Raider Targeting 1080p/30fps
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E3: Xbox Game Preview Program

Similar to ‘Early-Access’ on Valve’s Steam service now Microsoft is offering ‘early-access’ to games The Long Dark, Hinterland’s community-informed survival experience, will be available for purchase and download on the Xbox One’s new Game Preview as soon as the program launches at 5:30PM PST today. Earlier today during Microsoft’s E3 press conference they announced a new program for Xbox One owners, that they will be able to enroll in something that is similar to Steam’s Early Access system, and Microsoft is calling it ‘Xbox Game Preview’, and basically games that are very early in development you will be able to access a free trial on it, purchase it if you like it, and play it right away, even if it is jammed packed with bugs and glitches, and of course give feedback to the developers and as you watch the game develop into a full complete working version, be able to play it at every stage of updating, even if it might take a year or more to be fully ready for actual retail sale, so why wait until 2016 or 2017 to play a new game, when you can do it right now, tonight infact! And already one developer has jumped into the new Xbox Game Preview program, and announced that their new game in development ‘The Long Dark’ will be available tonight when the program launches on Xbox Store, and those Xbox One players who purchase The Long Dark via Game Preview will obtain Season One of the Story mode for free when it finally launches later this year

consoledemonE3: Xbox Game Preview Program
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Nintendo 3DS exploit makes handheld region-free

regionFOUR released by smealum There’s a new exploit to make your Nintendo 3DS region-free but – once again – you’ll need a copy of obscure puzzle game Cubic Ninja to make it work. Smea is back with another great release, his first was the ‘homebrew’ launcher using the Cubic Ninja game and now he has released ‘regionFOUR’ which allows you to play any 3DS game from any region on your handheld even if it is the latest New3DS model running the latest 9.7 firmware, of course as long as you still have own the now very rare and costly Cubic Ninja to launch the special QR code. Quote: > What is regionFOUR

consoledemonNintendo 3DS exploit makes handheld region-free
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Teen is sentenced for possession of Nintendo drugs

Court hears he had been at Ronnie’s Bar, the night before his arrest, handing out ‘Nintendo’ pills. Officers had been called to the event at Ronnie�s after a number of youngsters became unwell due to ingesting illegal �Nintendo� pills, the hearing was told.

consoledemonTeen is sentenced for possession of Nintendo drugs

Beagle quickly tackles the Xbox One controller

Firmwares from the XB1 controller have been dumped via the Beagle 480 Recently, some progress has been made in the slow-moving Xbox One scene, with finally a successful dump has been made of Beagle 480 talking to the Xbox One controller during a firmware update.

consoledemonBeagle quickly tackles the Xbox One controller

Darknet 4.66 CEX v1.01 [Cobra edition]

Darkjiros has released a new edition of his cfw to improve the compatibilty, mainly fixing the games via stage2.bin(recently released by deank) that caused problems on 4.66 cfw.Read the full changelog below V1.01 ChangeLog:- Stage2 re-compiled (Fixed)- Check and fix path names with leading double forward slash (//)- Do not restrict game processes (EBOOT.BIN) and do some postprocessing (fixed at least 7 games/applications so far)- Fixed spoof offset for 4.66 (it will be needed next with the next fw version).

consoledemonDarknet 4.66 CEX v1.01 [Cobra edition]