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[Release] Swing Copters v1.0

Sandoron finally released his ready version of Swing Copters. The game has the following new features: This game is based on absolutely new PS3 LuaPlayer v5.2.3 (thanks 3141card (aka picard)), therefore:- Now the game has sound!- Also, you can safely exit the game using the PS button! [Download] Source

consoledemon[Release] Swing Copters v1.0
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[Update]PSNpatch v4.65.10 Released

The latest PSNpatch v4.65.10 has been released which includes a new process to detect the “real” IDPS for higher compatibility between different PS3 models and much more.Read the full changelog below. NOTE:To update psnpatch plugin, stealth extensions or version spoofing, install & run psnpatch homebrew once and follow on-screen instructions; Changelog[4.65.10] 13/10/2014* New process to detect the “real” IDPS was added for higher compatibility between different PS3 models (*)* “Real” and “Current” IDPS are always displayed after CFW has been disabled in any firmware version.* Reviewed the installation and removal handling for “XMB add-ons for webman”.* Some small user interface adjustments.* Both psnpatch homebrew app and plugin were updated.Thanks to @kokotonix for all the Updates Source and Full Thread @PS3HaxDownload You can also Donate and Help KW to buy his PS4 through this PayPAl link

consoledemon[Update]PSNpatch v4.65.10 Released
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Vib Ribbon is back for the PS3 and Vita

Sony released Vib Ribbon (in NA, Europe to be launched this month as well), an old original Playstation classic for PS3 and Vita. The original game was never released in North America, being this a debut on the continent. For those of you unfamiliar with such game, Vib Ribbon is a rythm-action game, from the developers of PaRappa the Rapper that featured a vibrant retro-like style and turned any music CD into a set of unique levels.

consoledemonVib Ribbon is back for the PS3 and Vita
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[Release] Hybrid Manager v1.00

BillGates (not to be confused with William Gates III) has realeased his Iris Manager fork that he now calls Hybrid Manager as demanded by Estwald. This version features full Mamba support, altered fan control and pre-configured discless settings.

consoledemon[Release] Hybrid Manager v1.00

Sony announces to shut down Playstation Home by March 21st, 2015

  After the announcement of closure in Asia, the virtual 3D social gaming platform developed by Sony Computer for Playstation 3, released in 2008, is also announced to close down in the rest of the world. Content will cease to be released in November 12th of this year and the service will stop at March 21st, 2015. Until then, Sony promises to give free content to users.

consoledemonSony announces to shut down Playstation Home by March 21st, 2015
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Playstation TV (a.k.a. Playstation Vita TV) release dates confirmed for UK and US

Sony Playstation TV, also known as Playstation Vita TV in Asia, will finally be released in North America and Europe, with announced dates of October 14th and November 14th , respectively. The dates were firstly announced back on August 12h, with now reconfirmation from Sony. The console will enter the marked with a launch price of $99 (about €77.4 or £60.6) in the US and £84.99 (about €108.5 or $138.7) in the UK

consoledemonPlaystation TV (a.k.a. Playstation Vita TV) release dates confirmed for UK and US

[RELEASE] DARKNET Cobra 4.65 V1.00 by Joonie86

DARKNET today updated their CFW to include Cobra support with work done by Joonie86 to implement Cobra features and more! Cobra 7.00 implemented! Cobra Toggle which supports: Gamesonic Manager, IrisMAN & WebMAN

consoledemon[RELEASE] DARKNET Cobra 4.65 V1.00 by Joonie86
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Introducing the XBook ONE

First off let me start by saying NO that is not a typo and NO this is not a knock off. Its an Xbox One laptop case mod. Known laptop mod maker Ed Zarick has managed to shy away from making 360 laptops by making an Xbox One laptop, and he’ll make you one….

consoledemonIntroducing the XBook ONE