[Released]New method for Use Cheat Codes

Today BahumatLord From PSX-SCENE ,Released An New And Simple methode For Use Cheat Codes
in This methode,You must Download A custom disc backup that has a graphical interface for installing all of the cheat pkg files Released.
You will only need to download the main disc backup once. All future updates will be able to be applied by simple drag-and-drop in windows.
There is also a txt file at the root of the disc backup that can be loaded in multiMAN’s File Manager that shows you what most of these cheats will do and how to use them.
in below,there is a large (1 gig) download.

You will only have to download once. Future updates will be much smaller and applied to the original download very easily
Treat this like any other backup disc. just drop it in your GAMES folder and load from multiMAN

Video and pictures of the program: