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[Editorial] There’s always a hack (way), thing is you got to (find) pay for it:

I think, many scene communities which main goal is to further investigate and deliver *Easy-to-follow* articles of that console features and what you can possibly do and what you can’t do.
Quickly get sidetracked by the urge of NOT learning more about that device itself, but focusing even more by entering into endless debates about piracy vs devs wich dedicate their time to bring some new things to expand that device capabilities.

We often measure progress by new releases or use the same criteria to say that the scene is currently stuck and *dead*.
But..we are not lying to ourselves?.

I would agree with a dead scene, if the console is declared officialy *dead* by the company; with no more support nor anything left to explore and yeah, i’m talking about PS3. (After all this is PS3HAX).
But there’s much more than meets the eye and yet we still fail in certain degree, to accept it as it is and forget as quick as we can about it.

Curiosity and Learning process:

From early age. I managed to open up old radios to see if there were little people trapped in there. Same concept as old TV’s and many other things.
That made me a *destroyer* but if you want to learn. You gotta know what’s inside. Specially with trial and error methods.
When i noticed that the old radio didn’t work anymore, i kept digging into that’s device *corpse* to get even more details of what i just *killed*.
Little people won’t talk anymore and that primal instintic that everyone has, of trying to bring them back to life.
After several fu@$! ups, i managed to fix it. (or partially). Just to disassemble and fu@$! it yet again.

So that’s a basic example of how trial & error works.
You try and you fail and you surely will keep failing until you will learn something new.
Back in time we had no wikis or proper documents nor the time. Because let’s face it, if someone gave you a fuc!$ up old radio. Less you wanted was to read about it.
You wanted to play with that thing with some old batteries.

So what i’ve said above is someway connected to the following.

3K/4K models, the infamous unhackeables:

$ony *noticed* about hardware flashers existence and decided to stop users from using this *cruel* method like open up your PS3, flash your NOR or NAND with a huge fail ratio. By creation 2 more new series.
Those god-forsaken 3000 with better plastic, less *fax noises and cracking* and those Super Slim (4000 series) with even uglier, cheap plastic and awfull aesthetics compared to older models.

Those who ventured and opened a 3K model thinking they could downgrade it, they learned something about PS3 hardware. By noticing AFTER mess with the console and asking for help in forums.
That there’s a huge site full of documents/tutorials and pics of motherboards and to finally realize that they messed up pretty bad.
Psdeviwiki is a pr0n site for hardware lovers and software alike, plus a fully functional compass to those ones who want to get even deeper into the rabbit hole. (no pun intended)

Lesson learned, now let’s move on.

Why $ony released 2 more series?:

They want your money, but sadly as those two new series came out. Other problems from older series were *solved* while others continued to happen.
If you give a deep thought about this, they could just released a 3K series with big improvs instead of making another PS3 with bigger HDD’s.
But from a marketing view, like i said they like money and what better way to make 2 more consecutive series even *cheaper* than Phats and those golden 2K (2000).
By doing that, covering a wider spectrum of future costumers, delivering a cheap product; which is not so expensive. That will last probably 2 years. After a severe hardware failure.

$ony understood they messed up:

Sony knew about Phat and 2K series heat issues too, but also they needed to *redesign* those two new series to justify production costs and final price tag.
Plus to avoid at all costs, any kind of external not licensed devices to be installed inside of it.
As you may notice, yet again. Sony policies towards those *hacking* their precious entertainment system. Is an iron one.

But many things appeared out of the blue several times, DRM devices which allowed piracy and yet the company decided to do nothing about it. Just ignore them.
After all they needed several consoles in the market which could run unsigned code.
By cutting manufacture process of older models, they pushed costumers to buy their new series.
Meanwhile those smart enough, which wanted to know a little more about it. They could perform some proper research online and start to look for the hackeables.
Even paying higher prices compared to the new ones, just to have CFW/Homebrews.

They dislike devs but ignore piracy issues?:

ODE’s, raison d’etre is the last bastion to partially understand how $ony handles certain situations.
Why?: As many other articles i’ve done. I stated the same over and over again.
Even if they dislike the idea of piracy and many loyal costumers b1tch about them, they needed to turn those *unhackeables* into something more.

You can agree or just label me as a loco, but they need piracy as pretty much every other big company out there.
They will show a pantomime and some elaborated speech on how piracy harms the industry.
But i bet that they get some % of that money.
Specially with ODE devices being sold, today.

Think this situation this way:

1) They create 2 new series. 3K/4K which both doesn’t *like* hardware flashers.
2) Also both of them are a little more *cheaper* than those older ones.
3) They will not create 2 more NEW series of PS3′s, there’s no need.

So if you want to run backups AND have limited hombrews capabilities, instant response is to get an ODDE.
Funny though, what you could expend while getting an ODDE for your 3K/4K model. For that price, you could get a used older PS3 slim model or phat. Which you could use CFW/Homebrews.
That constant battle is almost never-ending in some threads.

As this situation progresses, devs are not *liked* by the company. A clear sign is the appearance of this device.
Which ironically could be installed with less hassle than a Hardware flasher.

By allowing that to happen or just ignore it because after all they need a final response to deal with piracy issues.
There’s not ENOUGH room for devs to work with new things.
Even if we see sporadic releases from those devs we grew to *love* in some way.

$ony clearly doesn’t give a flying fu@$ about creativity and letting creative minds to cope or even improve PS3, capabilities.
They want the product as it is, as it was ment to be. Just another entertainment system.

My question is why?:

How come this *companies* with some people with jobs are 100% dedicated to bypass security measures, just to run backups.
I can understand they have many broken consoles or enough raw material to test it. Yet, they choose for a piece of hardware to make that happen.
It’s the only way?. I honestly doubt it.

As the time passes, more and more i convince myself that there’s no *key to open all doors* but there are ways to make those unhackables and even older series.
To run unsigned code, without too much hassle.
Also PS3 devs, raison d’etre is to explore as much as they can and push the system to the limits.

At this point many will say, well *those who work with ODE devices* have a job, meanwhile devs make apps for hobby.
Greed vs Passion.
I can understand totally that point.

But i feel (virtually) that’s theres something more than we think and we are close to it, but we are blinding ourselves with other issues.
Also i noticed, this is just a personal appreciation: that since ODDE appeared. Some devs decided to focus on improvise that device manager.
Proably due by seeing many users switching to an easier yet expensive solution, like emulation.

Plus some other *new devs* releasing week after week a *new* CFW. Which compared to 2013, we have almost nothing today CFW related.

Final words:

Yes, this is another long and boring editorial made by me. (lol)
Showing quite the obvious and kinda dissapointed by seeing some great devs, giving up and getting tired sometimes of their own projects.
Maybe nostalgia struck a nerve or just that massive virtual silence that reigns over some PS3 scene communities.

Seeing the Wii-u thread makes me explode in anger sometimes, even companies lost all kind of respect towards their costumers.
Nintendo seems the only one to be a constant battle with their ingenuity.

So one way or another, we are going back to the basics.
Just trying to find more flaws which we have psdevwiki, fully documented and many other resources.
But the lack of interest is too damn high in trying to change this situation.

Unless….Nevermind, that’s not gonna happen.

Excuse me for this long post.
I will get back to work.



Image LCoVZnC.jpg

SonicMAN v2.01 Released

A new update is out for SonicMAN, another MM fork for CobraODE users by Mussonero. In this latest release, the latest version of Showtime is included as well as bug fixes.

About SonicMAN

This is not an official version of Multiman which has been developed starting from the very old source code that you can find on the net. We started to make a version of ode since the multiman for CFW is already perfect and we got excellent results

SonicMan Version 2.1- April 15

Small fix for creating ISO file and showtime update

SonicMan Version 2.0

Added a method to extract the Zip file with more than one folder to internal
Added support to create ISO image of the games with new method and API
Fix memory, more stability
ShowTime updated, you no longer need a pen-usb, if you use SonicmangerV2.0

[Download] [Source]

Image ShFgIIe.jpg

300,000 Members :D

Well it appears we have went past the 300,000 member mark, there was less than 8000 people when i joined and around 100,000 a month before PS Jailbreak was released, then it all kicked off and we gained a huge amount of members, i started to slow down quite a lot around a year and a half after PS Jailbreak.

So a thank you to all the members who have joined, than you to all the members who have contributed to the forum and those who still do, than you to all the developers who have released their applications on the forum, thank you to all those that have given tips and “leaks” via PM

And a personal thank you to all the trolls, who made me determined to continue on providing to the forum.

Perhaps we will get up to 600,000 when the PS4 is hacked :)

Capture Creator Update out now for GTA Online: Strategy ways to avoid boredom.

GTA online got a nice update which is live now, ready for you to download.
What’s this about?, a little of strategy while playing GTA online with Capture creator. You can place place pick-ups, define weaponry and many other things.
Rockstar also released a .PDF file to help you to get started.

To quote:

GTA Online’s Capture Creator Update is now available as planned, Rockstar Games has announced.

Using the new Capture Creator players can strategically place pick-ups, define weaponry, location and many other variables to make their own unique Capture Job.

Rockstar has released a PDF guide to help get you started at creating Capture Jobs.

To encourage players to give the new creation tool a try, this weekend Rockstar is giving four creators the opportunity to win $GTA1,000,000 and the exclusive in-game CAPTURE license plate in the #CaptureWeekendAwards.

And if that’s not enough, the 2X GTA$ and RP period that was originally scheduled to end today is being extended until the end of Sunday, April 20.

PDF Guide


Image SDXC.JPG.jpg

[EDITORIAL] The Things They Told Us Would Happen to Video Games As Kids

The things they told us as kids that would happen to video games, and how far we’ve come. Very far. Below I give you a list of things I’ve been told (as well as things you may have heard) and how far we’ve come since these concepts being just figment of imagination.


Sure, when we were told this, we were already playing games like Duck Hunt with a light gun controller, so technically, that was already done. But we were told that it would become more complicated than this. For example, in 2003, Sony, with collaboration from Logitech, released the Eye Toy, a webcam like device that can track your movements and translate them into the gameplay (those minigames that came with the Eye Toy often were fun) as well as take your picture and plaster it over a created character. (ex: Tony Hawk’s Underground) It was technologies like this that helped propel now existing technologies like Kinect and the successor to the Eye Toy, the Playstation Eye (and the new PS4 version as well.) Then there were games like Gran Turismo that supported a steering wheel, Dance Dance Revolution which supported a Dance pad (which was also technically seen before during the NES days) and a Skate Board-esque device with “Tony Hawk’s Ride.” not to mention the Nintendo Wii made a point with this often times with its unique controller design that resembled a remote. Plus with Project Morpheus/Occulus Rift, we see games in a whole new world. Well, assuming Facebook does the right thing.


Sure, often times when you went to one of those ‘middle to high end’ hotels, they often times offered a chance to let you stream Mortal Kombat into your room at an extortionate rate, which is why chances are your parents usually said “No, Thanks.” But your parents did warn you “Someday this will be the norm in the household. We currently don’t have something that can stream console games, but we will soon via PlayStation Now. For now, our cable set top boxes sometimes let us stream low bandwidth games just like the hotels in our heyday did (yet my STB doesn’t offer me Mortal Kombat, but I digress) and we DO have services like OnLive for PC games.




Now that flash media isn’t as expensive to produce as it was during the N64 days, can hold more, and has better durability over CD based media, its no wonder why Sony used flash based media for the PSVita, why the DS lines for Nintendo still use cartridges as well, and why people just use memory cards like SD, Memory Stick, M2 etc to store plenty of games. Blu Ray discs can hold over 50GB, but I HAVE seen 2TB SD cards. Plus the read speed compared to CD media is no comparison. Cartridges are here to stay. THEN AGAIN….


Why buy software that takes up physical space when you can stream it? Or download it. And believe me, Steam has made a killing on download only games. Hell, some companies chose to release their games digitally only. Even though it was a failure, the PSPgo was marketed for download only. There’s advantages to having physical copies (less space taken up in a hard drive, less bandwidth consumed) but as far as BluRay technology has come, some people have sworn off physical altogether, making all these advances to Bluray discs arguably obsolete.


Starting with the PS2, our consoles were DVD players on the side. And our parents LOVED THIS.  I didn’t so much at the time. I wanna f**kin play, why do you have to watch your movie now? But why buy a DVD player AND a gaming system when you could save money and get an ALL-IN-ONE. Sure right now a DVD player AND a BluRay player can be bought for next to nothing, but at the time of the PS2′s release, DVD players were EXPENSIVE. Our consoles come with a lot of the features of a standard player, such as support for Surround Sound devices, that it’s becoming normal for a gaming system to find home in EVERYONE’S living room. You can even buy a remote for them, or in the case of HDMI Sync, you can control the console with your TV remote. Plus, they can play CD’s, MP3′s, can stream music from PC’s or the internet, can watch Netflix, sporting events. the Xbox One cashed in on this. Although for the time being both the PS4 and the XBOX ONE backpedaled and don’t support MP3 or CD’s, but time will tell.


You were told this when chances are you were still discovering the internet on your PC. with the Sega Saturn in Japan, through external attachments, it was possible to play online. This technology was later introduced elsewhere with the successor, Sega Dreamcast, though also with an attachment. the Xbox hade native online support, but you had to pay. The PS2 needed an attachment at first, through a slot that Sony left in the unit “for a rainy day” but as time went on, The Slim line units had an Ethernet port built in. the Xbox 360 again had paid online, but retained Ethernet only. The Wii and PS3 were the first to have wifi built in.


We all loved Snake, the game where you chase a dot and grow and grow and grow. But now we can play GTA San Andreas on our phones. The only thing we cant do is play Mario games. Well, we can, but without Nintendo’s blessing, anyway.


Remember the 8 bit era? Such fond memories. And remember how cartoony everything was during the PSX/N64 era? Some games go for realism. graphics have become so complex that now its almost like looking in the mirror. Its like watching a movie. It’s beautiful.

We’ve had a lot of advances to our consoles, and its been fun. But there still is ONE idea I have heard will happen, but hasn’t happened. And I await it…


Remember in 2012 when Tupac “came back to life” at Coachella? Like that. Holograms will be controllable. Imagine it like this, you’re palying Mortal Kombat on a plain surface, you just made your friend’s hologram Subzero a burn victim via hologram Scorpion’s “Toasty!” fatality. This is the only thing I have left to see that I was told would happen. So, anybody have any thoughts? Additions? Sound off.

Image Apa9XCc.png

IrisMAN v2.93-11 Released – PSP Support!

The latest version of IrisMAN is here, and brings PSP ISO support for those on Cobra CFW.  Apart from that your usual bug fixes, overall improvements and GUI updates.

IRISMAN 2.93-11: [Update - APR/8/14]

  • Added PSP ISO support on Cobra CFW (thanks to master deank for webMAN’s source code)
  • Added fix game option to File Manager menu (fix error 80010009 on games that require a higher fw version)
  • Added “Refresh Game List” option to Global Menu (SELECT+R3)
  • Minor tweaks to the GUI

[Source and Download]

Eboot Hacker v1.0.2 Released

Here is a new tool for a change. flynhigh09 has release a simple PS3 tool he calls Eboot Hacker that allows you to modify any eboot with specific cheat codes.

I get alot of requests for eboot codes so been working on tool too mod your eboot with cheat codes or you can add your own on last page.. Will be adding more maybe seeing how it goes wanna get some feedback.. If want a game added just ask if theres codes available for the game…

Note: Eboots must be in folder for it to build the eboot.. Also will work on other Elfs but needs to be Named EBOOT.ELF if using main tab, Ghosts tab reads default_mp.elf


Coders – Codes found
Tustin – Ghosts Eboot source

More updates on his thread here.

5 Year Old Bypasses Xbox One Parental Security

When i first seen the title
“5-year-old cracks Xbox One security by discovering simple flaw”
my immediate thought was that my news reader was slow on showing me an April Fools joke, but no, there was no joke, just over sensationalized headlines and news reporters over hyping a minor flaw and making it out to be something huge, as in the consoles actual security has been hacked.

What has actually happened is that a 5 year old boy, discovered a bug in the Xbox One System, that lets you bypass the parental password of the Xbox One, by pressing space a few times and pressing enter, now I’m not taking anything away from this kid, i think it’s awesome that he has discovered this failing by Microsoft, that could have cost a lot of parents charges on the Xbox Live accounts, all I’m saying is that main stream media seem to have hyped this into something that it isn’t or I’m just salty that i thought it was more than it was by misleading headlines, anyhow, here is a quote from the source:

Just after Christmas, Kristoffer’s parents noticed he was logging into his father’s Xbox Live account and playing games he wasn’t supposed to be.

“I got nervous. I thought he was going to find out,” said Kristoffer.

In video shot soon after, his father, Robert Davies, is heard asking Kristoffer how he was doing it.

A suddenly excited Kristoffer showed Dad that when he typed in a wrong password for his father’s account, it clicked to a password verification screen. By typing in space keys, then hitting enter, Kristoffer was able to get in through a back door.

Kristoffers’ father, who works in computer security, was one proud papa. His first reaction? “How awesome is that!” Davies said. “Just being 5 years old and being able to find a vulnerability and latch onto that. I thought that was pretty cool.”


You can watch the video via the source link or here on YouTube.