PS2: 4:3 to 16:9 Wide screen hack with Codebreaker

Still playing around with the good ole’ PS2? A modder known as “reprep” has managed to unlock games at 4:3 ratio to 16:9 via Codebreaker cheat system.

To quote:

Lately on PCSX2 forums widescreen hacks for playstation 2 games started to emerge.

They are done by built-in game cheat option of pcsx2.

you can easily go to the thread by googling “pcsx2 widescreen game patches”

A user on that thread implied it can be done on real ps2 too.

I tried codes for final fantasy x and after a long struggle i finally managed to enable this widescreen hack on a real console.

the PNACH files of pcsx2 contain RAW codes. Codebreaker 9.3 accepts raw codes as long as the master code is raw (not CB encrypted) too.

You can google the game id to find the master code and get the widescreen raw code from the pcsx2 thread i mentioned above. There are ways to manually find these widescreen codes but i don’t have enough info on the subject.

The aim of this thread is to find out how many of these codes can be used on a real PS2, as they are discovered on pcsx2 and meant to be used on an emulator.

I have confirmed FF X NTSC-J International to be one of them.

A working game report should be like

A) Name and id of the game

B) What program used (For example Codebreaker 9.3 (HDL patched) etc)

C) The launching method of the game (Original disc, backup with help of modchip, ESR backup, OPL, HDL)

D) The code layout

I will find the working codes and add them to the first post.

EDIT: I noticed i didn’t explain this hack properly. It makes originally 4:3 games, 16:9. But it is real 16:9 not just stretching 4:3 to 16:9 like TVs do. There might be some glitches or some static backgrounds might stay in 4:3, but so far FFX looks good and the screenshots for other games i saw were great.

 [VIA PSX-Scene]