Kmeaw: Dual-Boot Custom Firmware Coming Soon?

Recently, there has been alot of chatter on various sites ever since Graf_Chokolo released his petitboot tools which all tho very complex and only for true PS3 experts, allows for your PS3 to branch out to different boot-up paths during start-up! :D

Now, Kmeaw (world-famous now for releasing the most-stable PS3 v3.55 Custom Firmware with all the ever needed Jailbreaking patches already in place for the end-user!) has stepped in saying that he is also looking into this new dual-boot feature, but wants to know if there would be a high enough demand for it! :dance:


I was thinking of a CFW that has bootOS integrated so it gets executed when you power on your PS3 (and switches back to GameOS on user’s request via menu or ssh). It’s not hard to make it.

But recently I read graf’s announcement that he is going to accomplish the same task. So I don’t know, if such CFW from me would get any demand.

Also I got bootos-installer and lv2patcher patches from an anonymous hacker who have added 3.15/3.41 support. I’m going to merge them into my code and release the next version.

If you have any ideas about what would you like to have, please tell me.

So if you can’t follow Graf’s petitboot HOW-TO, you may be in luck if Kmeaw comes thru for all your whining PS3 owners again! :-pray:

But remember those thinking these new directions will lead to having a OFW v3.60 and CFW v3.55 are totally barking up the wrong tree! :rant:

News Source: Kmeaw’s Upcoming CFW – It does Dual Boot Too (via) PS3Crunch

Thanks to AlexDC22 for submitting the news last night during my total power-outage!