iHas B Having No More!

For those being c4eva faithful, his iXtreme Burner Max firmware should be one of your best friends by now. Alongside the DVDs and apps should be a Liteon iHas Rev B drive that’s responsible for burning proper XGD3 games. If it’s not there, you want to hurry up and get one as they have been discontinued.

This is of significance as the iHas Rev C drives, the replacement to the Rev Bs, have been confirmed to be not flashable with a custom firmware. If you’ve been sitting out on getting one of those drives, now is the time to make your move as prices are going up. Before you know it, they will all be gone.

I did some searching around and found iHas B drives still available from Amazon. Remember that you will need a drive with a “B” chipset. “A” and “Y” chipsets will not work with the firmware. You can read up on the differences here.

Source: Team Xecuter