How Hot Does The PS4 Get ?

We all know that electronics get hot, the only way of telling how hot they really are is my measuring their temperature and one of these methods is by using a Thermal Camera and as these images show, the result is quite impressive:

The first image shows the console in a vertical position, having and the firmware updated:

 photo Verticle1_zps6962d397.jpg

The second image shows the PS4 in a vertical position, after being on for 30 minutes and playing Killzone:

 photo Verticle2_zpsffe1872b.jpg

The third and fourth images, shows the PS4 in a horizontal position, with 20 minutes of Killzone gameplay between

 photo Horizontal1_zps997c3fea.jpg

 photo Horizontal2_zpse014c984.jpg

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Thanks Euss :)