Have No Fear, Digital Downloads Aren’t Here!

With big retail companies like GAME going down the drain, surely it’s only a matter of time until digital downloads take over…right? Although it should really be an amazing part of life to gradually revolutionise what we own, some of us don’t always like what is new or in this case, don’t need it.

Digital downloads are great but why do big companies like Sony insist on them eventually replacing the conventional disc? It seemed inevitable when rumours were floating around about the Vita having digital games only, people were starting to panic. No one wants to wait to download games, especially if they have slow internet connection. Luckily for us, they didn’t allow digital downloads to take over and now hard copies of games remain ever popular, this was a wise choice by Sony. What about Microsoft though?

Well ladies and gentlemen, have no fear. According to recent reports from the Microsoft camp, the ‘Xbox 720’ will not be digital only. That’s right, Microsoft will follow in Sony’s footsteps and although there were threats of digital games to be the only access to next generation entertainment, it would appear that the idea has now fallen through due to a lack of support from fans.

However as I mentioned earlier, with the collapse of one of the world’s biggest gaming retailers, will physical game copies be able to survive the long term? I guess only time will tell.

Let me know your thoughts.