China Finally Gets To The Kinect

It comes to no surprise that knock offs of popular video game devices are coming out of China. Last time I’ve heard of something, it was the YDPG18. What is China cooking up this time?

It’s dubbed the iGame Move and like everything else, it’s a bloody 32-bit videogame system that’s packed with games. Immediately, you can see the lack of originality with the Apple styled name, and then the addition of Move. Oh yeah, let’s copy Microsoft’s product and take a piece of Apple and Sony with us. We’re all such a roll.

The iGame Move is expected to make its way to this side of the world for the knock off price of $25. Look’s like I’m going to be making a trip out to Chinatown real soon to find this thing. Did we mention that it has a camera as well?

Source: Engadget