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Microsoft Giving Away 21 Collectible Xbox One Consoles

At San Diego Comic Con 2014 Next Week – July 24th – 27th Microsoft is going to be bringing 21 limited edition Xbox One consoles to San Diego Comic Con 2014 taking place next week, featuring current and upcoming games, and some of the Xbox partners. Microsoft is trying to pull in some Xbox fans to the next Comic-Con by releasing limited edition consoles there, a whole lot of 21 different looks for their Xbox One console.

consoledemonMicrosoft Giving Away 21 Collectible Xbox One Consoles
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Buy me Xbox Games, or I will release ‘porn’ of you

A JILTED Wigan teenager has admitted launching a revenge porn plot against an ex-girlfriend The 19-year-old’s admission to blackmail came after he threatened to distribute sexy photos of the former partner to her family and friends after she dumped him – unless she bought him Xbox games.

consoledemonBuy me Xbox Games, or I will release ‘porn’ of you
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Microsoft To Gut European Xbox Operation

The Xbox European operation, is reported going to see reductions amounting to 75% of total staff Following yesterday’s announcement signaling the start of 18,000 layoffs including the closure of Xbox Entertainment Studios, it has emerged that the European Xbox operation is headed for large cuts! Microsoft new CEO is busy swinging his chopping axe, and we already reported on the fact Xbox Entertainment Studios is closing, which will cause an end to original Xbox TV-style programming, but now we get a report that Xbox Europe is being heavily reduced, with over 75% of staff losing their jobs, and remaining 25% having to fight among themselves to keep their the jobs that are still left. Quote: A source told MCV last night that as many as 75 per cent of full time Xbox EMEA roles in Reading were being cut – with staff having to reapply for the remaining 25 per cent of roles.

consoledemonMicrosoft To Gut European Xbox Operation
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Microsoft to Shutter Xbox Entertainment Studios

Current TV projects for Xbox in progress will be finished, then the studio will be shutdown Microsoft will shut down the Xbox Entertainment Studios, ending an ambitious foray into original video programming. We mentioned last week that the new CEO in charge of Microsoft would be making some of largest job cuts in their history in over 5 years, and there will be some core sections getting the axe in the Xbox division. Well now we got the news and memo of the first axe chop by the new CEO, and it going to ‘Xbox Originals’ dept.

consoledemonMicrosoft to Shutter Xbox Entertainment Studios
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Xbox One Sales ‘More Than Double’ In June

But Microsoft Doesn’t Disclose Absolute Figures Today Microsoft announced that in June, sales of its Xbox One console ‘more than doubled.’ It did not release a concrete sales figure for the time period, disappointingly. We are still waiting for official NPD breakdown of USA sales figures for month of June, which is key month to study it was when Microsoft pushed out the Kinect-Less Xbox One at only $399, in the meantime MS has released their own PR bragging it is ‘Double then May’. Quote: Over the past month, we’ve seen a strong spike in interest in our Xbox One console options, including the new $399 offering, and the amazing lineup of games announced during E3.

consoledemonXbox One Sales ‘More Than Double’ In June
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Microsoft Admits Japan ‘Hasn’t Always Been the Easiest’ Market for Xbox

Xbox boss Phil Spencer says it will be ‘good to launch’ XB1 in September and have a place at Tokyo Game Show Head of Xbox Phil Spencer admitted that the Xbox brand has not been a top-performer in Japan, but said this isn’t keeping him from looking forward to the Xbox One’s launch in the region come September Even tho Sony is having a tough time with their home turf of Japan in selling next-gen PS4 consoles, Microsoft thinks they just might be able this time around to get a few Japanese customers into purchasing their American All-In-One Xbox console when it finally lands over there in September this year. Quote: A fan asked Spencer if Microsoft is looking at Sony’s own recent admission that the PlayStation 4 is only doing "OK" in Japan as an opportunity to "conquer Japan." Spencer replied: "We will be in Japan in September. Japan hasn’t always been the easiest market for us, will be good to launch and be at Tokyo Game Show." The Xbox One launches in Japan on September 4, while this year’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS) takes place September 18-21

consoledemonMicrosoft Admits Japan ‘Hasn’t Always Been the Easiest’ Market for Xbox
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Boys raped 10-year-old girl while playing on Xbox

Two schoolboys who raped a 10-year-old girl have escaped being jailed today – because they are so young! Court Case for the two schoolboys that were just 12 and 13 when they carried out a sex attack on the young girl while playing on an Xbox is finally over, and sadly no jail-time for the young rapists. We reported, on this horrible sad case of young girl getting raped by two young boys after they invited her over to play Xbox games about 2 years ago and now their court case is finally over for the pair of young Xbox gaming rapists

consoledemonBoys raped 10-year-old girl while playing on Xbox
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Netflix crashes on Xbox, and Knife Fight starts!

Penn State student jailed for allegedly pulling knife on roommate in X-Box dispute Penn State University Park police say Ryland Smith pulled out a knife and threatened his roommate after the X-Box they were using stopped working.

consoledemonNetflix crashes on Xbox, and Knife Fight starts!
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‘We don’t hate Xbox fans,’ says Bungie

‘We make games here at Bungie. We love the people who play them equally.’ Bungie has once again taken to the internets to rebuff on-going complaints that it doesn’t like Xbox fans any more, having signed a timed DLC and beta access exclusivity partnership with Sony. With still a week to go before Xbox finally gets a taste of Destiny from Bungie in a form of a ‘beta’, fans of Bungie from the Halo days are still upset that everyone owning an Sony PlayStation has already played the ‘beta’ and bragged about it and posted videos, leaving Xbox owners butt-hurt and with second-hand ‘leftovers’ and nothing to brag about next week when the beta finally starts for them.

consoledemon‘We don’t hate Xbox fans,’ says Bungie
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Xbox One now supports try-before-you-buy demos

Finally, a feature from Xbox 360 years on your XB1 The latest update for Xbox One has added the means to download the demo of a game and then unlock its full version, a quiet upgrade that independent developers in particular may start using. For long time now on your Xbox 360 you could try out indie games as trial before you purchase them, but on the Xbox One you could not download any demos, but with recent dashboard update this month, Microsoft has silently turned on the ‘demo’ feature on XB1

consoledemonXbox One now supports try-before-you-buy demos