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XB1 is about to become movie pirates’ best friend

Microsoft continues to outpace Sony with another huge Xbox One update Microsoft announced a huge new update to the Xbox One on Tuesday and it included a full-scale video player capable of supporting just about any kind of file you can think of including, MKV containers! At Gamescom, Sony only teased that new ‘user interface’ is coming this fall with their PS4 updates, but Microsoft turned up the heat by announcing their Xbox One is getting a ton of more ‘features’ in series of updates thru-out the rest of year. With the big one that they going to allow you to basically throw at it any media file you can think of, in their dream of making Xbox One the ‘all-in-one’ thingie attached your big screen living room TV, to compete against the battle of small little streaming xmbc-type boxes that people have now wired up to their connected household to watch all those ‘pirated’ movies, tv shows you always deny you have until you figure out that your new friends that you invited over to house are cool like you are, and not going slap you down with lawsuit for watching ‘Expendables 3′

consoledemonXB1 is about to become movie pirates’ best friend
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Microsoft loses $400m on the Xbox One

Microsoft spent $2.1 billion on the production and launching of the Xbox One console Microsoft has announced that its latest games console, the Xbox One, has lost the company over $400 million since its release in November. Microsoft has spend a ton of money in marketing and production costs for their Xbox One Launch, and as such the annual report for the last year shows that XB1 has produced them a loss of $400 million. Quote: Posted in their annual earnings report for 2014, figures from Microsoft show that an increase in production and advertising costs brought about by the launch of the Xbox One had been responsible for the company’s losses

consoledemonMicrosoft loses $400m on the Xbox One
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Xbox One transforms into a Digital TV Tuner for 40 bucks

Microsoft is pushing ahead with their ‘All-In-One’ idea for Xbox One consoles, at least in Europe Microsoft no stranger trying to bring live TV to Xbox One just announced that it will release a new Digital TV Tuner USB adapter to its video game console. Even tho Xbox One has not been doing very well in Europe compared to the PS4, Microsoft says the most requested feature is still ‘TV’ and are moving ahead with their original ‘All-In-One’ box idea and are releasing the Digital TV Tuner for XB1 owners in Europe & UK. Quote: The digital TV tuner will connect to European Xbox One easily using a USB port turning the console into a TV set-top box.

consoledemonXbox One transforms into a Digital TV Tuner for 40 bucks
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10 Years Later: Xbox Murders

Mother of victim wants people to remember her daughter Ten years ago today, six people were found beaten to death inside a Deltona home, in one of the worst mass murders in Central Florida history.

consoledemon10 Years Later: Xbox Murders
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Evolve Delayed For Xbox One, PS4, PC To 2015

Evolve Delayed Until 2015 After Being Positioned as 2014’s ‘Defining’ Xbox One/PS4 Game Take-Two Interactive has made it known in their latest financial results for the first quarter that Evolve has been pushed back from its fall season release to an early 2015 launch on February 10th. Another AAA+ game title that everyone been waiting for this holiday season has been pushed over to early 2015, leaving us with even less games now to play on our next-gen consoles after unwrapping them on Christmas Day. Quote: The news comes courtesy of the public press release of Take-Two Interactive’s financials for the first quarter over on Business Wire

consoledemonEvolve Delayed For Xbox One, PS4, PC To 2015
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Xbox One price cut was posted ‘in error’, says Microsoft

Viewing Microsoft’s Spanish Site in Mobile Skin shows XB1 being only $349 instead of $399 A spokesperson for Microsoft has told TechRadar that the €349.99 Xbox One listing was made ‘in error’ and that there are no plans to cut the current price Earlier today, if you viewed Xbox One Spanish site on your mobile device you would see that XB1 is now only $349, and that started a whirlwind of rumors that Microsoft has decided to cut the price so they could finally start outselling the PS4 console. But now, Microsoft says the new price was posted ‘in error’, which is leaving us with more rumors that now Microsoft is going to announce an official price cut at Gamescon next week in Germany on August 12th, which over in Europe is even bigger then the E3 in USA for releasing news and games and other info, so it would be perfect place and time for Microsoft to announce a $50 Xbox One Price Cut.

consoledemonXbox One price cut was posted ‘in error’, says Microsoft
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Xbox One’s high price in China draws complaints

$200 more than in the U.S.A. — Would-be customers made their displeasure known online Microsoft’s Xbox One is poised to be, the first foreign game console to debut in China, but as the local pricing was announced on Wednesday, the cries across the country could be heard over the price

consoledemonXbox One’s high price in China draws complaints
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EA Access offers top games on XB1 for $5 per month

EA Access wants to be the ‘Netflix’ model for video games EA has just announced it will launch a subscription service on XB1 that offers up a slew of EA games for one flat rate. EA Access will launch into beta today, but will soon be deployed to all XB1’ers.

consoledemonEA Access offers top games on XB1 for $5 per month
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Killer Instinct Classic 2 for XB1 details leaked

Outed by Game Rating Board via NeoGAF A Korean Game Rating Board submission named ‘Killer Instinct Classic 2′ as an upcoming release for the Xbox One, suggesting that Microsoft is planning a port of the 1996 arcade game Killer Instinct 2 Seems like the next Killer Instinct game from its famous Arcade era days is getting now also ported to the next-gen Xbox One console.

consoledemonKiller Instinct Classic 2 for XB1 details leaked