Wii U Games Showcase

Nintendo have released a video, showing quite a few upcoming games for the Wii U:

consoledemonWii U Games Showcase

Wii U System Update v5.1.1 Released

Nintendo have released a new update for the Wii U, which brings this version to 5.1.1, here is a quote of the changes: System stability improvements and other adjustments Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user’s experience. Source

consoledemonWii U System Update v5.1.1 Released

Member Selling Some Wii U Peripherals

PS3HaX member Egg ‘n’ chips is selling some Wii U peripherals and has asked if i could mention them here, as he cannot do so on PS3HaX draconian rules regarding selling products on the forum, this is a one off and i will not be doing it again, i am in no way connected with Egg ‘n’ chips, so i bare no responsibility with any transactions you do with him, any sales that take place, you do so at your own risk, if you do not feel safe buying from him, do not do it. These products are UK only and consist of: Wii U GamePad Silicon Shell, with in built stand

consoledemonMember Selling Some Wii U Peripherals

Ubisoft Will Make More Games For Wii U When The Console Sells More Units:

Ubisoft has been reticent about any new games coming to the Wii U beyond Watch Dogs, mostly because the company feels as if the console hasn’t tapped into a mass market of consumers, yet. Because of this, they don’t feel as if it’s worth investing into Nintendo’s console at the moment. Nintendo Everything picked up quotes from a recent interview in MCV’s latest issue, where they spoke with Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot and their European head, Alan Corre. One of the things that popped up in the topic was in relation to Ubisoft’s support for the Wii U – as some of you know, Electronic Arts is one of the top publishers who hasbasically abandoned Nintendo at this point. Guillemot was a little less averse to Nintendo’s console and cited that they needed to boost up the mass market appeal of the device first…  “If Wii U’s sales continue to multiply, it will quickly come to a mass market.

consoledemonUbisoft Will Make More Games For Wii U When The Console Sells More Units:
Image devilsthird.jpg

Devil’s Third: Why Tomonubu Itagaki chose the Wii U and what it means for the game’s violence

He’s one of the biggest names in Japanese game development and he’s betting it all on the Wii U. The visionary mind behind Devil’s Third, acclaimed Japanese game developer, Tomonobu Itagaki, walks into the small cubicle-like room tucked away in a quiet corner of Nintendo’s large E3 2014 booth. He glances up from his smartphone briefly, nods hello, removes his sunglasses and then moves towards a couch on the right side of the room, sprawling out comfortably across it, followed by his personal assistant and a translator from Nintendo.

consoledemonDevil’s Third: Why Tomonubu Itagaki chose the Wii U and what it means for the game’s violence

Wii U Browser Exploit Leads To Mario Kart 8 Hack ?

A group of guys have released a video showing modded tracks and other neat tricks, here is a quote from the video description: This work is based on the recently released browser exploit, and some additional code that Chadderz wrote to get arbitrary kernel reading and writing, to allow the browser to edit Mario Kart 8′s memory on-the-fly. All of this may not look impressive, but it’s merely because we don’t even know where to start; we can do anything now, anything at all! Custom tracks, custom songs, you name it.

consoledemonWii U Browser Exploit Leads To Mario Kart 8 Hack ?

[Update] UKey Images Released

Well it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to any of you, that i HATE ODDE devices, so i see this cancellation as good news, others may disagree with me and say it’s bad news, because its release might have forced the consoles hackers to release a software version. Anyhow, BobbyBangin posted the news on our site PS3HaX, here is a quote from his thread: Today I received a couple pictures of the Wii Ükey

consoledemon[Update] UKey Images Released

Cross Buy – Nintendo Slowly Pulling Their Finger Out ?

Sony have been doing cross buy for an extremely long time, buy a certain game on the PS3, play it on the PS Vita and PS4 at no extra cost, now it seems that Nintendo may be doing something similar. If you Squids Odyssey on the 3DS you will get the Wii U version for free, unfortunately this does not work in reverse, i suppose it is a small step in the right direction, though it is unknown if this is a one off or if Nintendo are slowly doing the right think.

consoledemonCross Buy – Nintendo Slowly Pulling Their Finger Out ?
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Wii U, Club Nintendo And Free Games Problem/Error

Around a month ago, i posted this article, which explains how to get a free game with Mario Kart 8, after i received my copy of Mario Kart 8, i registered it on my Club Nintendo account and waited the 48 hours it had suggested, but i received no info nor did i see the Mario Kart 8 Free Game promotional banner, i waited a couple of more days but still nothing, so i turned off Adblock Plus, refreshed my browser page and the banner popped up: Before After So nothing major, but if you are having a similar problem, turn of Adblock Plus

consoledemonWii U, Club Nintendo And Free Games Problem/Error