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Sony’s PS Vita ad in Japan is a ‘penis’ joke

Sales of the P(eni)S Vita haven’t been too great, even in the traditionally handheld market of Japan What better way to turn things around than to make a new ad for the unit that includes boys engaging in locker room comparison? Sony over in Japan has always been known for using wacky ways to sell their PlayStation brand, and again they are dropping their towels and pulling out your goods in a effort to get more Vita sales over the fact your buddies will be impressed that you have the biggest one. Quote: For the non-video viewers among you, the ad is the same joke reimagined for about a minute

consoledemonSony’s PS Vita ad in Japan is a ‘penis’ joke
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Indies, third-party games are increasingly Vita’s focus moving forward

PS Vita owners using handheld more as a PS4 companion device, says Sony Sony is beginning to look more toward indies, third-party developers and Remote Play to deliver gaming to the Vita, Shuhei Yoshida told Polygon in a recent interview. In recent interview with PolyGon, it seems Sony has decided to move it focus away from releasing any more AAA+ game titles on their Vita handheld, and leave it open to the indie and third-party market for new games, and more focus on its usage as ‘second-screen’ and ‘remote play’ device for their next-gen PlayStation 4 console owners. Quote: "When we launched PSP titles, a big talking point was PS2-quality games in your hands," Yoshida said

consoledemonIndies, third-party games are increasingly Vita’s focus moving forward
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Vita Pets launch trailer kicks off a canine adventure

PlayStation Vita Pets Out Today At Only $19.99 Sony is excited to finally unleash PlayStation Vita Pets. Check out the fetching launch trailer and you will see the reasons why you should get your paws on the game

consoledemonVita Pets launch trailer kicks off a canine adventure
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PlayStation Vita still hardware #1 in Japan

Yokai Watch for the 3DS scales to the top of the software chart For more then the second week in a row, Vita has been the king-of-the-hill in Japan, with sales above even the newly launched PlayStation 4, and pushing the previous #1, the 3DS down to a new low #3 Sony must be happy in Japan, their Vita handheld is finally taking off and out-selling the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, which some analysts are saying its due to the launch of the PlayStation 4, with alot of buyers picking up both systems at same time due to ‘remote play’.

consoledemonPlayStation Vita still hardware #1 in Japan