MGS5 Special Edition PS4 Has Small Typo

Your MGS5 PS4 is now worth ‘thousands’ of dollars!

There�s a typo stamped onto the MGS5 special edition PS4, but manufacturing errors seem to add value these days, so don�t despair if yours is one of them.

Time for your spelling bee contest winner takes all. — How do you spell the word ‘molybdenum’?

If your answer is ‘molybdeum’, with the N missing, which is wrong of course, you just might have won a few thousand bucks!


Well that if of course you lucky enough to have purchased one of the first batch of Metal Gear Solid 5 PS4 Special Edition consoles with the tiny tiny small typo imprinted on the console case, as you can now turn around and sell the mistake on eBay for a few grand easy.

Like the legless Peach and double hand cannon Samus amiibo, the batch of PS4s that missed the spellcheck stage of production will probably be sold for thousands of pounds in a couple of weeks.

Admittedly it’s not something glaringly obvious, unless you’re familiar with the periodic table or are in the business of making steel alloys. The �caution’ message next to the Diamond Dogs logo warns against using molybdenum lubricant – except it actually says "molybdeum".

Make sure you hold on to your sides to prevent them from splitting with all of the laughing that you must be doing. You’ll be laughing all the way to the bank if you’ve already got your hands on one of these.

So you going to cash-in big time, or keep your ‘typo’ console as part of your prized collection?

NEWS SOURCE: Metal Gear Solid 5 special edition PS4 has a small typo that will be worth big bucks (via) VG247