PS3 Hackers Head For The Hills!

On the eve of more possible “european raids” now that Sony’s war machine is on the move, this just in: Quote: Originally Posted by mathieulh The ps3wiki is going down (I don’t want to be arbitrarily raided by sony) This twitter is also not going to be active anymore. Sadly, another wealth of PS3 information has disappeared from the ‘net, here is what one of the PS3 wiki developers had to say in regard to this matter: Quote: Originally Posted by kdsbest thinking about selling my ps3 and buying an xbox.. i am an xna developer anyway so this thing helps me more.

consoledemonPS3 Hackers Head For The Hills!

Sony moves to the next level, police raid graf_chokolo home!

It seems Sony is not happy with the long process of using American civil courts to fight off the PS3 hackers, and have decided to step up the war game to the next level, and have now got the German police on their side to raid early this morning graf_chokolo ‘s home and take all his computers! The following is some of the quotes taken from his blog: Quote: Originally Posted by graf_chokolo February 23, 2011 at 11:52 am Guys, SONY was today at my home with police and got all my stuff and accounts.

consoledemonSony moves to the next level, police raid graf_chokolo home!

Team Rebug has released a v3.56 spoofer!

Team Rebug is on a roll, releasing one useful tool after another, and they have now just released a PS3 v3.56 version spoofer on their website! Quote: ***** THIS DOES NOT ALLOW PSN ACCESS ***** 3.56 Version Spoofer does exactly what it says and can restore back to 3.55 if needed. It was never intended to allow PSN access but to stop the system from updating to 3.56 (I made it shortly after KaKaRoToKS had his false alarm). Once the PS3 is spoofed it will stay spoofed until it is uninstalled

consoledemonTeam Rebug has released a v3.56 spoofer!

Coldboot Installer

Cyberskunk has released a new app that will let you backup your original Coldboot.raf/AC3 and replace it with a custom one! Quote: Coldboot Installer is a small app to easily install your custom coldboot .raf and .ac3 files from USB000 (Slot furthest right). You need to create a folder on the root of your USB stick called coldboot.

consoledemonColdboot Installer

Rogero Manager v8.1

Rogero Manager has been updated to v8.1 and includes some great new features. The app now supports two built-in payloads, so you can change between Sysc36 & PL3

consoledemonRogero Manager v8.1

MultiMAN v01.16.01

deank has updated his popular multifunctional tool, which includes 5 different display modes (for games, AVCHD and Blu-ray) and a 6th – File Manager + background running FTP server. Quote: 01.16.01 – * Web browser with PKG files download working * Improved display mode #3 * Improved switching between display modes * Improved memory management * Grayscale images for split-games * [SELECT]+[X] remembered for games on USB HDD * (DEV) Functions to blur, alter sat/bri/contrast, mipmap/scale * (DEV) Preparations for new display mode and GUI For more information, download and discussion check the release thread HERE .

consoledemonMultiMAN v01.16.01

Geohot asks for donations, sets up a new blog!

geohot has finally decided, after discussing the matter with his lawyers, to open a donation link to support his growing Legal fees in the fight against Sony.

consoledemonGeohot asks for donations, sets up a new blog!

xReg Plus v1.0 – from

One of the key files on your PS3 is the xRegistry.sys it contains alot of your important run-time settings and custom XMB setup, and you should always keep a backup handly incase you need to restore your PS3 console without losing your “downloaded content”, now along comes Cyberskunk , from Team Rebug with a handly tool to do just that! Quote: DISCLAMER : This software can be used to enable LEGALLY obtained DLC (downloaded content) if your console has become deactivated. It contains NO ‘Official SCE’ code and was made using open source SDK psl1ght. The responsibility IS on the end-user to use this software in accordance with his/her own country’s/region’s copyright laws.

consoledemonxReg Plus v1.0 – from