Settlement in George Hotz Case

Today has Sony published a Joint Statement on their court case over Jailbreaking the PS3 Console! :mad: It claims a settlement has been reached between SCEA and George Hotz over the lawsuit that was filed back in Jan.

consoledemonSettlement in George Hotz Case

multiMAN v1.16.15 Released – Showtime Player Integration

Dean has updated his mega-popular media app with integration for the recently released Showtime Media Player . Quote: 01.16.15 – * Added support to launch video files from file manager by spawning Showtime player * Special version of Showtime player required to handle video playback from multiMAN * Added CBOX2/GBOX2.PNG for themes with full alpha transparency * Fixed issues when launching games on WN/WT firmwares * Fixed rare issue with select+x games from USB with too long path names * Improved initial scan (no scanning for games when not needed) * Improved 4×2 and 8×4 display visualization More information, discussion and download can be found in the official release thread … on PSX-SCENE

consoledemonmultiMAN v1.16.15 Released – Showtime Player Integration

K_License Extractor Python Script Released

K_License Extractor Python Script Released Quote: An anonymous developer has released a K_License Extractor for use on retail and debug PKGs. The k_license is a unique license string generated and embedded in PSN and other PKG files. The script will retrieve and display this k_license when ran.

consoledemonK_License Extractor Python Script Released

PSX4Droid v3.0.0

PlayStation emulator PSX4Droid that had been pulled from the Android Market early this week a day before the launch of the Xperia Play in an almost Apple-like manner, has now cause the developer to fired back! ZodTTD has decided to host .apk downloads right on his own website and has also made the APP free for anyone to download! Quote: I am currently unable to publish to Android Market. In the meantime, I’m exploring 3rd party markets and I have decided to make psx4droid free, based it on the open source software PCSX-ReARMed by Notaz, and made it compliant. You can download the psx4droid 3.0.0 APK installer package right here: Developers interested in seeing the source that drives psx4droid, libpsx, can be found here: What’s new in psx4droid 3.0.0?

consoledemonPSX4Droid v3.0.0

Anonymous Hacking Group Declares War Against SONY!

Our friends at Wired are reporting that Hactivist group Anonymous has begun a series of Denial Of Service Attacks On Sony. Quote: Anonymous, the notorious hacktivist group originating from the 4chan imageboard, has set its sights on Sony for alleged abuse, victimisation and privacy violations in the legal action against a group of PS3 hackers. In an image, posted to the website AnonNews, a member of the group states, “Sony, you have now received the undivided attention of Anonymous.

consoledemonAnonymous Hacking Group Declares War Against SONY!
Image sonyvslinux.png

Sony moves to dismiss "Other OS" lawsuits!

As ‘scene’ developers are finding ways to ‘return’ Linux to Jailbroken PS3 Consoles, that Sony forcely removed from all Consoles last year, Sony has decided to use the 1st year Anniversary of this sad event, to move the courts to dismiss the ‘Other OS’ lawsuits that had been filed by ‘legit’ PS3 owners! One of the ‘legal’ grounds that Sony seems to be using is the wonderful new ‘ToS’ that also had recently forced down PSN owners with the switchover to ‘SNEA’, read more from extracts from the ‘Groklaw’ site: Quote: There’s news from the class action litigation, In re Sony PS3 ‘Other OS’ Litigation, where the plaintiffs are suing Sony Computer Entertainment America for removing OtherOS from Playstation 3s. SCEA has filed another motion to dismiss [PDF] the class action case, once again saying that the plaintiffs’ newly filed First Amended Complaint is insufficient to state a claim

consoledemonSony moves to dismiss "Other OS" lawsuits!