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CD-MAN Emulator Proof-Of-Concept Released

consoledemon PS3

PSX-SCENE member Mr.GoodFrag has released a proof-of-concept port of CD-MAN for the PS3. Check out the official release thread which is located right here on PSX-SCENE!…Bpoc%5D-86989/ Quote: Today I am releasing a proof of concept [POC] version of DosBox that comes bundled with a shareware release called CD-MAN that autoloads (no keyboard or DOS know-how needed)! What is this?

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PSN is Hacked Again: Password Reset Site Compromised!

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It sure did not take long, just days after Sony turns back on the PSN network, they were quickly forced to shutdown the very thing that was designed to “resecure” your priceless personal information. Quote: According to reports on, Eurogamer, and NeoGAF, Sony’s PlayStation Network password reset system-the one just put in place after the PSN hack-has been compromised, allowing hackers to change a PSN password if they know your email and date of birth. Exactly the sort of information that was released in the original hack

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REBUG Release: Boot OtherOS++ & OtherOS Prep Tool

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Our amazing ‘scene’ developers over at REBUG have done it again. This time they have released a simple tool to get your Other OS back on your Jailbroken PS3 console, after Sony so rudely took it away for everyone just over a year ago! This new REBUG release along with of course their already world famous REBUG custom firmware, makes your PS3 now really a true all-in-one powerful blackbox, and guess what you can still play your PS3 GAMES and watch Blu-Ray movies, unlike Sony forcing you to stay on the old v3.15 firmware if you wanted to use your Linux brains, not to mention all those PS3 Slims that never had the Other OS feature, but now can finally enjoy the Linux side of CELL processing thanks to original ground-breaking work by the undisputed master of the PS3 Hypervisor ( graf_chokolo )! Quote: Originally Posted by cyberskunk (Post 819440) Boot OtherOS++ does what it says. One click easy.

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Project Multi Mayhem v0.3 – multiMAN Theme

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Our good friend hitman43 of ModControl has released a multiMAN port of the XBMC PM3.HD skin “Project Mayhem” For more information, download and discussion check the official release thread……n-theme-86507/ Quote: Changes: v0.3 – added XBMC credits.mod converted to SOUND.BIN (thx doctormord) – added XMMB multiMAN 2.00.00+ support (Icons & Background) – changed PKG File instead of Fileformat for easier theme installing – changed backgrounds for all supported multiMAN display modes – changed PICBG & PICPA backgrounds v0.2 – support for all multiMAN display modes – switched from PM3 to PM3.HD – changed some Backgrounds – changed ICON0 v0.1 – ported PM3 Skin to a MultiMAN Theme Attached Thumbnails

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The Media Cabinet & Construction Kit v1.0 Release

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PSX-SCENE member shagratt71 has released his much anticipated Media Cabinet & Construction Kit v1.0 Quote: Originally Posted by shagratt71 Here is The Media Cabinet v1.0. Included in the package is a single PSD file which can be used in any version of Photoshop or similar program to move and manipulate the multitude of specially designed shelf items, more item packs will be released in future updates.The actions palette is still not fully functional and will be released in v1.01

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multiMAN 2.0 Themes

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PSX-SCENE member opium2k has updated all of his popular MultiMAN themes to be compatible with v2.00.00 Quote: Originally Posted by opium2k I have updated all 14 of my themes to include sound and be fully compatible with version 2.00.00 of multiMAN and it’s new XMMB display mode as well as adding a few tweaks and alterations to most of them. Rather than post a bunch of screenshots and slow down page loading I’ve created a little video to show them off.