Sony admits that PSN personal data was NOT encrypted!

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It just keeps getting worse and worse for Sony! Today, in a weak effort to answer many outstanding questions in regard to the why they lost over 77 million PSN accounts last week to an “external intrusion”! PS3 – It Only Does Identity Theft PS3 – It Only Does Identity Theft Sony decided to release more details on their blog , which allows us to make the following comments regarding the now over ONE week breakdown of the PSN network! Point #1: — They admit that PSN “personal data” was NOT encrypted! Quote: All of the data was protected, and access was restricted both physically and through the perimeter and security of the network. The entire credit card table was encrypted and we have no evidence that credit card data was taken. The personal data table, which is a separate data set, was not encrypted, but was, of course, behind a very sophisticated security system that was breached in a malicious attack

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Sony sued for Playstation Network Data Breach

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It didn’t take very long at all, by the early morning hours, the first lawsuit was filed by a 36 year old Kristopher Johns from Birmingham, Alabama against SCEA , for what is now being called “history’s largest ever data breach in the world” , being of course the massive lost of over 77 million PSN personal data that Sony finally admitted to it happening yesterday and now has caused a world-wide panic! Quote: The lawsuit filed by the Rothken Law Firm today in California court alleges Sony “failed to take reasonable care to protect, encrypt, and secure the private and sensitive data.” “We brought this lawsuit on behalf of consumers to learn the full extent of Sony PlayStation Network data security practices and the data loss and to seek a remedy for consumers. We are hopeful that Sony will take this opportunity to learn from the network vulnerabilities, provide a remedy to consumers who entrusted their sensitive data to Sony, and lead the way in data security best practices going forward,” said Ira P. Rothken an attorney who filed the class action complaint

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Sony enters Marketshare War, with Playstation Tablet

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The new market of hand-held keyboard-less, touch-only, Tablets has now gotten more crowded now for fast-growing piece of “iPAD” market now that, Sony has officially entered into the ongoing war, with two models of it’s Playstation Tablet ! Like the Playstation Phone released earlier this month, these new devices will be running a form of Android, codenamed Honeycomb , and designs pictured below of course are subject to change, but currently Sony is picturing a large 9.4″ widescreen device, and a smaller folding 5.5″ dual-screen wedge-shaped case.

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Sony should pay €100 for the forced "Other OS" removal!

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With all this PSN problems we been a little late in reporting the news from Finland! There Sony LOST in the Other OS removal battle! Now it is only a ruling by a Consumer’s Board but still the man is now able to use it in court if Sony does not cough up the 100 euros that the board ruled he should get because he lost his Linux ability after updating to play a newer game that he recently purchased! Quote: The man at the center of the case in Finland, which was brought to the Consumer Complaints Board, lost the ability to use an alternative operating system after an update was installed from a new game. He was seeking €150 in damages for the removal of the OtherOS feature. The CCB said that the removal of OtherOS crippled console features that were present at the time of purchase, and agreed that consumers should be compensated

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! Happy Easter Everyone !

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Well this marks another ‘long weekend’ and a very important time in alot of people’s lives, and those that sadly only worship their golden video gaming system, have been praying for the following to happen this ‘long weekend’! Legit PS3 v3.60 owners ‘praying’ to Sony to fix PSN and get back online! Those badly mis-using Rebug ‘praying’ that Sony does not fix PSN holes! Whining v3.55 CFW users ‘praying’ that Mathieulh releases the keys! Remaining Scene Developers ‘praying’ that Sony does not sue them! Anonymous ‘praying’ that people will turn up at their next protest! Well I could go on, but basically truth is there only one thing left to do! :rolleyes: :cheers: ! HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE ! :cheers:

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HOWTO: Change the Region of Your PS3 Blu-ray Drive!

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One of the remaining problems with the PS3 even with all the released CFW’s is you can only watch BLU-RAY movies from the REGION that you allowed to, as per this map below: Along comes KureKure from PS3News, with a helpful tutorial on how-to get pass this last block remaining on your Jailbroken PS3 console: Quote: ever since the first ps3 jb was out i was hoping for a region patcher so i can watch all the blu ray discs i own no matter if region a/b/c and nobody ever knew how… after lotsa research and checking around i present to you 3 patch*.txt files for lv2 patcher! just copy the files into: /dev_hdd0/game/LV2000000/USRDIR and the next time you start lv2 patcher you will have 3 new patches to choose from (region a/b/c) once you patch you don’t have to restart your ps3, it works right away! if you restart your ps3 the bd region is set to standard again tested & working for me on pal cechcxx machine with 3.55cfw (rebug & kmeaw) using kmeaw’s lv2 patcher v9! this only works for blu ray and nothing else, for dvd the old xregistry trick applies…

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multiMAN 01.17.00

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deank has released another update to multiMAN, this time featuring a PS3 game-specific sub-menu! Quote: 01.17.00 – * Added: New sub-menu to set game specific options (press R1) * Added: Latest version of Showtime by andoma and helpMME by condorstrike * Added: Support for 5 user fonts (change with SELECT+R3) * Added: Custom font for Showtime in fonts/system/showtime.ttf * Numerous fixes, improvements and additions More information, download and discussion in the official release thread……hd-bdmv-72826/