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Sony moves to dismiss "Other OS" lawsuits!

As ‘scene’ developers are finding ways to ‘return’ Linux to Jailbroken PS3 Consoles, that Sony forcely removed from all Consoles last year, Sony has decided to use the 1st year Anniversary of this sad event, to move the courts to dismiss the ‘Other OS’ lawsuits that had been filed by ‘legit’ PS3 owners! One of the ‘legal’ grounds that Sony seems to be using is the wonderful new ‘ToS’ that also had recently forced down PSN owners with the switchover to ‘SNEA’, read more from extracts from the ‘Groklaw’ site: Quote: There’s news from the class action litigation, In re Sony PS3 ‘Other OS’ Litigation, where the plaintiffs are suing Sony Computer Entertainment America for removing OtherOS from Playstation 3s. SCEA has filed another motion to dismiss [PDF] the class action case, once again saying that the plaintiffs’ newly filed First Amended Complaint is insufficient to state a claim

consoledemonSony moves to dismiss "Other OS" lawsuits!
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Getting LINUX up and running on your PS3!

Now with Graf_chokolo recent amazing research on the PS3, LINUX has finally been making a great come-back return to the PS3 consoles, which been a long time coming when Sony decided to force it out of our onsoles back a year ago! With the recent new booting advancements it now possible to very easy install any Linux distro you wish on your PS3 console even if you running v3.55 or earlier firmwares, and to aid you in doing so, George234 has written up a nice short tutorial to guide you in getting everything up and running:…ompiled-84469/ For more great Linux discussion please visit our dedicated PS3 forum, which we have now assigned George234 a long-time valued PSX-SCENE member and amazing Linux guru as moderator to help you us out in handling all the Linux noobies and keep us informed of the latest developments! PS3 Linux Discussion – PSX-SCENE: The oldest and most trusted Playstation Scene Community

consoledemonGetting LINUX up and running on your PS3!

multiMAN 01.16.13 Released: With updated ebootFIX support!

Dean has released a new version of his famous multiMAN backup-manager! Quote: 01.16.12/13 – * Added: new options in options.ini: [usb_mirror], [verify_data] and [download_dir] * Added: support for new version of “ebootFIX” tool (PSN-style XMB games) * Added: support for ™, © and ® symbols when renaming game titles (converts (TM) (R) and (C) to ™, © and ®) * Changed: Max number of games in the list set to 2048 * Added: [START]+[SELECT] restarts multiMAN * Added: RELOAD.SELF to multiMAN USRDIR folder (this way multiMAN can be launched from other applications) * Added: support for XMB*.PNG images in themes (XMB0.PNG-> PIC0.PNG, XMB1.PNG-> PIC1.PNG, XMB2.PNG-> PIC2.PNG) * Added: proper detection of spoofed firmwares * Added: /ps3_home/archive folder for .mmiso. experimental support (not available yet) * Fixed: Prompt to change PARAM.SFO when launching newer games * Fixed: Prompt to change PARAM.SFO version even when PS3 FW version is the same See this post for more information on the updated eboot features! Quote: Originally Posted by deank (Post 787919) UPDATED FINAL#5: Here is an updated version of the tools.

consoledemonmultiMAN 01.16.13 Released: With updated ebootFIX support!
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RELEASED – REBUG 3.41.2 and REBUG 3.55.1

Well, Team REBUG returns with another yet amazing masterpiece of CFW workmanship, showing they are truely the real masters in assembling the modded PUP’s for flashing to your Jailbroken PS3 console, with many unique REBUG features! Here is all the details, it been a long time coming, but that is what is needed, proper private BETA testing and many long sleepless nights by Cyberskunk to bring you the VERY best in CFW on the marketplace for your Jailbroken PS3 Console! :D Quote: FOREWARD First off, let me start by apologising for the delay.

consoledemonRELEASED – REBUG 3.41.2 and REBUG 3.55.1

Sony Giant Crabs makes Android Market its new battleground!

Well with the coming launch of Sony’s first Playstation Phone called the Xperia Play to be released tomorrow! Sony has called in their ever hungry for fresh meat their ever fateful Giant Enemy Crab’s , and this time it is the Google Android Market that will be game for the kill! Xperia wants to play here, go somewhere else Quote: ZodTTD’s PlayStation emulator was unceremoniously yanked from the Android Market by Google today in a move the developer suspects is partly down to the launch of Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play ‘PlayStation Phone’. PSX4Droid had been available on the Market for almost half a year before it was removed due to, “content violation.” ZodTTD reveals on Twitter that he has been, “working like mad on a psx4droid update,” and that Google’s action effectively spells the end of the program for existing customers of the emulator. ZodTTD believes the takedown was influenced by Sony

consoledemonSony Giant Crabs makes Android Market its new battleground!
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Rogero Manager v8.2

Rogero has updated his popular file manager with a host of new features. Quote: ChangeLog: 13/03/2011 ——————————————————————————————————– 8.2.0 – Added Games List Filtering with [L2+R2+L1] to show HDD Games, USB Games or All Games. (works with only one external HDD attached at a time) 8.2.0 – Added Manager support for spoofing CFW versions to 3.50, 3.56 and 3.60

consoledemonRogero Manager v8.2
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Kmeaw: Dual-Boot Custom Firmware Coming Soon?

Recently, there has been alot of chatter on various sites ever since Graf_Chokolo released his petitboot tools which all tho very complex and only for true PS3 experts, allows for your PS3 to branch out to different boot-up paths during start-up! :D Now, Kmeaw (world-famous now for releasing the most-stable PS3 v3.55 Custom Firmware with all the ever needed Jailbreaking patches already in place for the end-user!) has stepped in saying that he is also looking into this new dual-boot feature, but wants to know if there would be a high enough demand for it! :dance: Quote: I was thinking of a CFW that has bootOS integrated so it gets executed when you power on your PS3 (and switches back to GameOS on user’s request via menu or ssh). It’s not hard to make it

consoledemonKmeaw: Dual-Boot Custom Firmware Coming Soon?
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IrisManager v1.0

D_Skywalk has released a port of Hermes Manager for firmware v3.55 Quote: Well, after much playing with the PS3 and “accompany” Hermes Manager support in 3.55 I have finally decided to do my own project which will gradually diverged from the original.

consoledemonIrisManager v1.0
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Mathieulh’s v3.60 PS3 Exploit Revealed!

I don’t know if anyone noticed but recently Mathieulh , a famous French ‘scene’ developer for many long years as pretty much revealed via his Twitter account for those that are truely hard-core hackers at heart on how-to get the much needed internal data that you will need to figure out and code maybe the so-called early rumored v3.60 PS3 exploit! Check out some of Mathieulh ‘s recent tweets below: Quote: @xShadow125 You can’t overflow user processes, the NX bit applies here, you can only overflow lv2 or a process with higher privileges.

consoledemonMathieulh’s v3.60 PS3 Exploit Revealed!