Help Graf_Chokolo to fight against SONY

graf_chokolo, who’s home was recently raided , is asking for donations to help cover his legal expenses and fight the European arm of the Giant Enemy Crab. Quote: Guys, i never wanted to take money from anybody for my work

consoledemonHelp Graf_Chokolo to fight against SONY
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OFW v3.60 comes out after the big PSN Maintenance!

As rumored for a while, Cloud-Saving is coming for PS3 owners tomorrow in the new v3.60 firmware! Quote: Hey everyone – We’ve got an exciting new feature coming exclusively to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Included in the system software update (v3.60) coming tomorrow to PS3, PlayStation Network’s new online storage for game saves feature gives PlayStation Plus subscribers the capability to back up game save data to the cloud.

consoledemonOFW v3.60 comes out after the big PSN Maintenance!
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PS3ITA CFW v3.55 Released: Allows Full PSN Access!

A smart group of forum users over at PS3ITA have released a new CFW for the v3.55 PS3 Console owners, that allows for full PSN Access! Quote: We were waiting for new developments about online game on custom firmware (see kmeaw, geohot and others) when one of the brightest minds of our team has produced what we might call, the fastest possible access for the PSN. The firmware is based on Kmeaw’s custom firmware, to which were added 2 small patches which allow access to the PSN! Access is fast,no PC is needed to serve as a ” bridge “and then programs like ****Psn or charles, skipping the check of the model (debug, retail, reftool, etc.) and setting of the PS3 fw at 3:56 .. (not in the XMB) Of course the risk of BAN is still high and being a CFW, ps3ita assumes no responsibility for any brick during installation

consoledemonPS3ITA CFW v3.55 Released: Allows Full PSN Access!

WARNING: PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance

Is Sony planning to finally do massive banning of PS3 consoles running CFW, or to plug the holes that programs like Charles and F@ckPSN have been able to use to exploit in gaining access to their PSN network even tho the PS3 console has already been banned or is still running an older firmware version? Quote: PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance *** ALL PSN REGIONS *** PlayStation Network is offline for scheduled maintenance from 16:05 on Wednesday 9 March 2011 until 03:00 on Thursday 10 March 2011, GMT.

consoledemonWARNING: PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance

PS3 Game List 1.1 – PlayStation 3 Game Manager / Updater

Quote: Those looking for an alternative that allows you to manage your list of PS3 games are welcome to try PS3 Game List. It started out as a demo to test the Qt Framework functionality, but it evolved into a full feature C++ app. Version 1.1 allows users to download game updates.

consoledemonPS3 Game List 1.1 – PlayStation 3 Game Manager / Updater
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CVOS v3.1 BETA – PS3 Unbricker for damaged firmware installs!

Finally a useful program appears, which will help those that have bricked their PS3 console by installing either a damaged original firmware or crappy custom firmware file, until now have been out-of-luck in finding an answer, but now thanks to Nesi_Tor from Team Hades he has produced a program to might help you in recovering your PS3! Quote: – Check and analyze the dump correcting the flaws that have this and thus repairing the internal firmware of our PS3.

consoledemonCVOS v3.1 BETA – PS3 Unbricker for damaged firmware installs!

PS3 CPU Exploit Released by DarkHacker

One day after Mathieulh Tweeted about a new exploit he refuses to release, a previously unheard of person calling himself “Darkhacker” has released info on a new CPU exploit. :rolleyes: Quote: CPU Exploit – one step closer to METLDR this is a release of the hidden Cell Exploit found a while ago and one of the step taken to the metldr exploit im going to release the because i fell people should have the right to do as they wish and the information should be free to the public i know by releasing this exploit ill probably be taken to court or sued but **** sony they can go to hell all i care for what there doing to us hackers ill fight until the last min i got of my life if i have to for the right of the people for this exploit your going need a leaked service pdf which is below time to explain this now listen up i know you all remember the exploit with ram and so on back in 3.15 well your going look for the ‘CELL RESET LINE’ and that going be where the exploit is you know how the small 60ms or ns i dont remember thing sent to ps3 for the read and write of the ram ? well use line send that and connect it to the cell reset line.

consoledemonPS3 CPU Exploit Released by DarkHacker

FBANext PS3 r424

PSX-SCENE member Squarepusher2 has released a vastly improved version of the FBANext emulator port for PS3. For more information, check out the official release thread: HERE on PSX-SCENE Quote: Since I now have commit access (thanks to Lantus), I can drop the ‘custom’ label and instead give you straight version releases.

consoledemonFBANext PS3 r424
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New PS3 3.56 Exploit Found

Well-known hacker Mathieu Hervais has reportedly found a bug that allows exploiting metldr, the bootloader and firmware version 3.56. Unfortunately, he refuses to release it. Interestingly, it was recently rumored that Sony was soon going to be releasing new “unhackable” PS3 models to the market.

consoledemonNew PS3 3.56 Exploit Found