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PS4 outsells Xbox One in July US sales figures

How will the PS4/Xbox One battle go in the busier autumn months?

NPD sales results for July show a split decision between Lego Jurassic World and Batman: Arkham Knight as the biggest games of the month.

July is one of the hardest months to get thru for ‘gaming companies’, sales are almost ‘dead flat’ as everyone is outside enjoying the summer, and not trapped indoors thinking about playing new games, or buying new consoles, plus the fact almost nothing is released during this month, but yet even with all those factors, the Sony PlayStation 4 console still was able to outsell Microsoft’s Xbox One.


July is not a big month for video games, and it’s no surprise to find that there’s only one new entry in the US sales top 10. Although the results are a little more complicated than they first appear.

Lego Jurassic World is officially the number one selling all-formats game, but chart tracker NPD doesn’t included bundled sales in their top 10. If they did, apparently Batman: Arkham Knight would still �easily’ be number one.

Which you count as number one barely seems to matter though, as both are published by Warner Bros. They’re the top publisher so far this year in the US, with sales up over 200 per cent on 2014 (in part because they publish The Witcher 3 in North America).

Meanwhile, controversy over its lack of content hasn’t stopped Rory McIlroy PGA Tour from outselling the last game in the series, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14, by �close to 70 per cent’.

  1. (3) Lego Jurassic World (360/3DS/PS3/XO/Wii U/PS4/PSV)
  2. (1) Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4/XO/PC)
  3. (6) Minecraft (360/PS3/XO/PS4)
  4. (7) Grand Theft Auto V (PS4/XO/360/PS3/PC)
  5. (-) Rory Mcilroy PGA Tour (PS4/XO)
  6. (2) The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (XO/PS4/PC)
  7. (R) Destiny (XO/PS4/360/PS3)
  8. (8) Mortal Kombat X (PS4/XO)
  9. (R) FIFA 15 (PS4/360/XO/PS3/Wii/PSV/3DS)
  10. (10)Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PS4/XO/360/PS3/PC)

Predictably the PlayStation 4 saw the most software sales of the month, although surprisingly the Xbox 360 was second. That’s likely due to a combination of Lego Jurassic World and July being generally a very slow period for game sales.

But NPD also claim that it could be due to the announcement about backwards compatibility with the Xbox One, with the suggestion that customers might have felt �safer’ buying Xbox 360 games knowing they will also work on the newer console.

In terms of hardware sales the PlayStation 4 was once again the number one selling console, although there’s no clue how far ahead it was of its rivals. However, Xbox One sales were up 44 per cent on July 2014 and 3DS sales in 2015 have been up 35 per cent on the first seven months of last year.

According to NPD, combined Xbox One and PlayStation 4 hardware sales are almost twice as high as combined sales of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 after the same 21 month period.

Despite that, overall retail video game sales were only up 6 per cent on last year, with hardware sales described as seeing �modest’ growth and software sales �flat’.

So what do you think of these figures, and you think the PS4 will still be able to outsell the XB1 during busier holiday season?

NEWS SOURCE: PS4 outsells Xbox One in July US sales figures (via) Metro

Alter the Past, Rewrite the Future with Stories: The Hidden Path

Watch the teaser trailer below, along with details revealed earlier, on the PlayStation’s Blog site.

Introducing Stories: The Hidden Path, a gorgeous new title by Spearhead Games! Just revealed by Sony, Stories is an action-RPG with choice-based storytelling that deserves a spot on everyone’s radar.

A new game been announced, that looks good, it is action-story based RPG type setup, and is coming to your PlayStation 4 console.


As the sole survivor of the vanguard, sky corsair Reynardo is the last line of defense against the mighty imperial armada about to overtake the entire realm. Reynardo fights against impossible odds, knowing that the fate of everything he holds dear rests on his shoulders.

Welcome to Stories: The Hidden Path, an action-RPG set in a vibrant universe filled with floating islands, majestic airships, and flamboyant magic.Every choice you make in Stories affects the storyline in real-time, and the narrator adapts his tale dynamically to reflect your course of action. With beautiful illustrations at every turn of the page, Stories will have you diving deeper into the narrative nuances each time you play.

Stories: The Hidden Path is coming soon to PS4. For more information, please visit

So what to you think about the game after watching the first teaser trailer that was recently released?

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Immersed Europe Features Sony Keynote

More Notable Speakers Added to Immersive Technology Conference

Hosted by The Immersive Technology Alliance (ITA) and the University of Murcia, Immersed Europe takes place September 3rd to 4th (Thursday, Friday) in Murcia, Spain

Like it or not, VR games and VR addons are coming to us in 2016, and Sony is pushing their VR idea for the PlayStation 4 console, big time, and we get to see and hear more about it at the big Immersed Europe conference in Spain coming up in September 3rd and 4th.


Immersed Europe is about giving content makers, technology innovators, and professionals the tools and resources they need to build their businesses and excel in their career with technologies like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and human-computer interaction technologies. Hosted by The Immersive Technology Alliance (ITA) and the University of Murcia, Immersed Europe takes place September 3rd to 4th (Thursday, Friday) at the Facultad de Econom�a y Empresa, Campus de Espinardo in Murcia, Spain.

The conference features two full days of disruptive immersive technology sessions given by worldwide experts in video game development, immersive cinema, health sciences, consumer electronics, business applications and more. To give the public a glimpse into the future of interactive technology, the exhibition is open to pre-registered attendees on Friday evening for free.

"It’s great to see this type of event in the heart of Europe. I’m looking forward to sharing knowledge about immersive technologies – especially VR," said Simon Benson, Director of the Immersive Technology Group at Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios.

Benson and his team were instrumental in the creation of Project Morpheus, the Virtual Reality system for PlayStation 4. He helped pioneer Sony’s efforts in stereoscopic 3D gaming and interactive entertainment.

"It’s incredible how far VR and immersive experiences have come. I’m thrilled that Europe is hosting this event to promote cutting edge technology. This is an exciting time for VR and we are only just brushing the surface," said Myles McGovern, CEO of Immersive Media and partner of IM360. IM360 recently broadcast Conan O’Brien in VR for San Diego Comic-Con, and has worked with clients like Red Bull, XBOX, National Geographic and more.

Other notable companies presenting include visionaries from: AMD, nDreams, Epic Games, Starbreeze Studios, Crytek, InMediaStudio, XionVR, and more. Attendees will interact with potential investors, world-renowned experts, journalists and more to enhance their industry knowledge, business expertise and help meet career goals in the immersive technology market.

Srinivis Krisha, CEO of AWE Company in Toronto, will be speaking about their Fort York augmented reality experience, which is arguably the largest AR experience in the world. Kirill Pokutnyy talks about Chornobyl360, which is a virtual reality exploration of Chernobyl using actual footage.

Juan Barambones, CEO of Rectangular Studios, will be giving a live demonstration and presentation of Google’s Project Tango – this is a rarity in Europe because Project Tango is only sold in the U.S.A.

Discounted exhibition opportunities are available for qualified early start-ups. All qualified conference registrants receive a free year of Immersed Access, a private online community for shared learning and collaboration among immersive tech professionals ($200 USD value).

Murcia, Spain is a fun vacation city with gorgeous beaches just 30 minutes away. Flights from other parts of Europe can be less than 100 � per way, and while supplies last, local four star hotel arrangements are just 60 � per night including breakfast (plus tax). Language translation services will be made available and conference meals are included.

A free exhibition will be open to the general public on the Friday evening. Please register in advance for the free expo hall admission.

Learn more and register at

So if you live in Europe, and want to see first hand, all the different VR options coming out, this will be place to attend, so why not make a weekend trip out of it and get some nice sun on while you at it on the beaches nearby after having your mind blow to bits getting VR’ed to death with all the upcoming games that are being planned.

For those not attending, we here at MaxConsole will post a full summary of Sony’s ‘keynote’ speech afterwards, which some people are claiming that we just might get a final release date and price during this conference for the (unnamed) VR addon for your PS4.

Titanfall�s Xbox Exclusivity was Necessary

But it Limited the Market says Zampella – But that all changes with Titanfall 2 coming out on both platforms this time around!

Titanfall was one of the biggest games of last year, garnering millions of sales, high critical praise, and launching a new franchise. PS4 fans will get a chance to see what all the fuss is about TF2.

Recently the developers behind the very successful Titanfall, explain why they had to be exclusive to Xbox One, even tho sadly it ended up limiting their market alot, since the PlayStation 4 sold more hardware units then the Xbox One did, which made them very sad.


In a series of tweets, Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella goes a little bit into why the decision to make Titanfall an Xbox exclusive game was so important. It all started when one gamer expressed some frustration to Zampella, tweeting "titanwhat ? lets hope its more sucessful than the first one, great move with Xbox by the way". Zampella responded "You seem hurt, is it just the xbox thing?"

After a bit of prodding, the upset gamer clarified, saying "no, it’s a greedy developer thing, far too many of them around, it’s tough when business decisions go wrong…I just don’t understand why a developer would limit their market, unless they have to, doesn’t make sense to me."

Zampella admitted to the fact that the Xbox exclusivity deal did limit their market, but that he and the team felt it was necessary in order for them to be able to finish the game. "I felt we needed to do it. We were a small team starting from scratch. Not greed, it limited our market. +chance to finish." The discussion ended with Zampella promising that the future would be much more inclusive, with Titanfall 2 heading to other platforms beyond Xbox. "That will be fixed. We want as many as possible to play our games!"

So there you go, a little bit of truth out of them, anyhow not to worry TF2 will be coming out sometime next year for all to enjoy.

NEWS SOURCE: Titanfall�s Xbox Exclusivity was Necessary but it Limited the Market says Zampella (via) Titanfall

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Get Even is finally slated to launch in 2016

Dark Souls Publisher Decides To Pick-Up This ‘Mature’ Xbox One/PS4/PC Shooter To Finally Get It Out!

Dark Souls publisher Bandai Namco has announced that it has reached a deal with Polish Painkiller developer The Farm 51 for its upcoming Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC shooter, Get Even.

Looks like we will be in for nice treat next year, as the developers behind ‘Get Even’ have finally been able to score a publisher to get their game out that they been working on for many long years, and it will be released for XB1, PS4, and PC and with VR support also.


The project has been in development for years now. It’s being billed as a "psychological thriller" that combines FPS elements with personal investigation. It aims to distance itself from the pack of shooters.

"Eschewing the usual clich�s and gung-ho scenarios currently inhabiting the FPS genre, Get Even packs an alternative, mature, and intriguing story combined with strong shooter elements," Bandai Namco said in a statement about the game.

Not only is Bandai Namco publishing Get Even, but the company is also providing production support.

Bandai Namco executive Herve Hoerdt added that Get Even will be one of the publisher’s "key titles" for the coming year. For its part, The Farm 51 development director Wojciech Pazdur said aligning with Bandai Namco will allow Get Even to realize its full potential.

Get Even is slated to launch in 2016, and will even support the Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets.

So what you think of this game, and what system do you want to enjoy it on, and would you try the VR option for it?

NEWS SOURCE: Dark Souls Publisher Picks Up This ‘Mature’ Xbox One/PS4/PC Shooter (via) GameSpot

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Will Use PS4 For eSports

The company is adding a variety of features for competitions

The teams at developer Treyarch & publisher Activision are confirming that they will be using the PS4, as the primary platform for the competitions they will organize for the upcoming CoD: Black Ops 3

The developers behind the next Call of Duty have confirmed finally after weeks of rumors, that even the eSports is switching over the usage of PlayStation 4 consoles once Black Ops 3 is released this Holiday Season, so it is more then just switch of exclusive content.


The entire eSports setup for the shooter is shifting to the Sony device, which might pose both opportunities and some problems for the series.

The fact that the PlayStation 4 is leading in terms of sales might mean that a higher number of players will become interested in the competitive multiplayer of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and will try their hand at tournaments.

On the other hand, some pro players and the various involved organizations will have to become accustomed to the new platform, after using the Xbox One since it was launched and the Xbox 360 before that.

The switch to the PlayStation 4 for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 eSports is clearly linked to the fact that gamers will be able to get all the downloadable content associated with the shooter first on Sony devices.

Neither the ESL nor the MLG have yet announced their plans for the future of the shooter, but details will probably arrive around launch date.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has improvements designed specifically for eSports

The new Arena experience will allow gamers to tweak their character and play style as they play through ranked matches.

Gamers will also be able to use an entirely new Specialist Draft system in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, and a new feature called Bans and Protects will allow teams to create a more level playing field by eliminating some of the elements of the shooter an enemy can use.

The entire system seems inspired by MOBA titles and will probably prove controversial with long-term fans.

Finally, Treyarch is also introducing a range of new options for the CODCaster system, making it easier for spectators to follow a match.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will be out on the PC, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One on November 6 and gamers can also play on older home consoles, although some of the core features might not be present.

Well like I stated before, I just hope PSN+ can handle it, as its going to be bad enough for the normal PS4 gamers, adding in eSports to the load might just be the iceberg that sinks the Titantic forever, just look at the problems SF4 and SFV had on PS4.

NEWS SOURCE: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Will Use PS4 For eSports (via) SoftPedia

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PSN+ Fees Are Going Up Across Europe

PlayStation Plus Subscribers Promised Unparalleled Gaming Experience Amid Subscription Fee Increase!

Starting September 1, Sony Computer Entertainment will be raising the monthly and quarterly subscription fees for PlayStation Plus in Europe, particularly in the UK where it has a huge subscriber base

Sorry, my dear gaming buddy that I invited over and now is sitting bored on my sofa, you are going to have to wait your turn, as sadly I could no longer afford the new PSN+ monthly costs which is required for multiplayer gaming action on my shiny new PlayStation 4 console, so I guess I have to stop my gaming habit and get a second job to be able to afford the price increase.

Well it is not that bad, but after weeks of rumors and emails people have posted showing the PSN+ fees, Sony has confirmed it, for sure in most areas of Europe, the price of PSN+ is going up for those not opting to get the ‘yearly’ package deal, and reports are also suggesting this price increase is geared towards attacking the UK market as they are the ones that have most of the PS4’s in EU.


Those who will take the annual subscription to the premium service shall be spared from any increase in subscription fees, notes Push Square.

Accordingly the quarterly subscription will be raised from the current �11.99 ($18.57) to �14.99 ($23.22). However, Sony Computer Entertainment representatives revealed that the price changes might be different in some markets.

Amid the impending increase in the monthly and quarterly subscription fees, Sony said in a statement that it is dedicated to bringing PlayStation Plus members the best possible service with the most compelling content. It explained that the price increase that the company will effect on its monthly and quarterly PlayStation Plus subscription fees is because of market conditions, without really going into the specifics.

Investing on the premium service

The company added that it will continue to invest in PlayStation Plus to ensure an unparalleled gaming experience to its subscribers, highlighted by the best quality games and features.

Reports also have it that the increase in the subscription fees is only for the European markets as the company apparently has no plan of effecting the same in North America or Asia in the immediate future.

The increase in the PlayStation Plus subscription fees comes with reports that the PlayStation Network is getting flaky for most members these days with complaints of regular outages, cloud storage issues, and slow download speeds.

The PlayStation Lifestyle also confirmed the increase on the monthly and quarterly subscription rates to the PlayStation Plus in its report that is primarily intended to the UK market.

Well hopefully, Sony does put back the money into upgrading their PSN service, because this Holiday Season when Call of Duty switches over from Xbox Live to PSN+ for their eSports and exclusive first content, the system I am sure is going to take a hit!

It should also be noted that this PSN+ price increase brings the monthly and quarterly rates to the same price point that Microsoft is now also charging in the EU region for their Xbox Live Gold, and that PSN+ yearly package deal is still TEN Euros LESS then what Microsoft is charging for their yearly package deal.

NEWS SOURCE: PlayStation Plus Subscribers Promised Unparalleled Gaming Experience Amid Subscription Fee Increase! (via) MasterHerald

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Sony Unveils Mobile Projector For PS4

Supports only 720p, Partial Specification and Features Revealed, plus costs as much as PS4 itself.

Recently, Sony has announced a new accessory for your PlayStation 4 — ‘Mobile Projector’. At the event, Sony also showcased a demo working of this Mobile Projector for PlayStation 4 with Until Dawn.

One of the problems with the PS4 is when you are throwing a nice birthday party or another type of social event, or just want to kick back and watch the latest movie at home, your tiny little 42" LCD screen might look nice at 1080p and all that, but imagine if you could fill an 8 foot wall with your own big-screen movie palace like setting, would you not be the king of the barrio at your next party event or special evening with your kids and loved ones.

Well, Sony has decided to come to your rescue and give you a way to hook up your PS4 to an official projector, and make your PS4 the central thing for your entertainment needs at your next social event, by projecting up to 120" screen at amazing 720p and mobile! :)


The list of features this new Mobile Projector for PlayStation 4 will offer are as follows:

  • 1920X720 Resolution
  • HDMI/MHL Connection
  • Ability To Stream video from any device using Wi-Fi
  • Brightness Rating of 32 Lumens
  • Can Project Up To 120-inch screen size from a distance of 3.6 meter
  • Makes use of Laser technology
  • Auto Focus and Free Focus modes
  • 3000mAh Battery Life
  • Comes with an small internal speaker to output audio. Has an Stereo Jack
  • Pretty Compact Form Factor

Sony didn’t provide any details whatsoever on release date and price. You can check out some of the images of this new projector below.

Click image for larger version. 

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(Click the above thumbs of the MPCL1, to see upclose all the nicest of it!)

Personally, I don’t understand the need to make it mobile with battery, when for life’s sake, the PS4 itself is not mobile and needs AC power to run, I would have thought this would make more sense if their was battery mobilized version of PSVitaTV released in the near future, well maybe that is Sony’s idea, but Forbes reports the price of this new PS4 accessory is going to be $350 and releases in October, which is almost what the PS4 console sells for, so is it really worth it, so what do you think about the device called ‘MPCL1’?

NEWS SOURCE #1: Sony Unveils Mobile Projector For PS4 (via) GamePur
NEWS SOURCE #2: Sony’s New PS4 Projector Costs As Much As The Console (via) Forbes

Attached Thumbnails

Click image for larger version. 

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Blood Bowl 2: The Star Players Shine On The Pitch

With each trailer, I get a little more excited for Blood Bowl 2 as the Star players are very brutal!

Blood Bowl 2, the sequel to the video game adaptation of Games Workshop’s famous board game that combines American football with the fantasy world of Warhammer, today releases a new video for Gamescom

Gamescom is wrapping up now, and what better why to end it, by showcasing a very brutal trailer that makes you want to see Blood!


For Gamescom, Blood Bowl 2, the sequel to the video game adaptation of Games Workshop’s famous board game that combines American football with the fantasy world of Warhammer, today releases a new video, with the true stars of Blood Bowl stealing the spotlight!

The Star Players are the Superstars of Blood Bowl: skilled veteran players who became true living legends thanks to their prowess in matches. Their mere presence on the pitch makes the fans and spectators go utterly wild, while casting fear into the heart of their opponents!

Star Players are incredibly talented, owning to decades of intense Blood Bowl matches. They boast exceptional stats, higher than that of regular players, along with extraordinary skills usually not available to normal players. This deadly combination of stats and skills make them a force to be reckoned with on the pitch, whether they focus on tricks (agility, secret weapons, or special skills such has hypnotic gaze or throwing a teammate with the ball), or sheer strength to beat the opponent team.

Matching their skillset, their hiring fee is also exceptionally high, and they will only ever join your team for a single match. However, if you can spare the Gold to afford hiring one (or even two!) of them, they will be worth the hiring cost, as they might very well turn the tide of the match, all by themselves.

Blood Bowl 2 is currently available for pre-order, with, as a bonus, one of two additional races (the Wood Elves or the Lizardmen). Players who pre-order the game on Steam will also receive access to the Multiplayer Beta of the game, which will start a few weeks before release. Click here for more info.

Blood Bowl 2 will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 22.

So what you think of this cross-over between football and Warhammer, does it work for you?

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Attack on Titan Game Announced For PlayStation 4

PlayStation 3 And PS Vita

We previously reported that an Attack on Titan game is in development for a PlayStation console, and Koei Tecmo made it official by announcing Attack on Titan (working title) for PlayStation 4

Sony might not be attending Gamescom directly, but alot of their popular third-party publishers are, and one of the neat games that was finally confirmed after almost a year of rumors as that ‘Attack of the Titan’ is coming to our current-gen console, and not only that they are down-porting it to PS3 and PSVita also, so we will be able to enjoy all the slashing action across all three of Sony’s platforms in ’16.


We previously reported that an Attack on Titan game is in development for a PlayStation console, and Koei Tecmo made it official by announcing Attack on Titan (working title) for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. Watch the teaser trailer below:

The Attack on Titan game will be an action title that will launch in Japan, North America, and Europe sometime in 2016. The game is being developed by Warriors game makers Omega Force of Koei Tecmo.

Enjoy the very short teaser attached below, but at least it lets us know if we don’t have our sharp hardcore gamer skills at hand, we will quickly lose the first boss battle.

NEWS SOURCE: Attack on Titan Game Announced For PlayStation 4 (via) SiliconEra