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Announcing ‘Cross Hair’ for Ultimate Controller Freedom

Allows you use a USB keyboard and mouse or PS3/PS4 controller on your XB1/X360 console or vice-versa Cross Hair aimed to provide the best mouse and keyboard control solution for all game consoles (such as PS4/PS3 & XB1/360 etc), and the freedom to choose keyboard, mouse, joystick, or other controller ReaSnow Technologies is proud to announce their ‘Cross Hair’ device, a simple little box that allows you to quickly connect and use any USB keyboard and mouse out there along with any PS3/PS4, X360/XB1 controller and even other forms of joysticks on any platform. That means you can use your PC gaming keyboard/mouse and the PS4 controller while playing Call of Duty on your XB1 console, or vice-versa your XB1 controller with keyboard/mouse while playing Battlefield on your PS4 console, complete total freedom of choice.

consoledemonAnnouncing ‘Cross Hair’ for Ultimate Controller Freedom

PS4 JailBreak Rumors Continue From Brazil

Now With Video Proof from ‘Razer Extreme’ Following the first PlayStation 4 JailBreak rumors from Brazil a few weeks back, we have the ‘Razer Xtreme’ modshop in Brazil, sharing some videos of the rumored PS4 JailBreak working online with PSN. A few weeks ago, MaxConsole was one of first sites to report on the rumors of a PS4 Jailbreak Service that is being offered in various modshops located in Brazil

consoledemonPS4 JailBreak Rumors Continue From Brazil
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PS4 Jailbreak Service rumors incoming from Brazil

‘PS4 Game Package Installation System’ by Medic Games Wololo’s Blog is reporting about a PS3 Modchip Store in Brazil that claimed this week that they have designed a special device that use to copy and install on your PS4 ‘backup’ games for you to enjoy!

consoledemonPS4 Jailbreak Service rumors incoming from Brazil
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PeXploit Beta by Darkprogramer. The first app that installs pkg’s to your OFW PS3

Developer Darkprogramer  have released a very nice tool which will let you install PKG files on OFW including DLC’s and PSN games and even homebrew but you can’t run it as of now.Quote by Darkprogramer Soooo its been A Few Days Since PS3xport Was Released By KaKaRoTo So I Decided To Make A Tool That Will Install PKG Files On OFW Unfortunately IT Will Not Run Homebrew Apps But it Can Install DLC’s And PSN Games Ext ext NOTE : This Is Still In Testing But Here You Go So Long Have A Great New Year Guys Have Fun PS: pkg files must be extracted first like and then selectedPPS: Thanks Dnawrkshp For A Bit Of Code To Help This Along Heres A Mini TUT Too So You Start Of With ThisThen Select First Step And Navigate to your ps3 backup AKA archive.dat Mine Was Located at G:PS3EXPORTBACKUP201412271721 Then Select Backup Original Just For in case Then Select Step Two And Navigate To Your Extracted PKG File In This Case i used pluginx Make Sure That You Always Select The Folder Above USRDIR For This Instance We Select BOOT04XXX Then Select Your Category And Press Patch And Go ! And Wait For It To Complete PLEASE NOTE For This You Will Need .Net 4.5 To take a look at this very interesting tool’s progress please follow the link given below We are this close to end 2014 with a Bang

consoledemonPeXploit Beta by Darkprogramer. The first app that installs pkg’s to your OFW PS3
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PS3 still used for science!

It’s not new to hear about PS3 consoles to be bought in mass (back in 2010 the US Air force did so for example) and being used in parallel computing, but it has been a while. In the late Spring, Doctor Gaurav Khanna of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth gathered almost 200  units for his research, to find and study gravitational waves. Playstation 3 were chosen not only by their relative inexpensive hardware, as the processor architecture.

consoledemonPS3 still used for science!
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UPDATE: webMAN MOD 1.34.01 Released

Developer aldostools has updated webMAN MOD following the recent webMAN 1.34 release from deank.This version should be able to reboot the system quicker by soft-rebooting rather than halting and switching power off-then-on-again. It’s been a while since we last covered a webMAN MOD release, and there are some highlights from the last week that are worth mentioning. For instance the ability to use a 3rd nethost server was added a few days ago, as well as a SELECT+L3 button combo to Refresh XML.

consoledemonUPDATE: webMAN MOD 1.34.01 Released