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[Release] Scetool 0.3.2 – Skips 0 byte selfs:

Since nobody has done this before i decided to do it myself. basically scetool is a much better frontend than the fail0verflow tools, and i wanted to use it on pupexplode instead of the regular tools. but Sony left some 0 byte self/sprx on their PUPs (probably links to other selfs), so i got myself into wondering how i could bypass that issue, since scetool would segfault when trying to decrypt nothing

consoledemon[Release] Scetool 0.3.2 – Skips 0 byte selfs:
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[Release] Red Ribbon GNU/Linux LXDE 14.03:

Kudos to R04drunner Red Ribbon LXDE 14.03 is based on Debian Jessie and It includes the following changes: Kernel 3.12.6 with the Graf_chokolo’s, Marcan’s and Gitbrew’s patches. New version of the installer with some features added and some bugs fixed. New version of the Red Ribbon theme

consoledemon[Release] Red Ribbon GNU/Linux LXDE 14.03:
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[Release] SEN Enabler v5.5.1:

Fixed issue while launching PS2 ISOs on spoofed Cobra (Fixed vsh hash) SEN plugin is available from Enabler v5.4.2:To install just go to the Settings menu and press R2, at that time you install You can install in Cobra and PRXLoader CFWs, if none will do nothing, make sure to have at least one If by chance you have Cobra and PRXLoader at a time, will be taken as the first preference Cobra PRXLoader To load the plugin, if you are in Cobra restart the PS3, and if you are with PRXLoader just load the homebrew The controls are: [L3] [R3] – patches ConsoleID / PSID[CIRCLE] [L3] – Displays ConsoleID, PSID and current MAC[CIRCLE] [L1] – patches the MAC[CIRCLE] [R1] – patches / Hidden CFW[CIRCLE] [R2] – removes history files[CIRCLE] [L2] – Makes all (PSID patches and ConsoleID, hidden, deleted files and deactivates the plugin)[CIRCLE] [START] – Disable the plugin The following are three files that need to be in USB / HDD in FAT32 format are: ConsoleID.binPSID.binMAC.bin You must use a hex editor to change them, eg HxD You can put those you want.

consoledemon[Release] SEN Enabler v5.5.1:
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[Release] UMS Version 4.0.0-b1:

This release adds automatic bitrate adjustments to match network speed, searching via web interface, improves web interface display especially on smart phones, improves support for many devices and files, fixes many bugs and more! Changes since 4.0.0-a1: General: Added option to automatically adjust the maximum bandwidth by measuring the speed of the connection to the devices Added searching to the web interface Added and improved documentation for more renderer options to PS3.conf (CustomFFmpegOptions, OverrideFFmpegVideoFilter and KeepAspectRatio) Added “Random” file sorting option Added tooltips to more options in the GUI Added option to use PsPing on Windows to make network speed estimates more accurate (ping_path) Added renderer option LimitFolders to specify whether the renderer has a folder limit or not Added searching to each folder Improved web interface display, especially on mobile devices Improved changing settings via web interface Removed the folder limit from the web interface Made more strings translatable Fixed a bug with filename prettifying Made the renderer setting KeepAspectRatio more reliable Renamed the renderer option OverrideVideoFilter to OverrideFFmpegVideoFilter Fixed incorrect aspect ratios being cached Fixed bugs with FFmpeg subtitles Fixed a bug with adding files Fixed ignored renderers Fixed performing unnecessary speed checks Fixed a bug with the Recently Played folder Renderers: Improved support for DirecTV HR Improved support for Panasonic TVs Improved support for Samsung TVs, Blu-ray players and mobile devices Improved aspect ratios on Sony Bravia EX TVs External Components: Updated Apache commons-lang to 3.3.2, which: Updated Logback to 1.1.2, which: Updated Maven FindBugs Plugin to 2.5.4 Updated Maven Git Commit ID Plugin to 2.1.9 Updated MPlayer/MEncoder for Windows to SB58, which: Improves H.265 support Improves buffer allocation Makes seeking more accurate Improves support for many containers and codecs Improves speed Fixes bugs Updated Netty to 3.9.1, which: Updated slf4j to 1.7.7 Download Source

consoledemon[Release] UMS Version 4.0.0-b1:
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[ProjectZero] GeoHot hired by Google:

Quite shocking news, Google hired George. Aka = Egohot, i mean GEOHOT to fill a role at Project Zero and advanced security team to look for flaws and so on.The firm says its ‘project zero’ will look at everything from accidental flaws in code, known as zero day bugs, to major government operations.So basically is a project with a group of skilled people to keep “Google secure”

consoledemon[ProjectZero] GeoHot hired by Google: