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EA Access Won’t Bring “The Kind of Value PlayStation Customers” Expect, says Sony.

And one day Sony said *fuc@!$ you* EA with your Access system.With PS plus you already have more than enough, why pay more for EA extra service?. To quote: PlayStation owners won’t be getting the EA Access system, something Sony attributes to the lack of value the service offers. Speaking to Game Informer, a spokesperson for Sony noted that the PlayStation Plus system already provided substantial quality given its price.

consoledemonEA Access Won’t Bring “The Kind of Value PlayStation Customers” Expect, says Sony.
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Battlefield Hardline’s Delay was a “Real Blessing” Says Creative Director:

Creative director Ian Milham stated that the Delay was a *Real Blessing*. Nice, considering that the beta sucked so much that everyone was camping with those new game modes. To quote: The delay in Battlefield Hardline‘s release has come as a relief for developer Visceral Games, giving them longer to polish, creative director Ian Milham has said

consoledemonBattlefield Hardline’s Delay was a “Real Blessing” Says Creative Director:

Universal Media Server v4.0.0

UMS has received a great update, bringing many improvements, and improvements…including 4k video support! Full changelog below: Changes since 4.0.0-b1: General: Made the buffer more animated Added web_port and web_enable settings to UMS.conf Added support for 4k videos by automatically scaling them to a resolution that the renderer supports Added renderer option SendDateMetadata to specify whether to send last modified date metadata to the renderer Improved detection of which videos are automatically muxable Fixed and improved web interface search Fixed web interface content-type Fixed images on web interface on Linux and OS X Fixed documentation images on Linux Fixed occasional error on Linux when packing debug files Fixed external subtitles sometimes not loading Fixed files with resolutions that are too high for the renderer streaming if they are otherwise supported Fixed the VLC Web Video legacy engine only outputting 25fps Fixed UMS occasionally telling renderers to expect a different video format than they get General speed improvements Updated several descriptions and formatted UMS.conf Renderers: Added support for Sony Bravia XBR TVs Improved support for Apple mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod) Improved support for AirPlayer Improved support for Android Improved support for BlackBerry Improved support for Cambridge Audio Blu-ray players Improved support for Chromecast Improved support for D-Link DSM-510 Improved support for Freebox HD Improved support for Freecom Music Pal Improved support for LG Smart TV Upgrader Improved support for OPPO Blu-ray players Improved support for Popcorn Hour Improved support for Pioneer Kuro Improved support for Realtek media players Improved support for Samsung TVs, Blu-ray players and mobile devices Improved support for Showtime Improved support for Sony Bravia TVs, media players, Blu-ray players and Xperia devices Improved support for Streamium Improved support for Telstra T-Box Improved support for VideoWeb TV Improved support for Vizio TVs Improved support for WDTV Live Improved support for XBMC Improved support for Xbox 360 Recognize Xbox One and PlayStation 4 when they connect to the web interface Languages: Updated Dutch translation (thanks, leroy!) [via]

consoledemonUniversal Media Server v4.0.0
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For proto-hipsters with love: GTA V cheat codes and a secret lab.

A Secret Human Research Lab and several cheats for any proto-hipster out there to enjoy with GTA V. To quote: Those passionate about the popular Rockstar game “Grand Theft Auto 5″ can now take advantage of the numerous cheats and codes for PS3 and Xbox 360 and quickly earn $30 million to enter the Secret Human Research Lab. A number of these cheats and codes will enable the players to unchain their skills as well as become invincible

consoledemonFor proto-hipsters with love: GTA V cheat codes and a secret lab.