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Nintendo Highlights New DLC for the week of 06/25

This week�s ‘Nintendo Download’ includes the following featured content, all detailed below for you! Now it’s easier than ever to make your home an art studio as you learn to paint and draw, or sharpen your current skills in Art Academy: Home Studio

consoledemonNintendo Highlights New DLC for the week of 06/25
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Nintendo unveils 3DS multiplayer Blastball

Nintendo World Championships is used as a platform for Nintendo to announce some brand-new 3DS games Nintendo is full of surprises today at the Nintendo World Championships, not only announcing Earthbound Beginnings, but also unveiling Blastball; a mutiplayer, mech-shooter for 3DS. Nintendo decided to leak out themselves during today’s Nintendo World Championships some info regarding up-coming new 3DS games, and one of them is neat it is called ‘Blastball’ and seems to be multiplayer mech-shooter, but not much info is known yet. Quote: In Blastball, two teams of three players need to fight over a ball and shoot it through a progressively shrinking goal in order to score.

consoledemonNintendo unveils 3DS multiplayer Blastball
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Nintendo Seizes ‘Pirated’ Cookies to Protect Fans

No more crunching down a ‘Super Mario Cookie’, during a break from gaming on your Nintendo consoles! Nintendo has seized a large quantity of copyright infringing cookies featuring popular game characters, fearing that these could cause health issues for gaming fans, the cookies were produced in China Pirates are bad for gaming companies, producing ‘hacks for consoles, and burning games, or making counterfeit cartridges, it can really eat into the profits for the gaming companies and upset the publishers and developers from producing newer video games for them. But when Pirates start baking ‘cookies’ in a factory featuring famous Nintendo characters from video games, that is totally crossing the grey line, and big ‘N’ was very quick to send in the ground troops to shut-down the ‘bakery’ in China due to health concerns for their many Nintendo fans, that might be crunching down on various different Mario or Zelda cookies while gaming on their 3DS or Wii U.

consoledemonNintendo Seizes ‘Pirated’ Cookies to Protect Fans
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Nintendo Announcing New Third-Party Partnerships

For 3DS and Wii U at E3 next week… Zombi U 2, maybe? Nintendo will announce more ‘big’ partnerships with third parties during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, according to Nintendo of Canada general manager Pierre-Paul Trepanier

consoledemonNintendo Announcing New Third-Party Partnerships
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Nintendo Announces New Games in a Nintendo Direct

New Announcements Surface for Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and amiibo Ahead of E3 Nintendo�s Digital Event video presentation for E3 2015 might be only a couple weeks away, but Nintendo is jumping at the chance to get started early on some of its new announcements.

consoledemonNintendo Announces New Games in a Nintendo Direct