AKAIO v1.8.9 for Acekard 2i reelased

During the weekend, AkAIO firmware has been updated to V1.89, as we know that acekard 2i is using the akaio firmwarm, the ak2i official site haven’t released the news yet, thought it will be reelased soon.Details velow

An update to AKAIO 1.8.9 has just been released. For a full list of compatibility (loader) updates navigate on over to the AKAIO forum via the source link below. Please see the change log for information about this release.

Here is the changelog

QUOTE: Change Log

  • Internal name listing mode will show the filename if there’s a lack of info (e.g. – DS Program File)
  • Arm7 fix for slow windows in 1.8.8
  • Many, many, many game fixes
  • New default skin (EvoI)
  • Optimizations in icon display
  • Code cleanup to reduce memory usage

Download: AKAIO 1.89

Source: GBA