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Sony Sued Again – PlayStation Network(PSN) In Patent Suit

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Benjamin Grobler a South African inventor, along with his attorneys Christopher Banys and Richard C. Lin from the The Lanier Law Firm, have filled a lawsuite against both Sony and Apple for infringing patent laws, here is a quote from the source for a better understanding than i can explain: The inventor of technology used in data vending systems such as the iTunes and Playstation Network systems has sued Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple Inc.

GBAtemp Arcade Competition #4

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Our sponsor Etcome is offering a new round of free stuff this month: we’re going to be shipping out state-of-the-art Nintendo DS flashcards, this is the last competition of 4. Competition #3 results Congratulations to Felipe_9595, zackfiles, SilentRevolt, Stratis20, Arras the top 5 scorers for Ten Pin Bowling . Your prizes will be arranged when all 4 competitions are over to facilitate shipping

Glitchipping For The Modern Age

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A long, long time has passed since we last heard about the x360glitchip . That was back when the Corona motherboard was making a splashy entrance into the Xbox scene and I’m not talking about the beer either. The team has returned with the second generation of their product for the Reset Glitch Hack