New PSP Emulator useful for homebrew development

I have released a new version of my emulator. Initially it was made using D, now it uses C#.

It allows to run any game or homebrew … Read Full Post

New Special Edition White Kinect Bundle Goes On Sale

The Stars Wars bundle is no longer the only package that has a Kinect that’s not white. If your color preference for everything is just that but the $450 price tag isn’t worth the wallet rape, you can check out the new bundle that Microsoft is selling from today.

The Special Edition Kinect Bundle features an all white setup packing a 4GB Slim, controller, Kinect, Kinect Adventures and Sports games and 3 months of Xbox Live. It makes the perfect wedding gift when you come to think of it, if you’re willing to shell out the $300 for it. Cmon, be a good friend / family member and buy it.

The bundle is on sale everywhere with the exception of Europe and Brazil. See, there’s your headstart right there.

Source: Major Nelson

Which game you usually play on hoilday?

My holiday is always very boring. I want to chatting with my friends, but they are always playing games. What is the most popular game now? what kind of game … Read Full Post

Homebrew Channel v1.1.0

Team Twiizers have released an update for The Homebrew Channel, which brings it to version 1.1.0. Most notably, this version fixes the problem with new Wiimotes, which apparently are not compatible with older versions of HBC. See the spoiler below for the extensive change log, and also check out the project page for more information about what’s new in this edition.

  • Added support for RVL-CNT-01-TR Wiimotes
  • New TrueType font renderer (FreeType) with antialiasing and theming
  • The new default font is Droid Sans
  • Added full UTF-8/Unicode support (font dependent)
  • Added Japanese translation
  • IOS is always reloaded, use ahb_access to keep AHB access enabled
  • Fixed HBC framebuffer tearing/lag/sync/corruption issues
  • Aligned HBC graphics to the pixel grid (sharper graphics)
  • Aligned font rendering to the pixel grid in both 4:3 and 16:9 mode
  • Fixed/improved text layout
  • Fixed support for huge meta.xml files (e.g. very long descriptions)
  • Renamed “Coder” to “Author” in app descriptions ( is now an alias for )
  • Fixed missing theme app entries (sometimes)
  • Changed many crashes into explicit errors / a panic screen
  • Speed and stability improvements when launching apps (cleanup after IOS)
  • Reload stub: support any BAT setup (or even real mode)
  • Reload stub: do not depend on existing exception vectors
  • Reload stub: do not touch HID4
  • Reload stub: disable IRQs ASAP
  • Fixed bugs in device hotplugging support
  • Added nicer error message triggered when HBC runs out of memory while loading an app
  • Removed the coder/version labels
  • Fixed memory leaks while loading themes and in app entries
  • Reduced the minimum theme size (for xml-only themes)
  • Increased the maximum theme size up to 20MB (for huge fonts)
  • Reduced memory fragmentation when loading apps/themes (less OOM errors)
  • Fixed sorting by release date
  • Fixed crashes with incomplete meta files
  • Themes now affect language choice (due to font differences)
  • HBC now allows apps to load code at 0x3400
  • Fixed various buffer overflow / error conditions
  • Fixed/improved thread synchronization and race conditions
  • Theme ZIP files can now contain .txt files, which are ignored (README.txt, etc.)
  • HBC can now take screenshots (Nunchuk Z+C, in that order)
  • Updated to devkitPro r24 and latest libogc/libfat git

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GBAtemp Recommends Revival # 020

Welcome to the 20th issue of the GBAtemp Recommends Revival Project! This project is a weekly feature where we share our favorite games and applications with you. The things we recommend may be “old school” titles, a Homebrew, a ROM hack, sleeper hits, an application, etc, but one thing’s for certain, we think they are fantastic and deserve your attention!

GBAtemp Recommends!

Virtual Boy Wario Land

Virtual Boy Wario Land was released in 1995 for Nintendo’s short-lived 3D system, the Virtual Boy. After Wario awakes from a jungle nap, he tracks a group of masked monsters to a waterfall cave, where he finds treasure. The game play follows Wario as he attempts to escape an underground labyrinth, where he has been trapped, collecting as much treasure as possible, while battling through enemies and boss fights.

This title is often considered one of the best games to have been released for the Virtual Boy. Making use of the systems 3D, the player will have opportunities to explore both the background and foreground layers. The game offers an exceptional platforming experience with a perfectly balanced difficulty curve. Many power-ups will be presented along the way allowing Wario to take on some unique abilities, such as shooting fire, flying, and even devastating ground pound attacks. A fun sound track, simple control scheme, and hidden items help to keep the game fresh on multiple replays.

The Virtual Boy has become an obscure system coveted by a small community of fans, making this game an often overlooked gem. Thanks to emulation, the game can be experienced, although not to its full red and black glory, using common paper 3D glasses.

If you are looking for something new to try or you just want a wonderful platforming experience, give Virtual Boy Wario Land a chance. We think that you will be pleasantly surprised!

Genre: Platformer
Type: Retail Release
Release Date: November 27, 1995
Published by: Nintendo
System: Virtual Boy

If you enjoyed this weeks edition of GBAtemp Recommends! please leave a comment in the thread. This helps us monitor feedback and ensures we keep posting these articles in the future.

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Rogero PS3 CFW v3 Released, Adds 4.11 Spoofing and NoBD Patch

this weekend PlayStation 3 developer [B]Rogero[/B] has updated his Rogero PS3 CFW to version 3 with the changes outlined below. Download: To quote: His new CFW adding 4.11 spoofing, NoBD … Read Full Post

Wasabi360 Firmware v1.2 Released

After many weeks of testing, Wasabi360 users may want to break out theirs for the latest update pushed. If you’ve been following the news associated with the beta firmware releases, you would notice the Wasabi team moving towards perfecting the latest workarounds on to Microsoft’s security implementations.

v1.2 brings in automatic DVD drive key extraction for Slim consoles rocking Liteon drives and the implementation of c4eva’s AP25 Topology Data that was introduced with the release of iXtreme LT+ v3.0. Oddly enough, the last two system updates from Microsoft has done absolutely nothing to prevent the usage of ODDEs.

One fight has been lost and here comes another.

You can grab the latest firmware from the main site of the Wasabi. (And OH, a new user guide as well… Like we would read the manual)

Source: Wasabi360 Ultra Combo (or something like that)

Wood Firmwares v1.45

A Hero Quest, through Dugeons and Dragons, armed with a War Hammer, our Mage Knight attacks the Dark Tower fighting Lost Battles against Justified Ancients on a Holy Hack to be a victorious Shieldbearer. May he be blessed by the Goblin himself!

  • minor fix in homebrew softreset.
  • devkitpro ‘Exit to Menu Protocol’ support. (…i/Homebrew_Menu)
  • associations support added. you can associate any file type (except nds&gba) to any homebrew application. launched file passed to application as argv[1] params. i know two applications that support this: nesDS and Iku reader. associations settings stored in /__rpg/associations.ini file.



  • ‘shin megami tensei – devil survivor 2 (usa)’ fixed.

Posted ImageWood R4 v1.45 Download
Posted ImageWood R4iDSN v1.45 Download
Posted ImageWood R.P.G. v1.45 Download
Posted ImageWood R4 as .NDS
Posted ImageWood R4 Bugs and Compatibility thread
Posted ImageWood R4 Language File thread

RGH Goodies Updated For 14719

The dump party isn’t over yet as all the Reset Glitch Hack developers have to get their share in before leaving. Rogero, c0z and the guys behind xeBuild have all released updated apps to play with the 14719 dashboard. If you are just recovering from your 14717 fix, it’s time to get moving again and get those Xboxes updated, before the work week kicks in again.

360 Multi Builder has support for the newest bootloaders and a small bugfix and now uses c0z’s latest DashLaunch. xeBuild and DashLaunch both just have added support for 14719, obviously. With RGH working across the board, with the exception of Corona motherboards, you can expect several more updates to come over the next few days.

You can pick all up three, or two, or one from the usual places.

Source: xeBuild | DashLaunch | 360 Multi Builder

Pokemon Black and White 2 Announced

After some teasing from GameFreak’s Junnichi Masuda, the first ever sequel in the main Pokemon franchise, Black and White 2, has been announced. Not much else was revealed, other than … Read Full Post