PMPlayer Advance “cooleyesBridge” for 6.20

Who’s wanting PMPlayer Advance (PPA) on their 6.20′ed PSP? Cooleyes mans the bridge adding compatibility for exactly that.

Install PPA 3.1.2 first, then overwrite cooleyesBridge.prx with the new one. Download both below. You’ll also need 6.20 TN as PMPlayer isn’t signed.


  • fixed some changed NID in FW6.20, just replace same file in your PPA directory

What is PMPlayer Advance all about? Click here to scroll down and read up.

PMPlayer Advance 3.1.2
cooleyesBridge for 6.20

– source: fx-world

PSP 3D Plugin v0.2 Released

Support for more games and improved stability is pspwizard with PSP 3D v0.2. Activate this plugin and you’ll be playing the games mentioned below in 3D — red/cyan anaglyph 3D that is.

Supported Games

  • Metal Gear Solid – Portable Ops (new)
  • Star Wars Battle Front 2 (new)
  • Death Jr. (new)
  • GripShift (new)
  • Tomb Raider Legends (new – light flickering)
  • Ratchet & Clank- Size Matters
  • Prince of Persia- Revelations
  • Prince of Persia- Rival Swords


  1. Copy “psp3dv0.2.prx” & “psp3d.cfg” to your plugins folder.
  2. Add a new line to game.txt, for example:
    ms0:/seplugins/psp3dv0.2.prx 1
  3. Restart your PSP (or HEN)
  4. Run a supported game
  5. Put on your red/cyan anaglyph glasses
  6. Press the “Note” button to activate

Also added in v0.2 is support for different colour schemes, which should be set to match the colour of your 3D glasses. Open psp3d.cfg and you’ll notice a new directive called “COLOR_MODE.” The following options are accepted:

  • R -> red / blue
  • G -> green / purple
  • Y-> yellow / blue (also known as ColorCode3D)

Download: PSP 3D v0.2

– source: psp-hacks

NAND Flasher 360 v1.0.0 for Xbox360

Trancy of ported the NAND Flasher 360 App now to the Xbox 360, so, NAND Flasher 360 is now also an xbox 360 executbale/homebrewapp for xbox 360 consoles with JTAG/SMC hack:
NAND Flasher 360 for Xbox allows you to read and write the Xbox 360 NAND on the xbox 360.
It includes the french (thx to gx-mod bugess), english (thx to mountie xxl and german languages thanks to a language.ini file which is editable (we hope, that someone will make a spainish translation which the translator can mail to hitman43 /AT/
NAND Flasher 360 for Xbox displays some informations like the nand size, SB revision, mainboard revision and the app has of course the ability to remove Badblocks directly like the PC counterpart NAND Flasher 360 for Windows v1.1.0 does.

What is the NAND Flasher 360 for XBOX?
The NAND Flasher 360 is a NAND -flash program for XBOX 360 (XeX Version). With this program you can update to a
new version of freeboot within minutes. The Data gets verified for each extraction and writing step. Bad blocks
automatically get moved to the appropriate positions (Bad block management). This works for the small as well as
the larger NANDs (16/256/512MB).
Information on the hardware and NAND is also displayed.

– Simple, easy to use interface (a lot of the more complicated stuff gets done automatically)
– Displays information on the hardware and NAND
– Possible to easily add additional languages
– Bad blocks automatically get relocated (for all NAND sizes, 16/256/512MB)
– Verification process which results in very safe, virtually error-free read and write processes

– Ported from “NAND Flasher 360 for Windows v.1.1.0 “

Official Site: (thx to hitman43 for the news)
Download: n/a (built with XDK)

Weekend Update: PSP Custom Firmware 6.35 BETA v6 and Light Menu VSH v7

A couple things you may want to check out — from v6 to v7 is neur0n’s PSP Custom Firmware 6.35 BETA v6, and TOcean’s Light VSH Menu v7.

A more in-depth change log for each can be found on their respective download page. But once over, real quick: neur0n’s CFW (for PSP-2000 non-v3 only) is shaping up nicely, a lot of nids have been resolved and a recovery menu has been recently introduced. The latest Light VSH Menu from TOcean is comprised of mostly bug fixes and also adds compatibility for neur0n’s CFW, should you want to replace neur0n’s integrated VSH menu.

PSP Custom Firmware 6.35 BETA v6
Light VSH Menu v7

– source: @neur0ner | talk

Kinect helps Microsoft to record growth

Eight million Kinect sales in the peripheral’s first two months on sale helped Microsoft post a very healthy set of financial figures for the last quarter, with revenue in its entertainment division up 55 per cent year-on-year

Total earnings were up five per cent to a record $19.95 billion of which $3.7 billion came from the entertainment division.

The figures also revealed that Xbox 360 sales were up 21 per cent compared to the same period last year, apparently making it “the world’s fastest growing game console”.

Xbox Live membership has grown by 30 per cent too.

Full Story:

FreeBOOT Toolbox 0.04 Maker v2.7a

BestPig released a new version of freeBOOT ToolBox – a tool that allows to create and customize a freeBOOT image based on an original or XBR/freeBOOT dump:
This new version comes with the option to deactivate the KeyVault hash checks. This will allow those with a corrupt KV to use the 12611 dashboard on their JTAG 360.

Other new stuff:
* The “My console has no DVD drive” feature now works correctly.

Official Site: (the interface is also available in English)
Download: n/a (might be illegal under DMCA/EUCD)

Easy freeBOOT HC Edition – Official

Sneakypeanut released a new official version of his Easy freeBOOT – an application which will automate the creation of a 12611 rebooter for JTAG-able consoles with the modified FBBuild .04 KV Hash Check Removed – that allows to bypass the KeyVault Hash Check:
After HeyDex released a version of my tool with hash checks removed I decided to update my own source and add in a few new features.

Easy Freeboot is a tool that creates 12611 freeboot images for Jtaged Xbox 360 Consoles

* Donor BB jasper smc config Fixed
* New gui
* ability to choose patches (more will be added later)
* more bugfixes
* CPUKEY grab fixed
* endless loop fixed
* cleaned code

Things todo:
* Add auto build from xell
* Usb save
* Nandpro stuff (was there befor but never finished)
* other stuff i cant remember right now

Official Site: n/a, by Sneakypeanut
Download: n/a (might be illegal under DCMA/EUCD)

Easy freeBOOT 12611 GUI KV Hash Check Removed

HeyDex released a modified version of Sneakypeanut’s latest Easy freeBOOT – an application which will automate the creation of a 12611 rebooter for JTAG-able consoles with yesterday’s release FBBuild .04 KV Hash Check Removed – that allows to bypass the KeyVault Hash Check.

Official Site: n/a, by Sneakypeanut/HeyDex
Download: n/a (might be illegal under DCMA/EUCD)



While the rest of the world is in a frenzy over the recent PS3 hacks, the Wii scene forges ahead. Another exploit has been released. Bathaxx is a savegame exploit for use with the Lego Batman game.


Another year, another hack.

The Indiana Pwns hack is quite old, and it appears that people are selling that game for extortionist prices now (around EUR 100 on ebay, seriously). So, it would be good if there was some other game we could use.

lewurm has created a hack for the LEGO Batman game, thanks to the wonders of Free Software. I love it when I don’t have to do anything myself!

So head over to his page, and enjoy!

As always, be sure to read the license before redistributing the binary: it’s GPL, you are not allowed to distribute without also giving out the source code. So please don’t.

Posted Image

News Source: HackMii

Disk Swapper v1 Beta DashLaunch Plugin

After the released of the Dead Space 2 Disc Swap DashLaunch Plugin, cOz now released a universal disk swapper plugin for DashLaunch:
Disk swapper v1 BETA
Multidisk game switcher
This plugin is not hard coded to require any specific version of dash or for any specific game.

What it does:
If you have games with more than one disk installed on your machine, this plugin takes care of switching from one disk to the other (once you set up the multi.ini file, the plugin, and dash launch of course) ingame.

Currently tested with (so few hence the beta)
– Dead Space 2
– Castlevania
Should work well for most games

Official Site: n/a, by cOz
Download: n/a (built with XDK)