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Man stabbed stepdad with Knife after Xbox argument

Cameron Hall flew into a rage when John Marsey walked into the gamer’s bedroom, Durham Crown Court heard A 20 year-old man stabbed his stepfather in an argument over a games console. ‘There had been arguments earlier over an X-Box console and other family matters,’ said Tony Cornberg, prosecuting.

consoledemonMan stabbed stepdad with Knife after Xbox argument
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Sony’s PS Vita ad in Japan is a ‘penis’ joke

Sales of the P(eni)S Vita haven’t been too great, even in the traditionally handheld market of Japan What better way to turn things around than to make a new ad for the unit that includes boys engaging in locker room comparison? Sony over in Japan has always been known for using wacky ways to sell their PlayStation brand, and again they are dropping their towels and pulling out your goods in a effort to get more Vita sales over the fact your buddies will be impressed that you have the biggest one. Quote: For the non-video viewers among you, the ad is the same joke reimagined for about a minute

consoledemonSony’s PS Vita ad in Japan is a ‘penis’ joke
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Armed robber caught in the act by Xbox gamer

Jay Georgiou was jailed for 8 years for robbery and possession of an imitation firearm An armed robber who tied up three men in a flat raid was caught after one of the victim’s pals heard the whole episode through his Xbox gaming headset Gaming online with your buddies can end up saving your life, as what happen in this case that was helped with the open mic on their Xbox Gaming headset that their faraway online buddies heard the whole home invasion and were able to help bring one of robbers to justice, and now he is serving 8 years in prison for his crimes.

consoledemonArmed robber caught in the act by Xbox gamer
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Xbox Tweets Third-Party Games As XB1 Exclusives

Been deleted now, but the fallout from fanboys is still raging on various social networks The official Xbox twitter page oddly tweeted out an image saying some huge third-party games are Xbox One exclusives. That’s kind of misleading. Xbox Marketing Team has been making alot of mistakes recently, and the biggest one was Tweet this week, showing bunch of games that is not exclusive but saying under the picture that Xbox One has the best exclusives, making the image very misleading

consoledemonXbox Tweets Third-Party Games As XB1 Exclusives

Member Selling Some Wii U Peripherals

PS3HaX member Egg ‘n’ chips is selling some Wii U peripherals and has asked if i could mention them here, as he cannot do so on PS3HaX draconian rules regarding selling products on the forum, this is a one off and i will not be doing it again, i am in no way connected with Egg ‘n’ chips, so i bare no responsibility with any transactions you do with him, any sales that take place, you do so at your own risk, if you do not feel safe buying from him, do not do it. These products are UK only and consist of: Wii U GamePad Silicon Shell, with in built stand

consoledemonMember Selling Some Wii U Peripherals