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Cortana won�t arrive on the Xbox One until 2016

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Windows 10 update is still coming in November on Xbox One, but some major ‘apps’ are not until 2016. Microsoft�s Cortana app won�t be making the jump to the Xbox One until 2016, according to the company�s Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson). Well good news, Windows 10 is still coming to your Xbox One later on this holiday season, the bad news is some major apps will be missing, first Edge was delayed until 2016, now Cortana also will not be talking to you or helping you out with you daily life until later on in 2016 also.

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�Nintendo Quest� Trailer

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Can One Man Buy All 678 Original Nintendo Games in 30 Days? Nostalgia is king right now, so it shouldn�t be a surprise to anyone to hear that one man set out with a goal to purchase all 678 games from the original Nintendo Entertainment System games from 1985. Before the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, there was a Nintendo system called the NES released in ’85 that is 30 years ago, that was very popular among your parents when they were growing up, and there was 678 games released for it, but 30 years later, is it possible to find all the original games and buy them, and not using any online purchases either, and do it all in 30 days, well to find out you need to watch ‘Nintendo Quest’ the movie which was released today on Vimeo and its worth the rental price it just to see what happened during guy’s dream to get all the original NES titles within a month as it took him on long trip covering over 10,000 miles.

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Competition – Win Super Mario Maker For Wii U

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I usually do competitions catered towards PlayStation owners, after all this is ‘PlayStationHaX’, but on this rare occurrence and because this small section of the forum is for WiiUHaX i am giving away a really popular Wii U game: All you have to do to enter the competition, is make a comment in this thread, stating what your favourite Mario game is, that’s it, very simple NOTES 1.) This is for Wii U’s with North American(USA) accounts ONLY.

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New Nintendo Control Pad Patent

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Nintendo have recently published a patent for a control pad, what the control pad belongs to is unclear, perhaps it is a slimmer version of the Wii U’s control pad or it is for NX, here is an image for you to decide: And a couple of quotes from the source: An example operation apparatus includes: a direction input operation section provided on a front surface of a housing of the operation apparatus and at such a position that, in a state where the operation apparatus is held with at least one hand of a user, the direction input operation section is allowed to be operated with a thumb of the hand; and a rotation operation section which is provided on a surface different from the front surface of the housing and at such a position that, in a state where the operation apparatus is held with the hand or the other hand of the user, the rotation operation section is allowed to be operated with an index finger of the hand or the other hand and which is an operation section capable of being rotationally operated.

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Loadiine – The First Backup Loader For Wii U

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Hi All, I had been a big fan of Nintendo Wii since its first release back in 2006, but for WiiU, it not have a very good scene like the Wii scene was also WiiU does not have a good market here in Egypt “my country”, but today i got a tweet from someone of my friends via twitter about possible upcoming first WiiU backup loader in the horizon So i searched internet and found the source via the famous Nintendo Hack scene website GBATemp: and here is the quite from the source:   Quote RPX loader almost working   Quote Not fully functional, but it’s a good start! Also able to dump games rpx And here is some comments from this guy: Is RPX a format similar to .dol/.elf?   Quote Yes it is similar.

Gaming Deals – UK Edition

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Any time i see a website post about gaming deals, the deals are always in North America, so i have decided to dedicate a thread each week to deals in the UK: Amazon Deals Amazon Underground – Android Deals Games Microsoft Rare Replay (Xbox One) – £17.86 Destiny (Xbox One) – £17.99 Tomb Raider Definitive Edition (PS4) – £14.87 Resident Evil Revelations 2 (Xbox One) – £15.00 Sony The Order: 1886 (PS4) – £17.86 LittleBigPlanet 3 (PS4) – £14.99 Nintendo Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition (Nintendo 3DS) – £3.99 Accessories Playstation 4/Vita Officially Licensed Stereo Gaming Headset (PS4/Playstation Vita) – £14.99 CDKeys Deals(Digital Codes Only) Games Microsoft £50 Microsoft Gift Card – £45.90 Gears of War 3 Branded 14 Month Xbox Live Gold – £29.99 12 Month Xbox Live Gold – £20.99Ryse: Son of Rome Xbox One – £9.99 Sony The last Of Us PS4 – £8.99 The last Of Us PS3 – £6.99 Child of Light Deluxe Edition PS3/PS4 – £6.29 Nintendo Splatoon Nintendo Wii U – £29.99 Xenoblade Chronicles New 3DS XL Only – £31.99 Play-Asia Games Microsoft GEARS OF WAR: ULTIMATE EDITION (CHINESE & ENGLISH SUB) Sony Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Day One Edition) – £38.42 Samurai Warriors 4-II: English/Asia Physical Exclusive! PS Vita – £25.61 Nintendo ZELDA MUSOU [TREASURE BOX] Japanese – £278.57 XENOBLADE CHRONICLES X – £38.42 SUPER MARIO MAKER – £38.42 Accessories Microsoft Sony METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN HEADSET FOR PLAYSTATION 4 – £41.62 FULL HD LIQUID CRYSTAL MONITOR FOR PLAYSTATION 4 – £195.32 PS VITA PLAYSTATION VITA NEW SLIM MODEL – PCH-2000 (AQUA BLUE) Japanese – £121.67 PS VITA PLAYSTATION VITA NEW SLIM MODEL – PCH-2000 (NEON ORANGE) Japanese – £121.67 PS VITA PLAYSTATION VITA NEW SLIM MODEL – PCH-2000 (GLACIER WHITE) Japanese – £121.67 Nintendo AMIIBO SUPER SMASH BROS

MGS5 Special Edition PS4 Has Small Typo

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Your MGS5 PS4 is now worth ‘thousands’ of dollars! There�s a typo stamped onto the MGS5 special edition PS4, but manufacturing errors seem to add value these days, so don�t despair if yours is one of them. Time for your spelling bee contest winner takes all